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Get To Know The Lady Guardians: Grace’s Redemption by Sydney Aaliyah Michelle.

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The Lady Guardians are here!
Each week this month, the Lady Guardians are rolling out new books from the October Cohort. Monday, author Olivia Gaines released, Shifting Gears. Today, author Sydney Aaliyah Michelle is releasing Grace’s Redemption.

Today, I’m interviewing her characters, Grace & Mase. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this interview!

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Grace Smith

1. Do you believe in love?

Absolutely, I probably should be more jaded, disillusioned, bitter about love. Hell, I am, but I still believe in it and want it. In a weird way, love protected me, even when it, broke me. In the end, love saved me.

2. Sex on the first date, yes or no? Why or why not?

I’ve only had sex a few times and with someone I never dated. Wow, that makes me sound like a prude and a slut all in one. haha.
I’m not opposed to it, but the chemistry has to be off the charts. Mase kind of set the bar high and I don’t see anyone else measuring up.

3. What’s your favorite sex position?

Let’s see, from my few nights of passion, I have a lot of options. hehe.
I’d like to say missionary, staring into each other’s eyes and professing our love and devotion to each other.
I can image Mase rolling his eyes at me after reading this. He knows me.
Yeah, flip me on stomach and plow into me from behind while screaming nasty things in my ear. Wow! Is it getting hot in here?

4. What do you value most in life?

Trustworthiness. I need to have trust in all my relationships. With my friends, my crew, and my man. I give trust too easily, which is how I ended up in some crazy situations.
If I didn’t trust, I’d be dead by now.
I trust people until they give me a reason not to trust them. Well, that’s kind of not true with Mase. I seem to give that man a lot of chances, I guess because when we were kids, he earned my trust. I know deep down, he won’t disappoint. His methods may be fucked, but he will do anything to keep me safe.

5. If you could have one wish, what would it be?

Only one wish. That’s hard. I wish my father was still alive. I’d like him to see Mase and I together. I’d like him to meet me son. But, if he hadn’t died, my life might not have ended up here.
Let me pick another one, I wish Mase ran away with me when we had the chance.

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Mase Scott

1. Do you believe in love?

Yeah, of course. What’s the point of anything without love? I’m a hard ass, cynical, moody bastard, but you know, I try to be better because of her. It has to be love.

2. Sex on the first date, yes or no? Why or why not?

That’s a weird question. I don’t date. Have I been on a date? [Rubs the stubble on his face.] Grace and I didn’t date. Fucking a scag in the back room of the clubhouse, doesn’t really qualify as a date.
Yeah, why the hell not. If you click with someone and y’all want to fuck, then do it. I have no right to judge, don’t judge me.

3. What’s your favorite sex position?

Flipping a girl over on her stomach and plowing into her from behind while I whisper nasty things in her ear. Fucking her so hard, making her cum until she begs me to stop. I guess that’s not really a position, but yeah, from behind so I can see my cock disappear and watch her ass bounce.
What did Grace say?

4. What do you value most in life?

Loyalty. You loyal to me, I’ll be loyal to you. If were cool and you fuck with me and what’s mine, you’re dead to me.

5. If you could have one wish, what would it be?

I wish I had taken Grace away from all of the madness when we had a chance. I hate that I had her doubting how much I loved her.



Love tore them apart, revenge brought them redemption and a way back together, but at what cost?
Mase Scott wants revenge.
Determined to avenge his brother’s murder, Mase puts his dreams on hold and hurts the only girl he has every loved. He pushed her away to protect her, however, revenge bring them back together. After learning about Grace’s secret, his priority is to protect her at all cost event if it pits him against his own club.
Grace Smith wants redemption.
When the man she’s loved all her life pushes her away, Grace seeks refuse with the Lady Guardians. She learns the true meaning of the word family. The club teaches her to take care of herself, but her connection to Mase is stronger than they both realized. Her redemption tour has her choosing between her crew and the man she loves.
Grace’s Redemption is part one a sizzling MC Romance novella. If you like sexy alpha bikers, a strong biker beauty, and a steam love connect that spans over miles on the open road, you’ll love Sydney Aaliyah Michelle’s latest BWWM romance.


I caught just a glimpse of her and my world imploded along with my heart. Four years and she still had the same effect on me.
My mind played images of her over and over behind my eyes. The curly brown hair, her bare shoulders, the flowy leather skirt and her lean muscular legs. They all reminded me of someone and then recognition hit a second later it was the someone and my heart hadn’t stopped beating out of my chest since.
I should have booked a flight to Vegas or rode up to Atlantic City on my way back. My poker face was on point.
How did my Gracie end up in a female motorcycle club?
She had her cut; lightweight black leather with pink panels flung over one shoulder. I only saw a part of the emblem, but recognized it from the other ladies in the bar.
They weren’t serving us drinks or making us feel welcome. No, these were badass ladies who made you respect their position in the club dynamics. Their president, Justice, the woman was bangin, with a beautiful body and an air about her made you take notice. Justice stood out because I saw her huddled up with Razor after Grace disappeared.
The rest of the ladies, different sizes, shapes, colors. I’d never seen a female biker club who hung with the big dogs. This was going to be a new experience.
I sat back and observed the whole night, waiting for the next ball to drop and scanning the area for another glimpse of my ghost. She must have noticed me, too. I didn’t see hide nor hair of her for the rest of the night.
The rest of her crew seemed to keep their distance from me, too.
I could have asked, but I was more curious to see how it played out.
The Guardians were a club. They just played biker gang and in their play got caught up in something way over their head I suspected.
They talked the talk and walked the walk, and the few times we tangled with the Vipers together, they’d held their own, but they weren’t like us. They weren’t my concern.
With Gracie as a member, they came to the front of my radar.


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