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~Let’s Talk Promos~

Promo your books with us. A main character of your books must be a POC. Your book must be a romance or contain romantic elements.


-Newsletter promo: $25.00 (Add an extra book by the same author for only $5.00 more.)

There’s a promo opportunity open to all you wonderful authors! Want to be featured in our newsletter? If so, sign up for our promo opportunity. Our newsletter goes out twice a month. Your book will be featured in one of those mailings.

Promo sign up:

Sign up to receive our newsletter:

As a bonus, we’ll also share your books on our social media sites.
Your book will be featured in one of our bi-monthly newsletters.
Your book will be shared 1-2 times a week on Twitter and 1x on Facebook.
Your book will be shared on our Instagram page.
All of this for only $25.00 for one book and $30.00 for two books!

Note: Publishers, if you want to feature two authors, you have to pay for each book separately. They do not qualify for the $5.00 upgrade.


Character Interview: $5.00

Have your Hero and heroine interviewed by us. They’ll answer 5 questions from both of their point of views. We’ll share the interview on our blog and our social media links. Email us at, diverseromance@gmail for more details.


Header spots- Book a $5.00 spot with us.

This feature includes, 1 book to be the header on our FB LIKE page and twitter page for 1 week. During that week, you will also get 1 tweet and 1 FB post about your book. Please let us know what book and what week you’d like your ad to run. Holidays excluded.


-Author Takeover events: FREE~

Want to takeover our Facebook group for a few hours? Great, we’d love to have you.

Time frame: 2-5 hour takeover.

Rules: This is a group for diverse romance, so the majority of the books shared during your takeover must feature diverse characters.

No nudity or anything that would get us thrown in FB jail is allowed.

Let us know if you will have other authors participating with you.

Email us at to discuss/sign up for this package. Subject: Author Takeover.

Facebook group:


-Swag Donations –

If you’d like to donate swag to our monthly giveaways, send us an email to:

Include Diverse Swag as the subject. In the email, let us know what swag you’d like to send.

You can also do an eBook giveaway. If that’s your choice, let us know in the email.


Sorry, we are no longer doing cover reveals at this time.

*Note to authors/PA’s – ILDR does not share or promote books/images (covers or teaser photos) that are racially insensitive, gender insensitive or that could offend us or our readers. If you have an image that you’re not sure fits this, please contact us before signing up for a service. If you’ve already paid, we will refund you in a timely manner. Thanks for understanding.

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