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Character Interview: Get to know the characters from ‘One Click For Love’ by Taylor Love.


Hello Diverse Romance Readers!

This week, we had the pleasure of chatting with the characters from Taylor Love’s novel, One Click For Love. Enjoy this character interview with Brihanna and Lawrence. There’s also a giveaway that you don’t want to miss!!

OCFL Teaser 2

1. Thanks for joining us Brihanna and Lawrence. We’re excited to have you here. Let’s start off with something simple. How did you two meet?

Brihanna: So my busy body of a sister-n-law updated my online dating profile and one of the first people to contact me was Lawrence.

Lawrence: Luck. I don’t even check the couple of sites I’m on that often. But I logged in that night and saw a cutie with mischief in her eyes and couldn’t help myself. I had to message her.

2. Sounds like fate to me. I love it! Now I must know, was it love at first sight or lust at first sight?

Lawrence: Neither. I found her interesting. Different. She had her guard up a little that first meeting but I still found her to be funny. She was someone I wanted to know more about.

Brihanna: Neither. Lawrence was cool, easy to talk to and cute. I wasn’t looking for love just a date. But a few weeks later mother nature took care of the lust part for us.

3. Describe what you would consider the perfect date night.

Brihanna: Even though I know how to cook now, it’s still nice to order in every once and a while. Then we’d play a few of our favorite video games or watch GOT.

Lawrence: Same. Except she left off the “have hot sexy afterwards” part.

Brihanna: Sorry, I thought that was a given.

4. You two are making me blush. Okay, we know you’re good in the lust department. But do you believe love is forever?

Lawrence: Damn that’s a loaded question. I’d like to think so. With my upbringing I’ve seen it in my uncle and his wife. But I’ve also seen the other side with my parents where love got corrupted. But yeah, with Bri and me, our love is the real thing.

Brihanna: With what happened with my mom and dad…I would have originally said no. But in the last couple of years, seeing my brother and his friend Cam and the kind of love they’ve found with their wives, yeah I believe it can be forever. Just depends on the people.

5. Great answers. I hope you’re ready for the last question. In the bedroom, are you a giver or a taker?

Brihanna: For sure a giver, whatever Lawrence needs I provide it. In exchange he gives pleasure I never imagined in my wildest dreams.

Lawrence: Can’t deny I’m a taker in that I like a lot of control in the bedroom, though my aim is to give my baby girl pleasure in everything I do.

It was great chatting with you two! I’m sure our readers are going to rush to grab their copy of One Click For Love to find out more about your love story!!

nove giveaway paperback OCFL-Fin

Will a spur of the moment decision to update a dating profile, change her life forever?

Brihanna Lorde female relatives consider her “un-girly”. When the truth is she’s a modern young woman just trying to live her life. With her brother in newly wedded bless, her family ups the pressure for her to “catch a man.” Which is easier said than done for a semi-loner who is a videogame programmer. Her quirky and independent personality seems to rub men the wrong way. However, she can admit to wanting a real relationship of her own. Taking a chance on a new “match” online, might net her a guy that doesn’t scare easily. All the while exposing her to desires she didn’t even know she had!


“Nice place, and no mother unless you have her tied up in the basement.”
Lawrence snickered shaking his head before walking forward.
“I have lots of things in my basement…but a mother isn’t one of them. Do you want to see?”
She had helped close the distance as well and now she reached out, lightly grabbing onto his t-shirt.
“Maybe another time, unless you also have a bed down there.”
His laughing eyes became thoughtful. “Bri, do you think you’re ready to give me what I want?”
“Yeah, I’m ready.”
“I’ll be the final judge of that.”
“Tell me what you want, and I’ll give it to you.” Brihanna offered in what she hoped passed for a suggestive tone.
Sometimes, she felt like a fool when she called herself being flirtatious. Lawrence stepped back breaking the connection, walking around her until he was able to fall into the black easy-chair.
“Strip for me.”
“What now?”
“You heard me Brihanna.” He quietly admonished.
She’d never done a strip tease before. But there was a first time for everything, and her clothes needed to come off anyway.
Sarcastically she inquired, “Do you want me to dance too?”
“Not unless you want to.” When she still hesitated, he picked up a small remote and hit a button. “Here, maybe this will help.”
Music suddenly filled the room, it didn’t take her more than a few seconds to recognize the iconic strains of the Art of Noise: Moments in Love.

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