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Tell Me You Love Me (The Kenya Clark Series Book 1) by Mahogany SilverRain.

Breaking the laws of magic, a supernatural serial killer is unleashed on the city of Atlanta, Georgia…

Special Agent Kenya Clark of the GBI Paranormal Crimes Investigation Unit, has been given the case. Her assigned partner, Darrin Selinsky, hates having anything to do with the supernatural. Kenya has a gift that allows her to see the crime through the eyes of the victim. However, in this case, she sees through the eyes of the killer! To solve the case, she must find out what her connection to the killer is, but will she and Darrin be able to work together?


PASSION’S PRIDE: Leonessa by Mahogany SilverRain .

A paranormal romance novella.

A forgotten childhood bond. Fate brings them together again years later, but a fight to the death may tear them apart forever…

Hidden deep within Sierra Leone, West Africa is a tribe of lion shape shifters, who have survived for centuries undetected by the human world. Lance Harrold, a geologist from Austin, Texas, getting separated from his research team in the plains, ends up deep in the Sehki pride’s territory. A lioness spots him and sensing something familiar about him, she saves him from another lioness. The last thing he remembers before going into shock is that the lioness that saved him had blue eyes. When he wakes up hours later in a hospital in Freetown, he sees those same blue eyes staring back at him, only they belong to the beautiful Dr. Leonessa Kamara. Now Lance is determined to discover the truth about Leonessa at any cost, but what he finds out will change his life and hers forever.

September Blu

Out Of The Blu: Sultry Ink Series by Sonja B.

Blu Andora, the owner of Sultry Ink Tattoo Shop, finds herself and her wolf in some very strange predicament’s. Little does she know these events will turn her whole world upside down.

From bumping into a weird stranger at a bakery, to finding her True Mate that she doesn’t want… Or does she? Then, throw in having to deal with past family drama. What’s a girl to do?

Find out what happens in this funny, sexy, action filled tale to see how it works out for her.

september 51pepJIWBWL

A Vixen’s Redemption: Sultry Ink Series- Book 2 by Sonja B.

Sometimes the past has a way of finding you. That’s what Pix Wilkes, a fox shifter and receptionist at Sultry Ink Tattoo Shop, has found herself reliving. All was right in her world or so she thought. She has her friends who were more like family to her, an awesome job, and the love of her life, Deadwood.

Now, everything is put on the line when she gets a mysterious phone call that threatens her happiness. She tries to come up with a way to handle the situation on her own, while still having to deal with Rocket’s eagle heads and a joyous occasion for Blu and Jax.

Will Deadwood still want to be with her after he finds out about her secretive past? Or will he love her, then leave her?

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Blind (Senses Series Book 1) by Xavier Neal.

From bestselling author, Xavier Neal, comes a laugh-out-loud friends to lovers romance that’s one of a kind…

Aside from being blind to the fact his best friend, Maxx Hughes, is madly in love with him, Logan ‘Unbreakable’ Kellar has it made. He’s the best amateur fighter at TKO, has a buffet line of women desperate to be taken by him, and three friends that are his family. However, when Maxx crosses over from Logan’s blind spot on the side lines to the dead center of his vision, he realizes that he can’t stay blind to the fact this girl, is the girl.

ouav new lloren

Untangled, Once Upon A Villain Series, by L. Loren.

Bullied in her youth for being dark skinned and ugly, Gugu Brown is obsessed with beauty. Now the Queen of the cosmetics industry, she is a notorious boss. Her ageless beauty is unrivaled. A woman of 45, she looks no older than 23. Beauty is life and without it she sees no value in living. And Gugu is living her best life! But she has a secret that could topple her empire and bring her to her knees.

Sin Maddox is a silver fox who is enamored with Gugu’s beauty. He is determined to make her his. After dating her for a while, he sees the real her and finds her beauty pales in comparison to her true personality. When her world comes crashing down, will he be able to convince her that she is more beautiful on the inside than she is on the outside? How can she believe that when she was so damaged in her youth? Sin may be the one to convince her that pretty hurts, but true love heals.

september donna

Jericho: A Club Envy BWWM Romance by Donna Mercer.

This complicated relationship is about to get HOT!

Jericho Ryder was tired of the bookend socialites that partied at his club. A wink. A flash of his wicked smile and panties would drop. He knew he could have any woman without exerting much effort. What he needed was excitement, and a real challenge. He just didn’t expect it to walk through the doors of Club Envy. A goddess among mere women. He had never been with an older woman. But like they say, “Age ain’t nothing but a number”, and she was number one in his sight.

Kellista Anthony was through with men. They were nothing but lying cheaters who used up the best years of a woman’s life and then moved on to a newer, younger model. And what did she have to show for it? Stretch marks and gray hair. All she wanted was a night out with her girls at Club Envy. A little dancing. A lot of alcohol and no men! The last thing she needed was a man trying to sweep her off her feet, especially not a younger man. She was not a cradle-robber. She was through changing diapers.


How could I resist her? She was everything a guy like me wanted in a woman. Beautiful, Sexy, Intelligent and she had a mean right hook. She was definitely a MILF! I have no problem dating an older woman. She might not be a cougar on the prowl, but I bet I could make her purr.


I don’t know what overcame me? One look from his sexy eyes and my body was on fire. I couldn’t resist his desire to extinguish it. I couldn’t even blame it on the alcohol. All I could do was scream Jericho.

june 61497496_1090262044507813_8852048324291723264_n

Safe Place by Shani Greene-Dowdell
Safe Place Books 1 and 2 Included:

Book 1:
Tameka Oliver has one job: dance with the best man at her sister’s reception. Except when they begin to sway to the music, something she’s not trying to feel again washes over her. It’s a heated connection that sends her running out of the reception hall…and far away from Jeb Holloway.
Jeb has her right where he wants her, safe in his arms. Then, she pulls away, leaving him feeling empty mid-dance. Not long ago, he wouldn’t have imagined desiring a woman like Tameka. Now that he’s opened his mind and heart for love without color lines, he’s ready to convince Tameka her heart is safe with him.

Book 2:
Tameka Oliver’s ex-husband made her life miserable when they were together. When he loses his memory, he thinks they’re still married and deeply in love. How does she tell a sick man, not only are they not married, she can’t stand the sight of him and is about to marry another man?
Jeb Holloway has a dilemma. After discovering life without hate and loving it, he falls in love with the woman of his dreams—Tameka. Because of the hidden hate culture in his old circle of friends in their small hick town, he wants to elope to an island and marry her, but how will Tameka react to his plan?
The men in Tameka’s life have enough drama to start a small war in Alabama. Will old town ways win, or will a new season of love over hate prevail?

Gaston 18x27

Gaston, Once Upon A Villain Series, by Siren Allen.

For him, love isn’t an option.
Years ago, Gaston Dufort made a deal with a wizard. In exchange for good looks and a charming personality, he gave up the ability to fall in love. To him, love isn’t important. Love makes you weak. There’s no room for love in his life. That’s why he didn’t hesitate to give it up in order to gain something more important. Now that he’s the most handsome man in town, he wants the most beautiful woman by his side, Belle. When she chooses a beast over him, Gaston becomes enraged.
No matter how hard he tries, he’s unable to defeat the beast who stole Belle from him. However, a second chance comes to him in the form of a witch by the name of Celeste Dubois. Celeste says a spell that rewinds time and grants him another chance to claim the female he wants and defeat the beast. Unfortunately, his plans go awry when he runs into a devious witch by the name of Addasyn Grimm.

With her, comes chaos.
Addasyn Grimm is nothing like his Belle. For starters, she wants him dead. Plus, she’s a wild beauty who doesn’t follow the rules of society. Worse, she sees past his façade. She can see the real him. The side of him he hates and tries to hide from everyone. Addasyn sees it and she’s not put off by it. She prefers it over the charming, handsome side everyone else sees. But, there’s nothing gentle about Addasyn. She’s not a damsel in distress who needs him to save and protect her. Yet, Gaston finds himself wanting to do all those things for her, while all she wants to do is right the timeline and end his existence. Though he tries to fight it, he can’t help falling in love with the witch who hates him.

He only has one chance to get things right. Only one chance to live the life he’s always wanted. Will he pursue Belle and get his revenge against the Beast? Or will he break his deal with the wizard and become a beast to be with Addasyn? 

Collect all ten tales in the Once Upon A Villain series. Each tale is a standalone and this series does not have to be read in order.


Obsessive Temptation Boxset by Peyton Banks and various talented authors.

Obsessive Temptation is a limited edition collection of new, sexy BWWM romances, that will tantalize your every desire. These scorching hot tales are page-turning reads, that will entrap you for hours on end. Let us guide you into the world of pure, heart-pounding stories where love has no boundaries.

These alphas are downright possessive and fierce when it comes to the object of their desires.

The stories in the compilation are exclusive and can’t be found anywhere else. Don’t wait, this box set will only be available for a limited time before it is gone forever!

Note: This collection contains material for mature readers (18+ and older) only


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