April’s Featured Authors

Happy April, Diverse Romance Readers!

I hope you’re ready to fall in love with a new selection of romance stories, because we have a variety for you this month. From steamy contemporary to seductive fantasy romance, we’ve got something for everyone. Sit back, relax, and get ready to fall in love with your next book boyfriend.

Prepare to swoon for this month’s featured romances!

 The Wraith by Tierra Cox 

It’s a strange thing, desire.

It solidifies itself as a craving that melts into a want before becoming a pool of need that ebbs and flows into a passion. Before you know it, it evaporates into the mist of ache that you inhale as lust. Then you’re lost.

Alois Floquet, finds himself quickly enraptured by the brown skinned beauty, Isani Carr, and he will stop at nothing to make sure her every need is filled.

Whether she wants it…or not.

Beringia by Tierra Cox

Dr. Rome Tipper is a zoologist working with NASA in the year 2134. On her way back from Saturn’s Moon, Enceladus, Dr. Tipper’s ship is hit by a meteor and it pushes her off course. Where will she land? Russia.

In 2134, Russia and the US have found themselves in the midst of another Cold War. Doctor Maksim Volkov is an engineer and a geneticist who lives 3,000 feet underground in a cave he has built.

Why? The good doctor has his own secrets to keep.

When the two meet up, sparks don’t fly, but over time the embers begin to burn brightly.

When it’s time for Maksim to help Rome make the trip back to the US, via the Bering Strait, can they say goodbye?

Forbidden Roses by Sienne Vega

He’s the one guy I’m supposed to stay away from.

Salvatore Mancino walks around with bruises on his knuckles and blood on his hands.
Dangerous. Brooding. Loner.
And the son of the most powerful mafia boss in the city.
As the daughter of the district attorney, I shouldn’t go near him.
When our paths keep crossing, lines start blurring.
Everything about us is so wrong, so bad, yet feels so good.
But my father won’t stop ‘til he tears us apart.
I’m learning what’s forbidden always comes with a price.

She’s off limits, but I’ll make her mine, anyway.

Delphine Adams is the type of girl who thinks good always triumphs over evil.
Smart. Rule-abiding. Idealistic.
She’s the perfect daughter of my sworn enemy: the law.
A violent psycho like me should stay away from someone so pure.
Unfortunately, the last thing I do is follow rules.
I’m out for revenge on the DA and his war on crime.
My plan is simple: use her to destroy him.
The DA has no clue who he’s really dealing with.
I’m going to take everything he has, including his daughter.

Wicked Roses by Sienne Vega


It’s true what they say: you never forget your first love.
When Salvatore Mancino returns, I’m left reeling.
I’m swimming in memories of his passionate kiss.
And memories of him breaking my heart.
Over a decade later, the violent mafia boss intends on making me his.
But dark and wicked forces seek to hurt me.
And in the process, destroy him.


Delphine Adams is as off-limits as they come.
It’s only ever made me want her more.
She thinks she’s stopped being mine.
What she doesn’t realize is, she always has been.
And she always will be.
Now there’s a price on her head by a rival crime family.
It’s up to me to protect her with everything I have before it’s too late.

Twisted Roses by Sienne Vega

I was supposed to let him go.

I thought I could handle it. I thought I could walk away.
Every moment I’m tempted to give into my addiction.
So dark. So delicious.
So dangerous that someone threatens to expose my secret.
And reveal the forbidden truth I’ve tried to hide.
If they succeed, it’ll ruin me forever.

She can try, but she’ll never escape me.

The woman I’m obsessed with thinks she can run.
What she doesn’t realize is I’ll always catch her.
She belongs by my side as I seek out my revenge.
On my father. On her father. On the world.
I’ll tear it apart if I have to . . . so long as it’s us in the end.
But the web of lies might be more twisted than even I imagine.

Savage Roses by Sienne Vega

I made her a promise I’ll destroy the world to keep…

Revenge is the only thing that stands in my way.
Then Delphine and I can finally be together.
My father has no idea the hell he’s in for.
I’ll savor the moment I get to play in his blood.
But when he reveals what he’s really capable of,
I realize I may have underestimated the devil.

I’ll never leave his side no matter how dark it gets…

A future together is all I want with Salvatore.
But just as that seems possible, more enemies emerge.
Between a secret society of the powerful and elite
And Salvatore’s mafia boss father hunting us down,
Things take their most twisted and savage turn yet.
The price we’re forced to pay will be so steep, we may never be the same…

A Groom to the Altar by Patricia Sargeant.

Three confirmed bachelors get a second chance with their one true love …

For this groom, a trip to the altar is written in the stars …

Workaholic film producer DeAndre Portiss is focused on bringing a high-profile investor onto his company’s next documentary. But since the financier has turned him down before, DeAndre’s next pitch needs to be a hit. Luckily, his business partner’s sister is an experienced marketing consultant with a successful track record. But will their secret past bring down their project’s reviews?

Free-spirited marketing consultant Elisha Tomlin has a unique approach to project presentations. The unconventional marketer also has a revelation for the uptight producer. According to their horoscopes, their one wonderful and reckless night was only the beginning. Elisha is certain that their love is written in the stars. Can she convince DeAndre to go against his nature and follow the signs?

Choose Me by Sheryl Lister 

He’s making his case…one kiss at a time.

Since his engagement crashed and burned, Xavier Fuller wonders if marriage and a family are what he really wants anymore. Instead, he buries himself in work and taking his family’s trucking company to the next level. Yet, one encounter with beautiful Zena Henderson reawakens something inside him, and fortunately, the attraction isn’t one-sided. Each sensual kiss draws them closer and Xavier is determined to show her that he’s the only man for her, now and forever.

A string of dating disasters prompts Zena to adopt a new motto: never give your heart, never get hurt. But nothing could prepare the aspiring singer for sexy, compassionate Xavier. He’s seducing her with his words, tempting her with his passion and challenging everything she thought she believed about love. Now, Zena will have to choose between playing it safe and risking her heart one last time.

Do Me by Sheryl Lister.

Staring forty in the face, Braxton Harper is accustomed to having everything in his life fall into its precise place. Only he hasn’t found that special one and he refuses to settle for anything less than a woman who is his perfect match. The moment Londyn Grant dances into his life, Braxton is convinced he’s found her. Kiss by sizzling kiss, the sexy doctor slowly lets her guard down. Now, if she’d only let him into her heart…

Londyn knows heartbreak. By day, the psychologist counsels others, but she has yet to find a way to heal her own heart. The last thing she wants is another relationship. However, sensual and sensitive Braxton tempts her to open up and, for the first time in her life, she’s letting passion rule. But it’s going to take a little therapeutic intervention—in and out of the bedroom—to get Londyn to see that this time she’s found the real thing.

Mystic Sea by Reiu Luna. 

Since she could remember, the sea calls to Laura Ember. As a child she could recall the many lives that she has lived. She feels the pull of something or someone calling her, and she can’t understand why. Determined to discover the unknown and what lies within the sea she built a boat using her own hands and set sail. Will what she finds be something she will regret, or will she be the key to finally breaking an endless cycle between star-crossed lovers? 


Frenchy by Phoenix Rayne.

One-minute, young Frenchy is a normal Lad: following his older brothers around like shadows and worrying about what he wanted to be when he grew up. His choices for a career as a Leprechaun were slim. You are either a banker or a cobbler. Leprechauns are known for their money, and there is a lot of it in the cobbling business. In the next minute, young Frenchy’s future was doomed and damned by a vision. This forced him to leave his normal, quiet life behind and attend Boarding School. This school is for Leprechauns with exceptional skills. The boarding school is a training facility for only the best. Frenchy has no experience, and he does not possess any exceptional skills. The famous Brogan the Barnstormer feels responsible for Frenchy, since his special abilities have given him a vision of Frenchy’s grim future. Frenchy is immediately titled the teacher’s pet. Young Frenchy must adapt to his new life and all the magical adventures that are to come.

Where You Should Be by Monica Walters 

Milton ‘Jungle’ Patterson, while brought up in the street game, was also brought up in love. Although he veers away from it in his adult life, as he’s getting older, he is starting to crave it. He knows that living the life he inherited, being a kingpin, isn’t something he wants for himself anymore. However, love comes to him from an unsuspecting source… one of his friends’ sister. Trying to keep their relationship strictly platonic just isn’t working, especially when she flirts every chance she gets, even while he is trying to pursue something with someone else. He can only resist her for so long, and he realizes that he needs her as much as she needs him.

Chelsea Marcellus, formerly known as Jenetta, has had a rough life. Now that she’s free from the bondage she was once in, she finds herself in turmoil all over again. She loves a man that seems determined to keep her at arm’s length, and she longs for her daughter, a baby that was stolen from her. The adoptive parents are trying their best to keep her away, but she just won’t bow out without a fight, especially after the lengths they’ve gone to keep her away from her. Having Jungle and her family’s support helps, but the situation is tearing her a part.

When Jungle finally concedes to Chelsea’s advances after a failed attempt at love with someone else, she wonders if he’s serious about her. She doesn’t want to feel like his second option. Can she trust him enough to give him a chance to love her beyond what she’s ever known, or will she just cut her losses and choose to strictly remain friends?

Marco DeLuca by Cassie Verano. 

His loyalty to the family is unparalleled. However, when someone murders the woman he’s pledged his life to, Marco will get revenge, sanctioned or unsanctioned. Setting off on a deadly trail of retribution to avenge her murder and cleanse his own guilty conscious causes him to cross paths with someone from his past.

The only woman that he could ever be faithful to is the one woman that he vowed to stay away from.

Get ready for the shakedown! There’s more jaw-dropping action and panty-wetting moans.

Take Me With You by Cassie Verano. 


She’s young, inexperienced, and mystifying.

This two-week vacation to Alta, Utah is something that I look forward to every year with my brother and my friends. Fresh off a breakup and preparing to take the reins of my father’s company, The Maxwell Group, I need this respite to make peace with my current single status. Except she wasn’t a part of the plan, and now that she’s tagging along, as the only other single on the trip, I’m stuck babysitting her.

If we’re stuck with each other, we might as well make the most of it, so I suggest an arrangement. No strings. No promises. Just pleasure…and pain.

The only problem with our arrangement is that I want her to be completely mine when the two weeks are up.


He’s older, dubious, and intimidating.

I’ve been buried in work and grief for the last three years. Going on a trip cross country to Utah with my stepsister and her friends promises to be what I need to join the land of the living once more. However, it’s no fun being grudgingly welcomed into the group by the man paying for the trip who clearly resents my presence.

While everyone else is laughing and loving, I plan to spend lots of quiet time getting my mind back on track, except our host seems obligated to entertain me.

The problem? I’m enjoying his company much more than I have the right to, and when he suggests a two-week arrangement, my heart says no, but my mind and body scream yes.

Falling for this stranger wasn’t in the cards for me, and when I return home, I’m reminded why I can’t have all that my heart desires.

Delta Force Security, Tech by Sonja B. 

To some I am Dexter Broussard, to those who really know me I am Tech. My keyboard purrs loudly as a woman being caressed by me when I am hard at work. There isn’t anything my fingers will not uncover about you once you are in my team’s clutches. Women think I am sexy with my nerdy glasses and computer skills. They flock like geese. But I was only interested in having a little fun until Madison Rowe. Madison is the type of woman you give everything up just to share her space. And I will share her space, heart, body and mind.

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