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Welcome to the month of love! It’s February and this month’s featured authors are bringing you romances to swoon over. From steamy contemporary to seductive paranormal romances, we’ve got something for everyone. Are you ready to find your next book boyfriend?

Happy reading!

Love and Bonds by Liz E. Cooper

I’m faced with four gorgeous men, handpicked by my late father to be my alpha mates.

Sounds great, right?

Only one problem, they’re a pack with violent pasts.

There’s Kai, the crazy incubus demon with all the sex appeal.

Ty, the sweet but morose vampire.

Lance, the unfriendly but captivating were-wolf.

And their leader, Daniel, the cocky but dangerously handsome fae.

Seriously, dad, what were you thinking?

I spent my whole life using witch magic to stop the change to omega from happening, but when my father dies, my spells dry up and my heat is coming. Fast. I refuse to be a weak omega who gets abused by an arrogant alpha.

However, when I’m forced to fight off increasing attacks from demonic forces, I find myself having to rely on the very men I fear to help find out who’s behind the attacks and stop them.

And, as if I didn’t have enough stress, I’m running out of time to make a decision on the alphas. I definitely don’t want my quickly approaching omega heat making the tough call for me. The guys seem kind of trustworthy, but they could also be behind these attacks to push me towards them.

Sigh, what’s a gal to do?

18+ Reverse Harem Omegaverse Romance. Warning: Violence and LOTS of Smexy Time.


Love and Magic by Liz E. Cooper.

I’m definitely not in Baltimore anymore.

Swept up in a magical tornado by an evil wizard, I land in the dark fae realm far from home. I’ve got my trusty ice magic, but none of that helps me get out of a realm that wants to enslave and kill humans.

Now I’m forced to rely on three hot but seriously dangerous fae in a terrifying world.

I’ve had to fight all my life. In foster homes. In school. In the military. I finally made something of myself and became a bakery owner. Then I put it all at risk, gaining the eye of an evil mage sect bent on taking over my coven.

Now I’m banished and fighting for my life with strangers whose motives are far from wholesome but who have awakened desires in me I can’t control.

There’s the cold, alpha captain, Yosef.

His twisted, blood-drinking lieutenant, Xander.

Finally, the brutal dragon with a heart, Luca.

Thrust in the middle of a fae civil war, I also fight to find the green-haired wizard who sent me here while dodging the attention of the human-hating fae court.

Will I be trapped forever in another realm, or will I escape, leaving these fae behind?

Love and Magic is a very loose retelling of The Wizard of Oz. It’s the sequel to Love and Bonds but can be read as a stand-alone.


Wicked Roses by Sienne Vega


It’s true what they say: you never forget your first love.

When Salvatore Mancino returns, I’m left reeling.

I’m swimming in memories of his passionate kiss.

And memories of him breaking my heart.

Over a decade later, the violent mafia boss intends on making me his.

But dark and wicked forces seek to hurt me.

And in the process, destroy him.


Delphine Adams is as off-limits as they come.

It’s only ever made me want her more.

She thinks she’s stopped being mine.

What she doesn’t realize is, she always has been.

And she always will be.

Now there’s a price on her head by a rival crime family.

It’s up to me to protect her with everything I have before it’s too late.


Twisted Roses by Sienne Vega

I was supposed to let him go.

I thought I could handle it. I thought I could walk away.

Every moment I’m tempted to give into my addiction.

So dark. So delicious.

So dangerous that someone threatens to expose my secret.

And reveal the forbidden truth I’ve tried to hide.

If they succeed, it’ll ruin me forever.

She can try, but she’ll never escape me.

The woman I’m obsessed with thinks she can run.

What she doesn’t realize is I’ll always catch her.

She belongs by my side as I seek out my revenge.

On my father. On her father. On the world.

I’ll tear it apart if I have to . . . so long as it’s us in the end.

But the web of lies might be more twisted than even I imagine.


The Thick of Things by J.L. Campbell

Douglas and Khalila aren’t looking for love the second time around, but their lives converge for an unexpected, scandalous, and life-changing ride. 


The Heart of Things by J.L. Campbell 

Though gun-shy, Khalila Skyers is willing to try marriage a second time. There’s only one condition. She wants a baby. Douglas Blythe wants Khalila but doesn’t bargain for a family. Their commitment to each other is undeniable, but will their differences bind them together…or force them apart?


Suitors & Sweethearts: African Romance Box Set 

6 contemporary romance stories celebrating African Joy. 

Journey from Lagos, Nigeria to Accra, Ghana, from Curepipe, Mauritius to Las Vegas, USA, and meet swoon-worthy book baes. The happy ending is guaranteed!


Audra (Family Ties Bk 3) by Delaney Diamond

No one said marriage was easy, but it shouldn’t be this hard. 

Audra Connor-Foster is used to presenting a picture of domestic bliss to the outside world. The truth is, her husband hasn’t touched her in months, and after a bitter argument one night, she finally asks for a divorce.

Damon is not surprised when Audra asks, but the words sting. What he won’t allow her to do is keep him away from his kids. A battle of wills ensues, forcing the couple to face the truth about the demise of their marriage. In the midst of all the pain, anger, and bitterness, they try to rekindle the fire in their relationship. 

Before it’s too late.


The Wraith by Tierra Cox

It’s a strange thing, desire. It solidifies itself as a craving that melts into a want before becoming a pool of need that ebbs and flows into a passion. Before you know it, it evaporates into the mist of ache that you inhale as lust. Then you’re lost. Alois Floquet finds himself quickly enraptured by the brown-skinned beauty, Isani Carr, and he will stop at nothing to make sure her every need is filled. Whether she wants it…or not.


Beringia by Tierra Cox

Dr. Rome Tipper is a zoologist working with NASA in the year 2134. On her way back from Saturn’s Moon, Enceladus, Dr. Tipper’s ship is hit by an meteor and it pushes her off course. Where will she land? Russia.

In 2134, Russia and the US have found themselves in the midst of another Cold War. Doctor Maksim Volokov is an engineer and a geneticist who lives 3,000 underground in a cave he has built. Why? The good doctor has his own secrets to keep and that includes the fascinating fungi that has healed him of a genetic disorder.

When the two meet up, sparks don’t fly but over time the embers begin to burn brightly. When it’s time for Maksim to help Rome make the trip back to the US via the Bering Strait, can they say goodbye?


Stormy’s All-Star Weekend by L. Loren

Sports Zone producer, Sharon Rave was in a romantic slump. Stood-up by her now former fiancé on Valentine’s Day last year, caused her to shut down. When her boss and good friend gifted her VIP access to all of the hot events at NBA All-Star Weekend, she decided to get back into the game. Using her alter ego, Stormy she headed to LA for a little fun in the sheets.

Sullivan “Sully” Mann was a former professional hockey player on vacay at All-Star Weekend. He was looking for a hot chick to satisfy his cravings, but ended up being assaulted by a clumsy woman named Stormy, who spilled nachos on his head. Little did he know, this same woman would spark a fire I his loins and his heart, giving him the happy ending he desired.

Find out how things heat up between this unlikely pair in Stormy’s All-Star Weekend.


Southern Comfort by L. Loren

Garrison Daniels is on the run. After his failed attempt to murder his brother and overthrow his father as boss of The Enterprise Faction, his days are numbered. So why was he in a mansion filled to the brim with his father’s deadliest associates? One word… Malina.

Malina Gardner is getting married. Her estranged lover could never resist disrupting her marriage ceremony, and that’s just what she is counting on. As The Enterprise’s top assassin, this is the only way to get her mark out in the open. But Malina isn’t ready for what happens when they finally see each other again. She has always been his ride-or-die, but what happens when the sentiment becomes reality?


Cupid’s Kiss: A Penning Valley Valentine’s Day Anthology. 

Are you ready to spend Valentine’s Day with us?

Our novel, Cupid’s Kiss, features several beloved tropes – including the alpha hero, grumpy/sunshine, and the ever-classic soulmates!

Follow these fiery couples along their journey toward finding love – on their own terms.

With Valentine’s Day as the theme, each of these six racy stories showcase strong and passionate male leads that are paired with caring and charismatic leading ladies – it’s sure to leave you wanting more.

So, grab your sweets and get ready to explore page after page of Cupid’s Kiss today! 


Pandora’s Kiss by T.B. Bond.

He has to find a way to save the world and have her too.

War is coming, and no one knows it but Quyen. He has one mission, to stop his former coven from attacking the mundanes, then he can return to his quiet life. Until he met a beautiful time traveler with bad news about the future, that was the goal. Her presence complicates everything as matters with the mundanes go from bad to worse. He can’t turn a blind eye to their attraction, nor can he go back to normal without a price.


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Perfection is impossible, even for this collection of angels. Are you brave enough to give your heart to one of the fallen? 


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In a world of black and white, the gray in between just got more inviting. 

DANGEROUS AS SIN: An Anti-Hero #Romance Anthology is coming on 3/21/2023.

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Don Enzo DeLuca is on a rampage.

He’s determined to find out which family member betrayed them. That mission sends Enzo down a dark path of bloodshed and tears. However, there’s a light waiting for him at the end of the tunnel, and her name is Eve. Kidnapping her is the best decision he’s ever made. Having her close calms his inner demons and makes him yearn for a future he never thought possible. Though he promised to release her when the dust settles, he’s changed his mind. What the don wants, the don gets.

And the don wants Eve.

Now and forever.


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