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December’s Featured Authors

Happy December.

There’s a chill in the air. Don’t fret, the heroes written by our featured authors are ready and willing to keep you warm. From steamy paranormal romance to hot contemporary, we’ve got something for everyone. Toss your blanket aside, grab your kindle, and get ready to cuddle up with a hot romance.

Bad Santa by Kiru Taye

Although Gina Badu is a good girl all-year-round, she knows her Christmas wish will never come true. Not with a recent divorce, late parents and a sister who courts trouble.

Then Santa abducts her in the middle of the night. Except this Santa is terrible—a silver fox of a tattooed fallen angel.

Osagie Peters is a ruthless, cartel boss whose dark soul threatens to consume her. He scares her as much as he fascinates her. It seems he’s got her on the naughty list. Still, there’s a chance she might have a Merry Christmas after all.

Celebrate the festive season Yadili style. Osagie: Bad Santa is an Enders series romantic suspense novella and is the prequel to Osagie: King of Clubs. Osagie was first introduced in Xandra: Killer of Kings, Enders series book 2.

A Very Essien Christmas by Kiru Taye.

Catch up with the Essiens as they celebrate Christmas the very Essien way. Find out what’s going on with Felix & Ebony, Mark & Faith, Tony & Rita, Kola & Tari as well as Chief & Mrs Essien. Also get a sneak peek into Freddie’s love life and upcoming story.

As you’ve come to expect from the series, there will be some sexiness and surprises in this saga. Be ready for passion and romance in A Very Essien Christmas.

Her Moment With The King by Alexandra Isobel.

She never thought she’d see him again…

When Matt, still devastatingly handsome with a heartbreaking accent, walks into a bistro one holiday evening, Georgia is horrified to face the scandalous secret she’s kept for eight years.

Fall in love with Matt and Georgia’s holiday romance story.

Interracial Love Stories Collection by Alexandra Isobel. 


He has one mission tonight. Get her from the safety within his arms, through the rebels who overtook the embassy, to the rendezvous helicopter on the other side of town… but when the time comes can he let her go?


She has embedded trust issues. He is an honorable Navy SEAL. When their steamy encounters become too intense, and she attempts to flee to her comfort zone, he turns up the heat to a drastic level.


He’s an ex-Russian gangster. She’s, his queen. Entwined in a passionate and volatile marriage, their world explodes when she opens an unknown sender email.



She never thought she’d see him again…

When Matt, still devastatingly handsome with a heartbreaking accent, walks into a bistro one holiday evening, Georgia is horrified to face the scandalous secret she’s kept for eight years.

Fall in love with Georgia and Matt’s second chance holiday romance.

Power or Love by Tierra Cox

Iman is at the center of political turmoil in Brilliant Qin. Her heart is promised to the General KaYee, and yet her mind tells her that a practical marriage is in the arms of the Prince Seunghyun. Power and Love are not equals players on the field of life and Iman must decide which one is important? Which one will keep her alive?

Jopok Romance by Tierra Cox

Being married to a man on the wrong of the law has its consequences. Cedella thought she had paid her dues. Now when Kihyun Kwon comes on the scene, is she so ready to fall back into that world? Even if he’ll burn it all to please her?

Wicked Roses by Sienne Vega.


It’s true what they say: you never forget your first love.

When Salvatore Mancino returns, I’m left reeling.

I’m swimming in memories of his passionate kiss.

And memories of him breaking my heart.

Over a decade later, the violent mafia boss intends on making me his.

But dark and wicked forces seek to hurt me.

And in the process, destroy him.


Delphine Adams is as off-limits as they come.

It’s only ever made me want her more.

She thinks she’s stopped being mine.

What she doesn’t realize is, she always has been.

And she always will be.

Now there’s a price on her head by a rival crime family.

It’s up to me to protect her with everything I have before it’s too late.

Twisted Roses by Sienne Vega.

I was supposed to let him go.

I thought I could handle it. I thought I could walk away.

Every moment I’m tempted to give into my addiction.

So dark. So delicious.

So dangerous that someone threatens to expose my secret.

And reveal the forbidden truth I’ve tried to hide.

If they succeed, it’ll ruin me forever.

She can try, but she’ll never escape me.

The woman I’m obsessed with thinks she can run.

What she doesn’t realize is I’ll always catch her.

She belongs by my side as I seek out my revenge.

On my father. On her father. On the world.

I’ll tear it apart if I have to . . . so long as it’s us in the end.

But the web of lies might be more twisted than even I imagine.

A Phat Ash Christmas by L. Loren

Indya Priestley hasn’t been to her home town since her mother’s passing on Christmas Eve five years ago. As a writer for Herfland Magazine, it’s her job to introduce readers to the world of cigars. After receiving an invitation to attend her high school crush’s launch party for his new cigar themed t-shirt line, she realizes this may be the opportunity to advance her career as she secures an exclusive interview.

Her personal life also takes a turn for the better when Indya meets a younger man named Vincenzo at a local cigar bar. What should have been a one night stand leaves them both wanting more. When she returns to her home town for the holidays, she gets the surprise of a lifetime.

An older woman, younger man LoveRotica Tale.

Mr. Grinch’s Secret Love by L. Loren.

Mason Grinchinsky’s reputation for bedding and discarding his assistants has landed him in hot water with the Board of Directors. He had a year to prove to the Board that he can keep his hands to himself or he’ll be replaced as CEO. His safe bet is to hire a plus size woman. That should do the trick. When the curvy goddess named Rhys Reid greets him in his office and introduces herself as his new assistant, Mason knows he is in trouble. Instead of hitting on her, he forces himself to be mean, hoping it will make her hate him. What he didn’t count on was Rhys liking his gruff demeanor. Unable to resist their attraction, the lovers must hide their affair from the prying eyes of their co-workers. Things come to a head at the office Christmas Party when Mason sees Rhys dancing with another man. Will he be able to stifle his rage before exposing their secret or will he risk everything for the love he desires? Find out in this BWWM LoveRotica Christmas Tale.

Loving Simone by Cereza W. 

Garrett Hallowell and Simone Williams were college sweethearts. Their promising future came crumbling down because of a drunken mistake, causing Simone to walk out of his life. Garrett moved across the country on a journey of self-discovery after losing the love of his life.

Simone had no choice but to move on after their breakup. She focused on raising her daughter, working, and getting her master’s degree. An unconventional meeting has Garrett on a mission to make Simone forgive him and give him a second chance. Will he be able to make Simone his again, or will she settle for her new love?

Christmas Candy by Darie McCoy 

Candace ‘Candy’ Hampton had a problem; one she was determined to fix. Tired of being the butt of family jokes regarding her skills in the kitchen, she takes her bestie-cousin’s advice and signs up for a cooking class at the local culinary academy. What happens when she shows up for the first class was enough to make her think about never returning. He’s there, Kenneth Holmes, the secret service agent and Frost family friend was the instructor. Not only had he infiltrated her family gatherings, he was the path to her learning the culinary skills she lacked.

Kenneth couldn’t believe his luck when Candy walked into his classroom. Not many knew he was a trained chef aside from those closest to him. Having Candy’s curvy body in such close proximity gave him the opportunity to interact with her away from the prying eyes of her family.

Thrown together on Kenneth’s turf, he taps into parts of her she didn’t know existed—and she can’t seem to resist him. In the midst of the sparks flying between them, Candy is determined to achieve her goal while Kenneth is determined to win her heart. The heat between them rivals a boiler, but is it enough? Is there more cooking in the kitchen than savory meals?

Involuntary by Darie McCoy.

Stephanie Barker is making her way through life just fine. She’s a successful business owner and devoted mother to the niece she adopted. She fills her days with the things she loves and the people who bring her joy. At least that’s what she thinks until traumatic circumstances bring Dr. Jian Anderson into her orbit. Stephanie has held everything around her together for so long, what happens when she meets someone who wants to hold, support and protect her? Does she have room for a romantic love, or will she continue to take on the world alone?

Jian Anderson has a thriving career as the top Cardiothoracic Surgeon at Talbot Memorial Hospital. He’s not looking for a relationship. He’s quite happy with his bachelor lifestyle. That is until the night a horrific event brings Stephanie into his hospital and his skills are needed to help someone she loves.

Terrible conditions bring them together, but the fire that ignites between them is undeniable. When the danger they thought was over threatens their cocoon of happiness, can they navigate the threat? Can they trust in what they’ve built together or will tragedy tear them apart?

Owned by Santa by Imani Jay 

When a good girl claims her spot on Santa’s Naughty List…

Growing up in their small town, Barrett was morbidly timid around Mia, and she thought he didn’t care to give her the time of day.

Now, he’s all man, and she’s a grown woman who knows exactly what she wants for Christmas…

Read along for a steamy holiday romance between the shy boy who grew into a delicious mountain of a man, and the curvy girl ready to give him a run for his money.

This is a second chance holiday romance where #ClaimYourCoal is the motto. Tag along for a fun ride with no cheating, no cliffhanger, a guaranteed HEA, blazing hot times between the sheets, and all the feels!

Owned For Xmas by Imani Jay.

Santa baby, hurry down my chimney tonight…

Alex Roman is a powerful and dangerous man. A man whose intense presence fascinates me. And his burning gaze tells me I don’t leave him indifferent, either.

A debt to repay makes me his for a night. A long, heated, unforgettable night. Come morning, I run off, shaken by our unbelievable night, by Alex’s fire, and how brightly I lit up in his arms.

Months go by and I think he’s forgotten all about me, till I find out who’s the new VIP guest at the hotel where I work… Merry effin Xmas to me!

What’s a girl to do when she catches the eye of a Mafia boss?!

As always with my bite-sized romances, there’s no cheating, no cliffhanger & the HEA is guaranteed. Also, if you have an issue with hot times between the sheets (or elsewhere…), this book is not for you!

Taming The Alien Overlord by Thea Dane

One minute I had a cushy job as an assistant to one of Earth’s intergalactic ambassadors. Now I’m stuck on Planet Xaxos with a seven-foot alien overlord. I don’t know what’s bigger, his muscles, his retractable horns or…his ego. Rone Azulim is used to being in charge. He lords over a whole planet and fleet of soldiers. My planet wants to form an alliance. He will only do so if I stay with him. As his mate. If Rone thinks I’m going to give up my independence to become his earthly arm candy, he’s out of his mind. I don’t care if his powerful voice and talented golden hands send thrills down my spine. It’ll take more than his dominant ways to make me submit. But we have more problems besides seeing whose will is strongest. Another alien species is planning an attack on Xaxos’ capital. If they’re not stopped, Earth will be next. Can I find a way to get out of this mission? Or will I trust Rone enough to want to stay with him…forever?

To Savannah With Love By C.D. Samuda.

A decision to go wild for Christmas. An attempt to forget the pain. 

Finding out that her dead husband had a mistress, drove home the fact that they were not the happy couple Savannah a/k/a Souvenir thought they were. What made it worse was that he was seeing the other woman before they even met.

If her husband could screw a stripper named Sugar Plum for 15 years, she could screw an escort for Christmas. It was a fair trade, no?

But sometimes things can go sexily wrong – or right. Getting a bit tipsy before your “date” might mess with your memory a little, and might just make you forget the hotel room number.

Secrets. Lies. Betrayal.

Now what? She did what she did. But some secrets won’t stay buried. Now she must pick up the pieces of her dead husband betrayal. What will Savannah do when Kevin’s secrets are revealed? Will she regret delving into his past?

Starting a new relationship is never easy, but circumstances threw her into the arms of Marcello. However, his bombshell will leave her shattered more than she cares to admit. What secret is Marcello hiding? Will their relationship move to the next level?

Be Mine by Carmen Lawrence

The phrase Friends with Benefits takes on new meaning for Gee and Zoey when their relationships go south, and they find themselves in each other’s arms seeking comfort and healing. Gee isn’t satisfied with just being her friend and sets new rules that leave the ball in Zoey’s court.

Left brokenhearted by her ex-boyfriend, Zoey wants no part of anything Gee’s cooking up. After all, her ex was a man, and she won’t trust men anytime soon. Zoey just wants to have some no-strings-attached fun and be left alone.

With Gee’s deep love, patience, and caring attitude, will he wear down Zoey’s resistance? Will Zoey realize how much she cares about Gee before it’s too late? Or will she set her own rules and live life on her own terms to protect her heart?

Buy link:

I Gave You My Heart by T.B. Bond

I have no business loving Zana. She’s centuries older than me and she was my father’s right hand running the Goblin kingdom. Wanting her is an ethical nightmare. Every soft hitch of her voice and sexy smoldering of her eyes when I touch her does me in. That’s why when she admitted she loved me, I ran to the far side of my father’s kingdom.

Now I’m back. She’s as tempting as ever and there’s some leather-clad rocker sniffing around my woman. If he thinks he’s good enough for her, he has another thing coming… me.

I Gave You My Heart is a companion to Basis of Comparison and is set in the Paris in Springtime world. It is the story of a not so suave prince and a straight forward gnome girl fumbling towards love.

Buy link:

Four Carats by T.B. Bond

Nothing says Merry Christmas like dealing with trauma.

Ursula and I are good. We’ve been together for a year. Life and business couldn’t be better. Everything was going to plan when the king of Atlantica, her ex, summons us to the undersea palace on Christmas, no less. This holiday was my opportunity to correct the dumpster fire from last year. And now I have to stand in front of the king and his court for some d*** measuring contest. Ursa is my mate. Nothing he does will change that.

She wants to show me off. We will give them a show.

Buy link:

Retrograde: Forget Me Not by Niccoyan Zheng

Nicco and Karissa Carisi are the perfect couple with an ideal life, or so it seemed. One tragic event changes everything and rips them apart.

They have both moved on. However, Nicco has unfinished business and Karissa holds the key. Does she want to unlock the door for Nicco? Karissa is presented with two choices; she can be held hostage by their past or she can accept the present and build a future with Nicco.

Nicco has only one choice, right a wrong and regain the only thing that truly matters. Will he be able to convince Karissa that he has learned from the past?

Buy link:

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He’s determined to find out which family member betrayed them. That mission sends Enzo down a dark path of bloodshed and tears. However, there’s a light waiting for him at the end of the tunnel, and her name is Eve. Kidnapping her is the best decision he’s ever made. Having her close calms his inner demons and makes him yearn for a future he never thought possible. Though he promised to release her when the dust settles, he’s changed his mind. What the don wants, the don gets.

And the don wants Eve.

Now and forever.

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