Q & A with author Amelia Rucker.

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Good morning Diverse Romance Readers. This week, we caught up with author Amelia Rucker and asked her a few questions about her book, Love Don’t Come Easy part two. Enjoy this short interview with the author!


Interview question #1: Describe what your hero and heroine would consider the perfect date night. 

Dinner at a family restaurant.

Interview question #2: What does your hero love about your heroine and what does your heroine love about your hero? 

She loves his compassion towards her. He loves her strength that she possesses.

Interview question #3: For your hero and heroine, was it love at first sight or lust at first sight? 

Love at first.

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Diamond and Marc are back in part two of the trilogy, but this time, there is drama with a capital D. Not only is there drama, but love is in the air as well as a new couple arrives in town and shows their true compassion for everyone. Deon and Miracle are now telling the world about their relationship, but an abusive ex arrives in town and may threaten Miracle’s life. Sakitta and Malachi are childhood sweethearts, but Sakitta is uncertain if Malachi will stick around, or history will repeat itself. Amelia, the Head Pastor of Faith, Hope, and Love, starts a mutual friendship with an old beggar, who resembles her husband, but is he really the man she loved all of this time?
When chaos strikes, loyalty as well as faith is put through the test. Will these couples survive the chaos or will they will be torn apart for good?

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