Once Upon A Villain Series


Villains need love too, right?

Well, that’s what the sorceress, Celeste Dubois, thinks. She’s giving our favorite villains a chance to rewrite their destiny. How they use this gift is up to them. Will our bad guys and girls change for the better? Or will they continue in their wicked ways? Find out when you read the Once Upon A Villain Season 1 series.
Are you ready to get wicked?



Grant is ready to defeat the Bastien and claim Isadora. But when he runs into a devious witch name Addasyn Grimm, thoughts of revenge begin to fade.

His Beautiful Grimm Reaper by Siren Allen.


Maybe she’s a black widow. Every man she marries turns into a corpse. This time around, she wants it to last. Will our villain be able to hold on to true love or will she give in to her most wicked desires?

Devious Love by Diana Flame.


There are two things Lucius doesn’t believe in, Second Chances and Happily Ever Afters. Now he’s being offered both. Will this villain get things right the second time around?

Wolf’s Bane by Donna R. Mercer.


Ursula Potts has repented, seen the light, and made a switch from vengeful sea witch to an assertive businesswoman. But will this new obstacle make her return to her villainous ways?

Ursa Major by T.B. Bond.


Ryan Gold has spent centuries as a magical broker. If you want it, and can pay, he can acquire it. That is, until he’s charged with teaching a reluctant witch how to harness her magic. Will this witch help our villain change his ways?

All That Glitters by Dawn Ilbanez.


No mercy – that is the only law that Shan Yu upholds. Until one fateful day, when his life hangs in the balance and a powerful sorceress gifts our brooding warrior with a chance to rewrite his destiny and reunite with the only woman that can capture the dark heart of the Hun.
Will love change our villain for the better?

Heart Of The Hun by Love Journey.

ouav new lloren

Beauty is life and without it she sees no value in living. And Gugu is living her best life! But she has a secret that could topple her empire and bring her to her knees.

Untangled by L. Loren.

*Each book in this series is a standalone and does not have to be read in order.* 


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His Wicked Witch Cover

Some call her evil. Others call her an abomination. Most call her wicked.
In the end, they will all call her queen.

Princess Ivy Pendragon refuses to be denied what’s rightfully hers. The crown belongs on her head. And if she can’t wear it, no one will. But the path to the throne is paved with lust, lies and betrayal. It’s hard to tell who’s for her and who’s against her. There’s only one person she can be vulnerable in front of. But even he has secrets he refuses to share with her. Unwilling to give up on her dream, Ivy vows to destroy anyone who stands in her way.
Even the man she loves.

His secrets could prevent her from becoming queen.

Driven by his need for revenge, Lance Thorne only has one thought on his mind, stop the poison princess, Ivy Pendragon. He’s the only one strong enough, ruthless enough, to do what must be done to bring peace to the kingdom. And he has every intention of doing that, until he meets the princess he’s supposed to kill. Her smiles chase away his inner demons. Her eyes peer into his soul and make him feel more like a man and less like a beast. Her touch leaves him longing for a future with the one woman who could destroy him.

With time running out, Lance must choose between the princess he loves and the kingdom he was sent to protect. He knows what must be done. But does he have the heart to do it?

Villain Link: https://amzn.to/3iruGqP

ouav s2 carolee

A scarred pig. A dangerous wolf.
It has always been this way; two families at war.
His father destroyed her family. She burned his father to death.
Now centuries later, the tradition of hate and malice continues. He is out for vengeance, seeking to terminate every porker of the ‘Pigly Wigly’ tribe that killed his father.
She has vowed to destroy every wolf she comes across. They ruined her family, took away her protection. Pigs are vulnerable, but she has found a way to protect herself.
But fate is twisted.
As the two enemies face off in a deadly battle, his huffing and puffing is tearing her walls down. And it’s not the walls it was intended to rip apart, but the walls of protection she built around her heart.
Facing his enemy has never been this difficult. Not only is she proving to be a formidable opponent, she is also intent to warming his stone old heart.

Villain Link: amzn.to/3izFIdX

ouav s2 mahagony

SORCERY. REVENGE. An all powerful genie, a tiny living space.
Jabaar is the son of the royal midwife and royal advisor, but he is not of royal blood. Aliyah, one of the sultan’s many daughters who is of African descent, captures his heart in their youth.
Practicing the magical arts, the Sultan becomes impressed with him, but not enough to let him marry Aliyah. When one of the Sultan’s wives gives birth to a stillborn son, the only male heir, the grieving Sultan orders the death of the midwife. Jabaar swears he will make the Sultan pay for his mother’s death and denying him his love. Using the skills his mother taught him, he brings the kingdom to its knees.
Doing so has cost him his beloved Aliyah, and his heart turns to stone. If she won’t love him willingly, then he will force his way into her heart.
Tricked into becoming a genie, Jabaar is forced to abide by the laws of being the genie of the lamp. Revenge and ambition was his undoing. Given a second chance, will he make the same mistakes?
Villain link
: https://amzn.to/2Hh6FFq


Ceren Getty believes villains are a necessary evil to balance the natural order of the world. That’s why she has vowed to destroy The Eternal Witch’s plan to grant second chances to villains. Determined to return the villains to their natural state, she embarks on a quest to reverse Celeste Dubois’ magical spell and put an end to villain shaming once and for all.

Ryver Nile believes he is the last of the cyclops. He longs for the love of a good woman and the restoration of his species. When he meets Ceren, he knows immediately she is the one who can fulfill his dreams. However, she is too consumed with hatred and revenge to see what is right in front of her eye. Will love be able to conquer hate in this tale of good vs evil? Find out in Blind Spot.

Villain Link: https://amzn.to/2ZZPU7t

donna ouav s2

Goldie made a career out of getting the things that people wanted… for a price. She didn’t let her conscious interfere with business. Ethics or legalities were not her issues. Once she received her money, her services ended. What came afterwards was a problem for the new owners, not her. It was a matter of supply and demand.

That was until one of her acquisitions didn’t go as planned. People got hurt, and she landed in jail being held responsible for the consequences of her actions.

The only way to escape a lifetime in prison was to make a bargain with the powerful Eternal Witch. One chance to change the past. To set things right. For free.

Altruism wasn’t in her wheelhouse.

Blaine, Boyd, and Bowie worked for years to achieve success. They did what many in the shifter world had attempted to do and failed. They found a cure for a rare shifter disease. Days before they were to offer their vaccine to the shifter world, a thief broke into their lab, stole it, ate up their food, slept in their beds, and then disappeared into the night.

Time was running out to get the cure to those who needed it most. The three were-bears were at their wits’ end when help came from an unexpected quarter.
The thief that had stolen the original vaccine from them.

The quartet raced against the clock. Working together to locate the vaccine. Encountering danger and raging passion. Could the four of them hold it together long enough to get the vaccine back, or would the passion exploding between them become a distraction that leads them to failure?

Villain link: https://amzn.to/2ZkTbiz 

dawn ibanez ouav s2

Dorian Gray.

Dorian Gray is bored with his immortality when he runs into the pretty little distraction wearing a little red dress. He finds himself caught between Cristal’s charms and an old rival trying to steal his prized portrait. Now he needs to find a way to keep his painting safe and her in his arms.

Cristal Perry

An ink witch indentured to a life of crime. Her latest job is to study and recreate the spell that made Dorian immortal. The one time she was to pose as a distraction, she ended up in his bed. She has to choose between saving her family and the man that could become her destiny.

A Night to Remember

One night of desire leads to a whirlwind romance. To be together, Dorian and Cristal will have to find a way to free her from the rival’s clutches. Otherwise they could both end up losing more than just their lives.

Villain link: https://amzn.to/2B7JNFw

oav sonja b

The Man
Though he’s always had it rough, Isak Jekyll tries to live an honorable life. But it seems the entire world is against him. He’s haunted by the sins of his father. Because of those sins, enemies from his past are stalking him, trying to get the secret formula his father entrusted him with. Then there’s the beast who resides inside of him, a separate entity, who is hell bent on destroying everything and everyone around them. Then Chasity Nichols enters his life and everything changes. But is she for him or against him? Only time will tell.

The Beast
They call him a beast for a reason. Blaise Hyde is the rebellious type who wants to take the entire world on. Nothing and no one scares him. Filled with anger and a kiss my ass attitude, Blaise is not to be reckoned with, that is, until he and Isak find themselves in a situation that may be their downfall. When he sets his sights on Chasity, no one not even Isak will stop him from claiming her as his own.

The woman they both want.
A mistress of seduction, Chasity Nichols is the best at what she does. She’s her boss’s secret weapon to get information from his enemies and destroy them. But this latest assignment might prove to be the hardest one she’s ever faced. Isak Jekyll is like no other. When she looks into his eyes, it’s like someone else or rather, something else, is staring back at her. The things he does to her mind and body have her questioning who or whom, is seducing who?

The man, the beast and the woman they love.
In the end, who will be left standing?

Villain link: https://amzn.to/3eFCBy0

king ellie ouavs2

I gave up everything, even my divinity…Yet, here I am finding myself with a second chance.
You know what I say to my second chance? F*ck it and F*ck you.

I don’t need it. What I need is to get lost, to forget. But the Most-High made sure that didn’t work.
The one attempt I had at changing my life. Giving it to someone else, you didn’t allow that, instead; you gave me the cruelest joke of life.

I told you; I don’t need it or her.

What the f*ck is your problem? Leave me alone. Let me be. I don’t intend on loving or apologizing to her, even though I caused her scar. I’m not saying she deserves it but f*ck sometimes, you hand us shit that we have to put up with.

I don’t like the way she eyes me. The way I have the potential of losing myself in her eyes. I am not for anyone. You hear me?
So, take this up with someone else. Not Me.

Nihility; It’s how I feel. It’s how I am. How I’ll always be. I no longer guard HIS precious Garden, I chose everything else but him and now… all I feel is nothingness.

– Gideon Del Rey.

Villain link: https://amzn.to/2ODlu5w 


I’m infamous for my trickery. Perception is my plaything. But my fun came to the end. On the precipice of my destruction, I’m offered a second chance. A redo. While I’ve continued to use my godly powers of deception, I’ve managed to behave – mostly. A sultry temptress crashes into my life and short-circuits my reasoning. She was made for me, my soul mate. Only she can handle my true form. Others call me Loki, but she calls me her burden. We’ll be together even if I have to forfeit my second chance to prove it.

Villain link: https://amzn.to/2ZQXRg4

shay ouav from amazon image

The touch of a Kitsune always comes with a price.

New Orleans, Louisiana – Kota Tamashi is a Kitsune Fox Spirit that specializes in naughty naughty pleasures and women are his prey. The magic of his kiss and the rhythm of his hips are wicked good – enchanted even. Have you ever craved someone so bad you thought that you might lose your mind? Well, one kiss from a Kitsune might wreck your life for one day, one month, or even a year – the effects may vary. But without a doubt, his touch will have you looking for him in the daylight with a flashlight at a million man march. All for one more taste of his delicious touch.

But all magic comes at a price and hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. His last intimate encounter was driven to pure madness, which left him injured, bleeding out on a cold wooden floor, and facing life or death in the midnight hour. Will he change his wicked ways if given the chance?

Kimberly Woods is traveling solo to New Orleans for a much needed vacation. A chance encounter leaves her determined to live it up and splurge on a little vacation hookup with a handsome stranger she met at the club. No one will ever know. What happens in New Orleans stays in New Orleans – right? But when she tries to kiss him, he backs away and smiles apologetically. Confused by his reaction, she tries again and gets the same result. Finally, when his defenses are down, she sneaks a peck on his lips and unknowingly ignites a fire.

Kota resists because his life depends on it. Kimberly persists with a burning passion. Now who is the prey?

Villain link: https://amzn.to/32SatFQ


She’s trying to find the two missing unicorns. He’s on a mission to protect the students at his school. When their objectives collide, they must work through their attraction to protect their charges and their hearts.

She won’t be pushed around

Seraphina Raziel works hard and plays even less. Business and pleasure don’t mix. She’s been there, done that, and had the scars to prove it. Her charges are in danger. She’s not about to let her meddling family, killer ninjas, or a sexy headmaster get in the way of her objective. Besides when danger strikes she doesn’t want any distractions.

He won’t be fooled again

Oliver King has the weight of the world on his shoulders when he gains two additional charges that everyone would love to have. Between attending to his student’s care, being a monarch, and the eldest brother of three, he doesn’t have time for romance despite all being in disagreement. He may find Ms. Raziel sexy but he doesn’t want a conflict of interest. Everyone’s meddling is just one more headache.

A perchance meeting brings the two together in a dance around their attraction. They both have an opportunity to learn a lesson at love. Can these two find a way to become a part of each other’s lives or will they get schooled by their own anxiety?

Basis of Comparison is book eleven of the Once Upon a Villain stand-alone series and is set in the Paris in Springtime series world. It’s a fun, sexy, action-packed story about an awkward huntress and an emotionally burned headmaster on their journey to love.

Villain link: https://amzn.to/3310YUS

Collect all 11 villains:  https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0897XFHT5