New Release – Lady Guardians: Shifting Gears by Olivia Gaines.


It’s time to ride out with the Lady Guardians. Today, the first book of the October Cohort drops. I hope you’re ready for Shifting Gears by Olivia Gaines.


Keoni Wiles lived a structured life working as a librarian at the Cleveland Avenue Branch in Atlanta. A burgeoning relationship with an equally boring boyfriend Carlton Gear, one of the best accountants in the musical industry, left her engine in a permanent idling state. Craving a shake up in her monotonous life, she joins her good friend Onyx for a fund raiser with The Lady Guardians biker group.

The lady riders offered a day of excitement for Keoni, but the night turned into a magical experience, especially after she meets Carlton’s cousin, Dave, a scruffy biker with a sketchy past, a tenuous future and a very sexy presence.

Digging in and wanting to be a part of the female biker group, against Carlton’s advice and comfort, clothing isn’t the only thing Keoni changes. Climb aboard for a high-octane ride as Keoni reorganizes her life by Shifting Gears and donning the pink and black leather as a Lady Guardian.


~Grab each book from the October Cohort today.~

Shifting Gears – Olivia Gaines |
Grace’s Redemption – Sydney Aaliyah Michelle |
Bankrolled – J. L. Campbell |
Riding Dirty – M’ Renee Allen |
Freedom – Embue |
Cut: Nationals – Xyla Turner |
Born to Ride – Janae Keyes |
Black Money – Taisha Demay |
The Ultimate Risk – Sheena Binkley |


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