November’s Featured Authors

Happy November.

Outside, the leaves are falling. Inside, we’re doing the same thing. We’re falling for the heroes written by our featured authors. From steamy paranormal romance to hot contemporary, we’ve got something for everyone. Sit back, relax and prepare to fall in love with your next book boyfriend.

Drowning in Shallow Waters by Lyndell Williams.

He waited decades to find someone like her. Now, he must have her!

Growing up, Brandon was an observant Muslim. In law school, he focused on his education and career. Having built a firm filled with wealthy clients, he is now looking for someone with whom he can share his success. It’s not easy.

Hawwah Did everything right in her life, except marrying the wrong man. Now she is constantly on the run, afraid that her abusive ex will catch up to her.

Brandon falls deeply for Hawwah, releasing years of pent-up desire. He must have her, but what price will he pay to be with her? Will he be able to protect her, or will he end up in danger too?

Drowning in Shallow Waters is a steamy Muslim romance between a BBW female and sexy, fluffy alpha.

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Vampire DragQueen by Reui Luna

Ash and Tam Aliza are witches who have been on the run since they were 17 years old. After running for ten years, the two decided to settle in a hidden paranormal town in Louisiana. Unfortunately, the moment they arrived in town, they drew unwanted attention.

After certain events which led the sisters to the infamous stripper lounge Blood Rose, they encounter a cross-dressing vampire who changes their lives.

Will Ash and Tam be able to live a simple life while they discover themselves? Or will their past eventually catch them, leaving them to fight for the life they finally were able to start?

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Be Mine by Carmen Lawrence

The phrase Friends with Benefits takes on new meaning for Gee and Zoey when their relationships go south, and they find themselves in each other’s arms seeking comfort and healing. Gee isn’t satisfied with just being her friend and sets new rules that leave the ball in Zoey’s court.

Left brokenhearted by her ex-boyfriend, Zoey wants no part of anything Gee’s cooking up. After all, her ex was a man, and she won’t trust men anytime soon. Zoey just wants to have some no-strings-attached fun and be left alone.

With Gee’s deep love, patience, and caring attitude, will he wear down Zoey’s resistance? Will Zoey realize how much she cares about Gee before it’s too late? Or will she set her own rules and live life on her own terms to protect her heart?

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I Gave You My Heart by T.B. Bond

I have no business loving Zana. She’s centuries older than me and she was my father’s right hand running the Goblin kingdom. Wanting her is an ethical nightmare. Every soft hitch of her voice and sexy smoldering of her eyes when I touch her does me in. That’s why when she admitted she loved me, I ran to the far side of my father’s kingdom.

Now I’m back. She’s as tempting as ever and there’s some leather-clad rocker sniffing around my woman. If he thinks he’s good enough for her, he has another thing coming… me.

I Gave You My Heart is a companion to Basis of Comparison and is set in the Paris in Springtime world. It is the story of a not so suave prince and a straight forward gnome girl fumbling towards love.

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Four Carats by T.B. Bond

Nothing says Merry Christmas like dealing with trauma.

Ursula and I are good. We’ve been together for a year. Life and business couldn’t be better. Everything was going to plan when the king of Atlantica, her ex, summons us to the undersea palace on Christmas, no less. This holiday was my opportunity to correct the dumpster fire from last year. And now I have to stand in front of the king and his court for some d*** measuring contest. Ursa is my mate. Nothing he does will change that.

She wants to show me off. We will give them a show.

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Consumed: A Darkish Romance by Niccoyan Zheng

Azul Samson and Amber Burton have just suffered the greatest loss of their lives.

Their journey of grief is unhealthy and twisted.

Can they overcome obstacles real and imagined to find happiness?

Or will their grief cripple and consume them?

Contains mature situations, adult language, graphic sexual content, morally compromised decisions and issues that may elicit an emotional response. The story location is set in Canada. That being said, the spelling and word usage contained in the story are also Canadian.

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Retrograde: Forget Me Not by Niccoyan Zheng

Nicco and Karissa Carisi are the perfect couple with an ideal life, or so it seemed. One tragic event changes everything and rips them apart.

They have both moved on. However, Nicco has unfinished business and Karissa holds the key. Does she want to unlock the door for Nicco? Karissa is presented with two choices; she can be held hostage by their past or she can accept the present and build a future with Nicco.

Nicco has only one choice, right a wrong and regain the only thing that truly matters. Will he be able to convince Karissa that he has learned from the past?

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Cooked by Chanel L. Faye

She has a job to do, and she can’t let anything get in her way—not even love…

DEA special agent Brittany Townsend’s assignment is simple. She’s to go undercover at the trendy San Francisco restaurant that’s a suspected cover for a drug smuggling ring, and get the evidence she needs to shut them down. Too bad there’s nothing simple about her feelings for the restaurant’s loyal, charming, and distractingly sexy head chef…

Quincy McKnight made a deal with the devil to save his brother’s life. Now, his restaurant is a front for illegal activity he could never condone, but must tolerate. His life is way too messy to even consider romantic entanglements. But…there’s something about his lovely, whip-smart, new employee that’s making him rethink everything…

Brittany and Quincy are in danger of losing a lot more than their hearts as this mission plays out. Can their potential romance stand the heat in Quincy’s kitchen? Or will their one shot at happily ever after go up in flames?

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Hollywood Love by Chanel L. Faye

Is true love even possible in a city built on broken dreams? There’s only one way to find out…

Nursing student Jordan Madison wasn’t looking for love. Her broken engagement proved how devastating that could be. But then she met a sweet, kind, and devastatingly handsome aspiring actor who made her question everything. The fact that he has a girlfriend back home means she needs to keep him in the friendzone…even though what she really wants is quite the opposite…

Alex Miller was chasing a dream. He left his entire life in Seattle behind to move to Los Angeles. And frankly, it was all a little lonely and overwhelming—until he met Jordan. Becoming her friend is the best thing that’s happened to him in a long time. It would be so easy to fall for her. Too bad he can’t ever let that happen…

Can Jordan and Alex overcome all that stands between them—including the ghosts of his and her past—to find a screen-worthy happily ever after? Or will their story end like a Hollywood tragedy?

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Through the Fire by Amaka Azie

Busy plastic surgeon Oke Amayo lives life on her own terms. No husband, no children, no commitments. She prefers toy boys and freedom. Then, a breast cancer diagnosis changes her mind, but only about children. Oke wants a baby, and only one man will fit the bill as her baby daddy. Can she convince her friend Arinze to sign on to her co-parenting plan without the bogus happily-ever-after that everyone knows doesn’t exist?

Widower Arinze Ibeh still grieves the loss of his beloved wife to cancer. When he discovers his friend now has the disease, he immediately offers his help. But Oke wants a little something extra from him. A baby?! Arinze has dreamt of having children, but certainly not according to the unconventional terms of Oke’s proposal. Will she consider his counteroffer?

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Before the Storm by Amaka Azie

Just back from a delightful date, Nkem Edun gets a phone call. Her ex-husband is in hospital in critical condition. After four years apart, why hasn’t he changed his next of kin? Regardless, Nkem rushes to his bedside. After all, he is the father of her son. But is that the only reason? As memories of their life together come flooding back, so do Nkem’s doubts. Would forgiving him be so terrible? And more importantly, could she ever trust him again?

Shots. After waking up in hospital, Tunde has plenty of time to ponder the word. Like the shot fired at him point blank, lodging a bullet in his chest that almost killed him. A bullet that also makes him think. Then, there’s Nkem. The first person he sees when he regains consciousness. Another shot. This one in the foot and self-inflicted. How on earth he was ever stupid enough to betray his beautiful Nkem and lose his family, he still doesn’t know. But one thing Tunde does know— he wants his family back. Will Nkem give him another shot?

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Tennessee’s Whiskey by L. Loren

Grad student, Patricia Woods finds herself on the brink of homelessness. Needing a job that pays immediately, she reluctantly sets her sights on the local redneck bar where the bikers are notorious, and the tips are flowing.

All she wants is to make a little cash to pay her way through school, but what she finds is so much more. Her dream of finally having a family to call her own is just beyond her reach.

Single father, Weston Daniels, has built a nice life for him and his five-year old son. After escaping the “family business” all he wants is the peace and quiet of the south, and an occasional romp with a nameless woman.

He has a change of heart, when a beautiful African American woman dressed in orange bombards his bar. When his past catches up with him, he is faced with choosing between her life and the happiness he desires.

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Bohemian Outlaw by L. Loren

Tragedy has a way of launching us into living our best lives. When Josey decides life is too short to be unhappy, she quits her mundane job and buys a ranch to fulfill her lifelong dream.

Jax has his life turned upside down. When he can find no way out, he leaves all that he has ever known behind in pursuit of happiness.

The Bohemian Outlaw Inn has a way of bringing people together. It’s first love story is all about a ranch owner and the ranch hand she can’t live without.

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A Very Murphy Christmas by Tamika Brown

Tis the season to laugh and love. Tis the season for joy and for miracles. With the way things have been going lately with the Murphy Brothers and the O’Malley Clan of Boston, they are going to need a sprinkle of Christmas magic as well to get past this one.

Take the Christmas Spirit and mix it with a Christmas miracle and you have a recipe for just what this family needs.

Join the Murphy’s and the O’Malley Clan as they gather together at the family ranch for the holidays.

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Paolo DeLuca by Tamika Brown

As a Miami nightclub owner, Paolo takes to heart the code a life for a life, as do all the DeLuca’s. That code, for Paolo, extends to the people under his employment. But he also has his own personal rules: Don’t f**k the help. But it’s getting more and more difficult for him to keep his eyes off his sultry and sexy mahogany bartender, Lyric Mason. He doesn’t have time for love, not when there is a local gang trying to encroach on his counterfeit business.

Lyric Mason knows about those DeLuca’s. Her grandfather warned her not to get entangled with them and her grandmother doted on them. However, paying her way through art school is not up for debate. She does what she has to do, but when Lyric recognizes counterfeit bills filtering through the club, she finds herself in the middle of a storm that brings her up close and personal with the boss. And when he finally makes his presence known, time stands still, and Lyric is ready to throw away everything engrained in her about those DeLuca’s away.

Hell breaks loose and heads roll when you mess with Paolo’s family.

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Love on the Brain by Delaney Diamond

A collection of short romantic fiction—two short stories and two novellas.

A Taxicab Connection. Immediately after a painful break up, Erica meets a man who makes her feel much better. Could he be her next love?

Prince Kofi. Before Princess of Zamibia, Prince Kofi Karunzika traveled to the United States and fell in love with Dahlia Sommers. The woman who would capture his heart, become his bride, and the mother to his heirs.

Thirty Minutes. On the way to finalize their divorce, José and Yolanda Benitez find themselves trapped in the building’s elevator. By the time the doors open thirty minutes later, they have a decision to make—continue with the divorce, or start again.

Happily Ever After in Hopevale. After Almost Perfect, Hunter Miller and Sable Devereaux settle in Hopevale, Georgia and discover that one of their neighbors needs their help. Soon they’re caught in a life and death situation that threatens their happily ever after.

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