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#KinkyVillains Enjoy this steamy peek into, Loving The Jekyll, by Sonja B.

Loving The Jekyll by Sonja B.

The Man
Though he’s always had it rough, Isak Jekyll tries to live an honorable life. But it seems the entire world is against him. He’s haunted by the sins of his father. Because of those sins, enemies from his past are stalking him, trying to get the secret formula his father entrusted him with. Then there’s the beast who resides inside of him, a separate entity, who is hell bent on destroying everything and everyone around them. Then Chasity Nichols enters his life and everything changes. But is she for him or against him? Only time will tell.

The Beast
They call him a beast for a reason. Blaise Hyde is the rebellious type who wants to take the entire world on. Nothing and no one scares him. Filled with anger and a kiss my ass attitude, Blaise is not to be reckoned with, that is, until he and Isak find themselves in a situation that may be their downfall. When he sets his sights on Chasity, no one not even Isak will stop him from claiming her as his own.

The woman they both want.
A mistress of seduction, Chasity Nichols is the best at what she does. She’s her boss’s secret weapon to get information from his enemies and destroy them. But this latest assignment might prove to be the hardest one she’s ever faced. Isak Jekyll is like no other. When she looks into his eyes, it’s like someone else or rather, something else, is staring back at her. The things he does to her mind and body have her questioning who or whom, is seducing who?

The man, the beast and the woman they love.
In the end, who will be left standing?

Villain link: https://amzn.to/3eFCBy0

I scoot closer to her, then place my fingers under her chin and lift her head. She slowly raises her eyes to mine. They held sadness and pain. Before I could stop myself, I capture her lips with mine. Chasity places her palm against my chest but doesn’t push me away. She grants me access when I glide the tip of my tongue across the seam of her lips. As the sweet taste of the wine on her tongue swirls around mine, it had me tilting her head farther back to deepen the kiss. A soft moan escapes her as she grasps my jacket. Our tongues duel in a sensual battle that neither one of us wants to lose. As much as I would love for this to continue, my first time having Chasity will not be in my office. It will be in my bed where I can have her over and over again.

Villain link: https://amzn.to/3eFCBy0

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