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#KinkyVillains Enjoy this peek into, Lord of Mischief, by Francesca Penn.

Lord of Mischief by Francesca Penn.

I’m infamous for my trickery. Perception is my plaything. But my fun came to the end. On the precipice of my destruction, I’m offered a second chance. A redo. While I’ve continued to use my godly powers of deception, I’ve managed to behave – mostly. A sultry temptress crashes into my life and short-circuits my reasoning. She was made for me, my soul mate. Only she can handle my true form. Others call me Loki, but she calls me her burden. We’ll be together even if I have to forfeit my second chance to prove it.

Villain link: https://amzn.to/2ZQXRg4

It took me a while to fall asleep. Now, hints of the sun filter into my room to awaken. It’s surprisingly peaceful. I roll onto my back and stretch with a hint of a smile on my lips.

“That’s what happens when you get good d*ck.”

Startled, my eyes pop open and are met with the green ones that’s haunted me. He’s levitating above me smirking as if this is normal. He reaches out and caresses my cheek like we’re lovers and I invited him here. He has the strangest green eyes

“I invited myself,” he tells me in response to my thoughts. He floats down until he’s an inch above me. “You’re so beautiful when you’re scared. It makes my d*ck hard.”

“You want me to fear you?”

“Your fear is your problem.”

I’m about to ask him what in the hell he means when he bites his lower lip. My body feels caressed although his hands are behind his head. My nipples are tweaked, and the warmth continues down while his green eyes smolder.

“What are you doing?” I moan the question despite wanting him to take me seriously.

Touching you.

He’s in my head again yet this time it’s sexier.


With my presence. I can f*ck you, too.

I feel him stretching me and his eyes flutter closed. My hands grip my sheets as my back arches. I want friction but he rises just out of my reach.

“This is a violation,” I protest although he has me close to cuming already.
My desire coats my underwear and my nipples feel like they’re being sucked.

“I can’t violate what’s mine,” he counters.

Villain link: https://amzn.to/2ZQXRg4

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