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Kinky Villains – Enjoy this steamy peek into Basis of Comparison by T.B. Bond.

Basis of Comparison by T.B. Bond.

She’s trying to find the two missing unicorns. He’s on a mission to protect the students at his school. When their objectives collide, they must work through their attraction to protect their charges and their hearts.

She won’t be pushed around

Seraphina Raziel works hard and plays even less. Business and pleasure don’t mix. She’s been there, done that, and had the scars to prove it. Her charges are in danger. She’s not about to let her meddling family, killer ninjas, or a sexy headmaster get in the way of her objective. Besides when danger strikes she doesn’t want any distractions.

He won’t be fooled again

Oliver King has the weight of the world on his shoulders when he gains two additional charges that everyone would love to have. Between attending to his student’s care, being a monarch, and the eldest brother of three, he doesn’t have time for romance despite all being in disagreement. He may find Ms. Raziel sexy but he doesn’t want a conflict of interest. Everyone’s meddling is just one more headache.

A perchance meeting brings the two together in a dance around their attraction. They both have an opportunity to learn a lesson at love. Can these two find a way to become a part of each other’s lives or will they get schooled by their own anxiety?

Villain link: https://amzn.to/3310YUS

“What happened after I passed out?” she asked.

“The lights came on. Then I carried you out.” I moved closer to hear her response.

“Was that you who called out to the attackers?”

I nodded, placing my hands on either side of her.

“What are you—”

Our lips met. They were as soft as I imagined and sweet. She tasted like molasses fresh from a tree. It was one of my favorite flavors. It figured she’d deliver what I craved. I traced the seam of her lips. She parted them for me, and I received more of the same sweetness. I eagerly explored her mouth with a hunger that I no longer denied. Her tongue challenged me to dance as we mingled. My lungs burned with a lack of air as the rest of my body inflamed with need. I moved away from her sweet lips to kiss the side of her mouth when she rolled us both over. Her eyes glowed with pleasure.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Her tone was sultry.

My resolve hardened. I reached for her when she kissed me. She captured my mouth with a ruthlessness that belied her sometimes awkwardness. I wanted to be inside her as we connected. She, invading my mouth while I plunged into her satisfying middle. My hands were on her hips. I ground against her to make my intentions known. She froze. Not now! My libido screamed.

She released our lip-lock with a sensual pop. “You’re not right for me.”

Her words tickled my lips as they stabbed me in the gut. “Are you sure?”

She climbed off me with a startled expression. It was very much in the same vein as her “I’m in a new situation and it scared me” deer impression. Pushing was out of the question. I’d have to wait for her next move.

“You’re not my type anyway,” she said, then left the room.

The parting shot hurt, considering I thought the same. Hearing the words from Seraphina’s sensuous lips exposed the lie. Either way, I was lying in her bed alone with a massive erection. If that wasn’t adding insult to injury, then I didn’t know what was. Even worse, I still had to vacate so I could calm my nature in private. A fitting end for a complicated day.

Villain link: https://amzn.to/3310YUS

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