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January’s Featured Authors

A new year means new romances to fall in love with. This month’s featured authors are bringing the heat. From steamy contemporary to seductive paranormal romances, we’ve got something for everyone. Start your year off right with a romance from this month’s featured authors and get ready to find your next book boyfriend! Happy reading!

His Passionate Loving by Carmen Lawrence.

Can David’s deep love for Cheryl be enough to quell her raging insecurities and give her a fighting chance at the happiness that has eluded her?

Cheryl is a forty-five-year-old divorcee working as a senior manager at the Canyonview Health Clinic, where her path crosses with twenty-five-year-old pharmacy tech, David McLinton. He’s immediately enamored with her and begins his pursuit. David knows in his heart she’s his soulmate. She thinks he’s crazy since she’s old enough to be his mother, but he’s handsome, intelligent and doesn’t know the meaning of the word no.

When the attraction between them is too much to resist, Cheryl crosses the line she never had to think about in all her forty-five years. She is now sleeping with a young man twenty years her junior. Her life not only became more exciting but is turned upside down when his mother, ex-girlfriend, and her own insecurities threaten to railroad their relationship.

Cheryl’s best sister-friends, Britney and Ashley, have their own relationship challenges as they all try to navigate life’s ups and downs. Will Cheryl take her friends’ advice and live her life without any regrets? Or will David’s jealousy, meddling mother, and ex-girlfriend’s revenge be their relationship’s undoing?


Be Mine by Carmen Lawrence.

The phrase Friends with Benefits takes on new meaning for Gee and Zoey when their relationships go south, and they find themselves in each other’s arms seeking comfort and healing. Gee isn’t satisfied with just being her friend and sets new rules that leave the ball in Zoey’s court.

Left broken-hearted by her ex-boyfriend, Zoey wants no part of anything Gee’s cooking up. After all, her ex was a man, and she won’t trust men anytime soon. Zoey just wants to have some no-strings-attached fun and be left alone.

With Gee’s deep love, patience and caring attitude, will he wear down Zoey’s resistance? Will Zoey realize how much she cares about Gee before it’s too late? Or will she set her own rules and live life on her own terms to protect her heart?


KPOP After Dark by Tierra Cox

Vale Woods is an English teacher living in Seoul, at least by day. By night, she’s one of Korea’s most famous cam girls, Sugar Snap.

Mi-reu Jang is apart of international K-pop sensation, Ovid. As Morpheus he has thrilled millions of his fans with his melodic deep voice.

What Vale doesn’t know is that Mi-reu is Sugar Snap’s biggest fan and with the two year anniversary of her cam show coming up, he’ll do whatever it takes to meet his dream woman.


Jopok Romance by Tierra Cox

Being married to a man on the wrong of the law has its consequences. Cedella thought she had paid her dues. Now when Kihyun Kwon comes on the scene, is she so ready to fall back into that world? Even if he’ll burn it all to please her?


Beringia by Tierra Cox

Dr. Rome Tipper is a zoologist working with NASA in the year 2134. On her way back from Saturn’s Moon, Enceladus, Dr. Tipper’s ship is hit by an meteor and it pushes her off course. Where will she land? Russia.

In 2134, Russia and the US have found themselves in the midst of another Cold War. Doctor Maksim Volokov is an engineer and a geneticist who lives 3,000 underground in a cave he has built. Why? The good doctor has his own secrets to keep and that includes the fascinating fungi that has healed him of a genetic disorder.

When the two meet up, sparks don’t fly but over time the embers begin to burn brightly. When it’s time for Maksim to help Rome make the trip back to the US via the Bering Strait, can they say goodbye?


About Her by Dawn Ibanez.

To Kwan, Blake has never been just a photographer. She’s also his ex. The one that got away. Hell, she was the reason he passed the auditions for his former company. And with her back in his sights, he plans to show her he’s changed from the boy she knew.

As the head videographer and photographer, the magic Blake Blackstone created with Dynasty has been the talk of Seoul. She is going to be working on the next album for the re-branded boy group Temptation. The only problem is the group’s Visual, Choi Kwan.

As they try to navigate their way through their past pains, Blake and Kwan will either grow together, or grow forever apart.


Promised Eternity by Dawn Ibanez.

Jeo Sanna spent her teenage years training to become an idol. As one of the few black girls training in Korea, she was on a path for greatness. Until an attack by overzealous fans ruined her face, and ended her career. After years out of the public eye, she’s pushed back into the limelight and drama. The only bright spot in this dumpster fire is Daejun, the man that broke her heart.

Yang Daejun is the main singer of the K-pop group Tempo. For years, the group has been his family. The dominos start to fall when a group mate dies. They now must deal with the press, contract negotiations, promoting their next album, all while trying to channel their grief and anger. Then Sanna comes back. The woman he walked away from. With her return, he doesn’t want to let her go again.

The new label, Sins Entertainment wants to sign Sanna and bring her in as a member of the new girl group Dynasty. Tempo is also offered a deal with Sins, but they would need to start from scratch. With a chance to rekindle a teenage love affair, Sanna and Daejun will have to deal with rumors, scandals and new roles with the label. Will they be able to come together in harmony, or will too many sour notes strike the wrong chord?


Pandora’s Kiss by T.B. Bond.

He has to find a way to save the world and have her too.

War is coming, and no one knows it but Quyen. He has one mission, to stop his former coven from attacking the mundanes, then he can return to his quiet life. Until he met a beautiful time traveler with bad news about the future, that was the goal. Her presence complicates everything as matters with the mundanes go from bad to worse. He can’t turn a blind eye to their attraction, nor can he go back to normal without a price.


Seal Of A Lifetime by L. Loren.

Southern Belle, Eileen Sheridan has been training to be Anderson Winchester’s bride since birth. Their parents are best friends, which meant spending holidays and vacations together. Now that she is turning 21, the wedding is soon to take place. There’s just one problem… Eileen hates Anderson. When she discovers the sordid truth behind her engagement, she turns to her sister for a way out.

Former Navy Seal, Lincoln Watts has built his dream home, a cozy cabin nestled near the Redwood Forest, in Humboldt County, California. Fulfilling his dream of helping veterans who suffer from PTSD, he opens a dispensary. His only regret is that he is alone. He’s convinced having a wife by his side will only lead to success beyond his wildest dreams. Unfortunately, the women in his town don’t appeal to him.

Madame Dragonfly’s Matchmaking Service to the rescue. Her 100% match rating holds the promise of a perfect marriage for Eileen and Lincoln, but can either survive being married to a complete stranger?

Warning: Contains explicit sexual content. A BWWM LoveRotica Tale.

This story was originally a part of the Cabin Fever Boxset published in 2020.


Hall Pass by L. Loren.

Ari’s boyfriend has just granted her a Hall Pass to sleep with Hollywood’s sexiest actor, should the opportunity present itself. When she suddenly gets her big chance to live out her fantasy, things take an unexpected turn.

Dallas Monroe is sick of being labeled a man trophy. He wants desperately to find true love and change his sex symbol image to that of a serious actor. When he runs into PR Rep, Ari Nicole Couture, she will change his life forever.


Kill the Beast by CoCo Devore 

The entire time they were hunting him, he was hunting her. Mara Daniels was looking forward to a quiet and simple life. Yet, Butter Lake, her new home offers more than picturesque views and one wolfishly handsome bookstore owner, Declan Brannagh. Secrets and traditions cloud the beauty of the village. Secrets that extend past its borders and to its people. Declan knows what lurks behind the friendly smiles. Once the secrets of Butter Lake get a hold of Mara they might not let go.


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