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Happy June, Diverse Romance Readers!

A new month means new book boyfriends to fall in love with! I hope you’re ready for sexy alphas, dominant shifters, & handsome businessmen. Prepare to swoon for this month’s featured romances.

Rory by J.L. Campbell.

Have you ever been drawn to someone you knew was wrong for you?

That’s Nasira’s dilemma after she wades through Rory McGregg’s fans and sits next to him on a flight. An accomplished dancehall deejay, he’s charming, self-assured, and has a certain vibe that’s hard to resist.

By the time they touch down in Jamaica, Rory has her number and a promise to see him again.

The after-party she says yes to coordinating turns into a rollercoaster ride of frustration and interference, thanks to his celebrity status and bad-boy reputation.


Lady Guardians: Bankrolled by J.L. Campbell

Strong-willed and independent, Bo ‘Spice’ Casserly will do what’s necessary for her family’s well-being.

She’s wary of romance and relationships, but when she meets Imari Newsome—who holds the key to keeping her business afloat—she can’t help thinking he might be the man to change her mind.

Bo is unlike any woman Imari has ever met. She’s used to doing things her way and won’t change her lifestyle to suit him. He doesn’t understand the bond with her motorcycle club and thinks there’s a connection between The Grove Lady Guardians and the person who’s stalking Bo. Either there’s something sinister about the club or Bo is keeping secrets that may put both their lives at risk.

Imari’s hardest decision will be whether to stand the heat or walk away from the woman who has come to mean the world to him. 


The Swedish Contract by Tierra Cox

 After the death of her husband, Alivia decided she needed a new start. Her children needed a new start. Selling everything she owns, she moves to Sweden and now enjoys a comfortable life as an office manager for Lindqvist Jewelers. When Immigration starts knocking, things get hairy and Alivia has one person to turn to. Fredrik Lindqvist has been in love with Alivia since day one. When this golden opportunity falls into his lap, his father has the perfect way to fix Alivia’s problems. Marriage!


The Wasp Queen by Tierra Cox.

 Making new adjustments to ones life can be strenuous, especially when those changes cause Amina Clark to become lost in Colombia’s cloud forest. Then she nearly drowns in a puddle of royal nectar, only to be rescued by 4 handsome Vespidae males who call her their Queen. So many new adjustments…like her new smaller size and the antenna sprouting out of her head! Going home proves hard when the males fall in love and Amina finds for the first time in her life, someone truly needs her.


Maximus: Sin City MC Oakland Chapter by L. Loren.

Jefferson “Maximus” Rivers has been fighting his way out of the trenches since birth. A disgraced former Marine, he is disciplined, focused and bitter. He has been betrayed by both the Core and his former fiancée. He craves the brotherhood he had while serving his country. So when his friend Aries presents an opportunity to join a MC, Maximus can’t resist.

His mission: Honor his bond of brotherhood and guard his heart. Women exist for a good time only. He will never fall in love. One thing is for sure, the members of Sin City never leave until all the cards are played.

Gia Mathews is a club Angel who is derelict in her duties. The victim of abuse from her father makes her refuse to bed any member of the MC. She joined the lifestyle as a source of protection from her family. The thought of being with any man makes her sick, until he walks in. The new prospect, Maximus, could be just what she needs to heal. 


After the Rain by Amaka Azie.

 Medical school student by day and nightclub stripper by night. When Miriam Dogo’s uncle threatens her family, she’s forced to dance at the Ozone Club. Terrified she’ll be recognised and her medical career will go up in smoke, she develops an exotic persona and wears a mask to protect her identity. But who is that man constantly in the audience, his beautiful eyes staring straight into her soul? And why can’t she stop thinking about him?

Miss Rain wears a shimmery golden mask and dances with an unparalleled sensuous grace. Surely Oya, the Yoruba goddess of weather, has come to life. Because no mere human could mesmerise Dr Segun Akintola so and make him long for things he’s run from for a lifetime. Night after night he sits there with eyes only for her. Until she disappears into thin air. And still, night after night he goes looking for her. Will he ever see her again?


Through the Fire by Amaka Azie.

Busy plastic surgeon Oke Amayo lives life on her own terms. No husband, no children, no commitments. She prefers toy boys and freedom. Then, a breast cancer diagnosis changes her mind, but only about children. Oke wants a baby, and only one man will fit the bill as her baby daddy. Can she convince her friend Arinze to sign on to her co-parenting plan without the bogus happily-ever-after that everyone knows doesn’t exist?

Widower Arinze Ibeh still grieves the loss of his beloved wife to cancer. When he discovers his friend now has the disease, he immediately offers his help. But Oke wants a little something extra from him. A baby?! Arinze has dreamt of having children, but certainly not according to the unconventional terms of Oke’s proposal. Will she consider his counteroffer?


To Savannah With Love by C.D. Samuda

A decision to go wild for Christmas. An attempt to forget the pain.

Finding out that her dead husband had a mistress, drove home the fact that they were not the happy couple Savannah a/k/a Souvenir thought they were. What made it worse was that he was seeing the other woman before they even met.

If her husband could screw a stripper named Sugar Plum for 15 years, she could screw an escort for Christmas. It was a fair trade, no?

But sometimes things can go sexily wrong – or right. Getting a bit tipsy before your “date” might mess with your memory a little, and might just make you forget the hotel room number.

Secrets. Lies. Betrayal.

Now what? She did what she did. But some secrets won’t stay buried. Now she must pick up the pieces of her dead husband’s betrayal. What will Savannah do when Kevin’s secrets are revealed? Will she regret delving into his past?

Starting a new relationship is never easy, but circumstances threw her into the arms of Marcello. However, his bombshell will leave her shattered more than she cares to admit. What secret is Marcello hiding? Will their relationship move to the next level?

NOTICE: If you are not into taboo subjects such as escorts and one-night stands, then this is not for you.

This romance ends on a HEA.


Until Death by C.D. Samuda


I’m set in my ways. I run my business the I way have always done, without outside influence or input. I don’t usually care about the consequences of my actions, that is … until I met her. She is fierce, sassy, and a mother who protects her children like a lioness protecting her cubs. I have never wanted children until I see what an amazing mother she is.


I’m a teacher with two teenage children, a divorcee who is independent and headstrong. I don’t scare easily, but when he walks in, his presence alone sends shivers down my spine. I am not scared of the physical pain he might inflict, or the fact that he’s a mafia boss. What scares me most is the way he makes my heart beat faster and my knees become jellied whenever he looks at me.


10. Craving Her by Jailaa West

He was Hot for Teacher…

She’d tortured Renegade every night of night school. With her sexy body, wire-rimmed glasses and no-nonsense attitude. When she comes to Skin Sins tattoo shop to get her tramp stamp removed, he’s floored. Will he remove it? Heck yeah, but she’ll pay the price with her body.

She’d never wanted a student before. But when the hulking hunky biker entered her class, she almost sat down and let him lead it. Just so she could drool over him more. Class is over but she can’t get him out of her mind or out of her sex-starved dreams. His eyes had made her an offer she couldn’t accept. But when she shows up at the shop, he seems angry.

Did he make a mistake or did she?

Craving her is Book 4 in the Skin Sins book series. This short story contains a happily ever after, with no cliffhanger or cheating and enough steam to fog your e-reader.


Desired by the Desperado by Jaila West

Lori’s committed to her kids and studies, Harlem’s committed to his club and the road. What happens when their worlds collide?

Lori: As a devoted single mom and perpetual juggler of studies, waitressing, and life’s never-ending curveballs, the last thing I expected was to be tempted by a bad-boy biker. Yet, here I am, irresistibly drawn to Harlem, the gorgeous, overprotective biker from the Desperados MC. He’s not the conventional ‘bring home to the kids’ type, but resisting him? Now, that’s a challenge.

Harlem: I never saw myself settling down. Road life, roaring engines, and questionable decisions are more my style. But then Lori came along, a vibrant spark in my monochrome world. She’s a flame I shouldn’t touch, but I can’t seem to stay away.

Desperados MC is a high-octane dance of danger and desire. Can a cautious single mother and a reckless biker find common ground to bridge their worlds? Or will their passionate connection consume them both? Buckle up and prepare for a thrilling ride through the forbidden realms of love and loyalty.

Desired by the Desperado is book 1 in the Dark and Dangerous Desperados MC book series. It is a standalone complete story with a HEA and no triggers. The cinnamon roll alpha does not cheat but he does come with enough heat and steam to require several fans.

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Perfection is impossible, even for this collection of angels. Are you brave enough to give your heart to one of the fallen? 


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Disturbance: A BWWM Mafia Romance by C.D. Samuda

I was quietly minding my own business, keeping a low profile. They murdered my family, and brainwashed my brother to become a runner for the Mercado family as debt that my father owned. I was only four years old when that happened, therefore there was nothing I could do about it.

It seems that my very existence has posed a threat to their clan, and even though I am not involved in the business, they fear me. They should. Because now that they have tried to take her from me, they have disturbed the sleeping beast.


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Pandora’s Kiss by T.B. Bond.

In “Pandora’s Kiss,” follow the adventure of Pandora, a time traveler with a dark secret, and Quyen, a man determined to save the world from a coven of dark witches who seek to rule over humanity. 


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Whether you prefer reading about captives or heroines who fight back, each story will take you on a wild ride of passion, danger, and heart-stopping romance. So get ready to indulge your wildest fantasies and fall in love with the bad boys who will steal your heart and leave you breathless.

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