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October’s Featured Authors

Happy October!

I know this is the spooky month of the year. But, the only thing going bump in the night around here, is the headboard. *Wink* This month’s featured authors are bringing the heat. From steamy paranormal romance to hot contemporary, we’ve got something for everyone. Sit back, relax and prepare to fall in love with your next book boyfriend.

Forbidden Roses by Sienne Vega

He’s the one guy I’m supposed to stay away from.

Salvatore Mancino walks around with bruises on his knuckles and blood on his hands.

Dangerous. Brooding. Loner.

And the son of the most powerful mafia boss in the city.

As the daughter of the district attorney, I shouldn’t go near him.

When our paths keep crossing, lines start blurring.

Everything about us is so wrong, so bad, yet feels so good.

But my father won’t stop ‘til he tears us apart.

I’m learning what’s forbidden always comes with a price.

She’s off limits, but I’ll make her mine, anyway.

Delphine Adams is the type of girl who thinks good always triumphs over evil.

Smart. Rule-abiding. Idealistic.

She’s the perfect daughter of my sworn enemy: the law.

A violent psycho like me should stay away from someone so pure.

Unfortunately, the last thing I do is follow rules.

I’m out for revenge on the DA and his war on crime.

My plan is simple: use her to destroy him.

The DA has no clue who he’s really dealing with.

I’m going to take everything he has, including his daughter.

Forbidden Roses is book 0 in the Gangsters & Roses dark mafia romance series. It is a prequel featuring new adult/teenage characters in situations that may make readers uncomfortable. It is not suitable for readers under the age of eighteen.

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Wicked Roses by Sienne Vega


It’s true what they say: you never forget your first love.

When Salvatore Mancino returns, I’m left reeling.

I’m swimming in memories of his passionate kiss.

And memories of him breaking my heart.

Over a decade later, the violent mafia boss intends on making me his.

But dark and wicked forces seek to hurt me.

And in the process, destroy him.


Delphine Adams is as off-limits as they come.

It’s only ever made me want her more.

She thinks she’s stopped being mine.

What she doesn’t realize is, she always has been.

And she always will be.

Now there’s a price on her head by a rival crime family.

It’s up to me to protect her with everything I have before it’s too late.

Wicked Roses is book 1 in the Gangsters & Roses dark mafia romance series. It is a forbidden romance that is not suitable for readers under the age of 18 due to graphic violent and sexual content. This story contains themes that some readers may find upsetting. PLEASE read the content warning before proceeding with the story for any possible triggers.

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Screwdriver by Kiru Taye

For most of her adult life, boss-lady Oumou has wanted to leave her hometown in pursuit of big-city fame. All her closest friends are doing bigger and brighter things elsewhere; one is even dating a prince. However, her plans to leave small-town Bali are put on hold when the pandemic hits. At least there are some positives. She’s enduring lockdown with her friend, Yahya, who is her exact opposite in personality. But he’s sexy, easy on the eyes, and cleans up his messes. Opposites attract, right?

Mechanic Yahya has two obsessions—fixing damaged cars and his hometown of Bali. He has no desire for fame or fortune. Nevertheless, since flamboyant Oumou set up shop right across the road from his auto garage, he’s developed a new obsession with her. Each day at work, he glimpses her glorious smile and the temptation for her spirals. But why bother? She won’t even consider him—someone she labels as dull—and they are just too different to work.

Then Yahya and Oumou are stuck together as quarantine buddies, and their attraction combusts in the confines of the apartment. Soon the man so skilled at unscrewing her wheel-nut becomes the sexy hunk satisfying her every fantasy. But what happens when reality kicks in the door and their differences threaten to tear them apart? 

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Scar’s Redemption by Kiru Taye

Born to play second fiddle, Prince Sefu Bahati knows he’ll never be good enough to be king. When the kingdom is threatened, he puts his life on the line to protect it and earns the moniker ‘Scar’. However, he is betrayed, and his heart hardens. He becomes fixated on claiming the throne, even if it means eliminating his ungrateful brother. First, he has to go through the tempting siren, Pacca Zhuri, who is determined to stop him and save him. The pretty wildcat warrior doesn’t realise he’s a lost cause. But they’re going to have fun on this crazy ride, to the top or to Hell. There’s nothing left to lose.

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Loving Simone by Cereza W.

What do you do when you’re about to marry someone but you’re still in love with your ex? Garrett Hallowell has always loved Simone Williams as far as he can remember. One drunken mistake caused her to walk out of his life and move on with the last person he expected. On a return visit to his parent’s home, he starts on a journey of self-discovery. Garrett has one mission, make Simone forgive him and start over. Will Simone give him a second chance, or will she continue putting herself first?

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New York Sour by Imani Jay

He’s the king of New York. She’s the woman he’s wanted for years. 

Jack O’Malley only has one regret in his bountiful life. The girl he met when she was too young for anything good to come out of their torrid attraction. Now, fate has brought them back together…

Read along to find out what happens when a powerful tycoon finally claims the woman he’s been longing for.

This is a standalone Age Gap Romance short read with no cheating, no cliffhanger & a guaranteed HEA!

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Rent A Bae by Unoma Nwankwor

He’s an award-winning actor so pulling off this charade should be easy, right? Except he didn’t count on his pretend “girl” being… her.

Arinze Kalu

The continuation of the Kalu name lay on my shoulders.

At least that’s what my grandmother claims. And she’s on a mission to ensure it won’t die there.

I wasn’t planning on visiting Nigeria anytime soon, so I’d been doing a pretty good job of tap dancing around her threats to find me a wife.

After a scandal that almost engulfed me at the beginning of my career, I’m determined to take my time choosing a partner.

Between establishing my company, filming, press, and traveling for my new movie, I simply don’t have that time.

Now, my sister is getting married, and I’ll be face to face with my grandmother. If things had worked out with the caramel goddess I met on New Year’s Eve, I probably would’ve been good. Since it didn’t, my cousins suggest I rent a bae.

Jasmine Bowman

My life is a bad horror film and I’m ready to change the channel.

Between my job where I’m overworked, underpaid, and skipped over for promotion and my tired, played-out situation with my boyfriend, something had to give.

Let’s not forget Mr. Butterscotch who I met on New Year’s Eve. I could’ve bet money there was a vibe, but I guess not. I tell myself, I don’t need him anyway. I need my mind to get the memo because my more immediate priority is to stop being a disappointment to the Bowman name. I’m getting back into the director’s seat of my life. The cost, however, isn’t cheap. I need money and my best friend has the craziest idea.

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His Makeshift Fiancée by Unoma Nwankwor

A serendipitous encounter

A relentless press

A makeshift plan

In anticipation of retirement, NBA point guard, Cheta “Nyce” Kalu is on a mission to clench an opportunity very few have been able to. For that to happen, he needs to clean up the rebellious reputation he’s known for. All is going well until it isn’t. Just when Cheta thinks he’s on the right path, he’s thrown off course by an ironic twist of fate.

In the eyes of her parents, nothing Reign Davis does can erase her teen mistakes. The opportunity to partner with Blackwell Hospitality, a reputable Black brand might do the trick. That’s until she gets caught in a scandal, she didn’t see coming.

A kismet mix-up merges their paths in a way neither of them expects. Now, they must agree on a makeshift arrangement to achieve what they both want. Will they be able to trust each other long enough to see it through?

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An Ignoble Invitation by Dani Morrison 

Miri Third-Born has one goal; reach heights few in The Hidden can ever hope to achieve. A talented alchemist, she seeks more out of life than her meager existence as a casteless human living under the Aelven Dominion. She has the skills, a partner, and the necessary acumen. But the path to glory is treacherous for humans without a name, and an unforeseen obstacle threatens to permanently derail her aspirations. When approached by the magnetic Aelven noble Aisalan Vinhar, it’s with an offer she would be a fool to turn down. Her companionship for his name. Too bad she doesn’t trust the Aelven any further than she can throw them and he’s seeking more than she may be willing to give. The dominion is crumbling, war is on the horizon, but Miri faces a daring challenge; to make it out of this ignoble invitation with her heart, and dreams, intact. This book may contain themes that are inappropriate for sensitive readers.

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The Binding Eye by Dani Morrison 

A new take on wolf-shifter lore, mystery, danger, and a steamy “Why Choose?” romance awaits in “The Binding Eye”, the first Book of the Havenacht Chronicles.

Brecht Adelwulf is running out of time. Havenacht holds painful memories and forbidden secrets, not to mention Wulfvinderen, families dedicated to keeping wulven kinships like his own in line. But, it will take more than his usual stoic resolve to uncover why he was called back to the town of his birth. He must put trust in a foreign researcher and a sworn enemy if he hopes to make it through the next full moon with his sanity, and family, intact.

When mythology and folklore researcher Carina Silver takes a temporary research position in the coastal Dutch town of Havenacht, she finds herself playing a role in a centuries old worth of old secret that comes to life as the moon grows full.

Two men, two worlds, one destiny.

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The One For Me by Sheena Binkley

Carmen Fernandez has always been the independent one of the Fernandez family. From opening up her first boutique at age 20 to being one of the most sought after business owner in two major cities, she has definitely made her mark as an entrepreneur. Although her professional life is soaring, her personal life needs a bit of work. While perfecting her various businesses, she never really thought about getting into a relationship. She figured her brothers Mark and Sebastian had that in the bag with them being married and having families of their own. She only wanted to be with someone when it was convenient for her. That’s why she decided to take notice to Albert Garcia, the manager at Suds Overton.

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He Calls Himself Veles by Tierra Cox

Veles, is what he calls himself, but names mean everything and Veles isn’t giving his up so readily. What he does have is a proposition for Neriah. He’ll help her get revenge and in exchange she’ll become his. In a world where you have to watch what you say and names are secrets, can Neriah find what’s hidden inside of herself before she’s consumed?

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With A Bite and a Howl by Tierra Cox 

Basil Atkins’ once normal way of life gets upturned in what feels like a second. Not only does she discover that one of her fathers is descended from a lineage of werewolves, which she learns while the world is ending, she and her parents are forced to try to make a new life despite the fact that humanity is crumbling all over the globe.

Then, just when she believes she’s finally getting a handle on this New World Order, two brothers show up.

Brothers who are Weres themselves.

Brothers who she finds herself beginning to develop feelings for.

But she’s human.

Regardless of how she feels, there’s no way she can truly make a life with either Justin or Vincent.

Unless there’s something about her that she still doesn’t know…

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The Layover by L. Loren

Lynn Sutton is living her best life until tragedy strikes, and she must care for her orphaned niece and nephew. After years of building her empire with her luxury travel concierge service, she is ready to focus on finding love. Unfortunately, her sights are set on the one man she can’t have.

Wealthy businessman, Connor Wyatt is trapped in a loveless marriage to an ice queen. When he meets the beautiful aunt of a young man he is mentoring, his dormant heart is awakened. After his marriage falls apart, he seeks to ignite his passion with the one woman he desires. An unexpected layover in her city brings Connor the chance of a lifetime.

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The Wrong Side of Right by L. Loren

Birmingham, AL has been a hot bed for civil rights since the 1960s. The Lady Guardians Motorcycle Club has been instrumental in continuing the cause today. As vice president of the Birmingham chapter of the Lady Guardians, Lark ‘Lil Mama’ Decker is an integral part of this fight, especially when it comes to police brutality. Things get tricky when a Caucasian security guard saves her from being accosted by a group of aggressive teenagers. Lark finds herself enthralled with this man as they launch into a whirlwind relationship.

Fenton Knoll is smitten with the pint-sized beauty from the first moment he lays eyes on Lark. Too bad she hates cops. When he delays telling her that he is not just a security guard, but a full-time officer in the Intelligence Unit, he is playing with fire. An unfortunate shooting involving a young, black single mother exposes his secret and launches Fenton into the national spotlight, as he fights for his freedom.

Lark has to choose between believing the love of her life, who has lied to her, and her club sisters, who have taken the side of the victim. Both sides believe they are justified in their position. Placed in the middle of a racially charged case, Lark must determine who is standing on the wrong side of right.

This BWWM novel is raw, yet sexy and ends on a HEA.

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Drowning in Shallow Waters by Lyndell Williams.

He waited decades to find someone like her. Now, he must have her!

Growing up, Brandon was an observant Muslim. In law school, he focused on his education and career. Having built a firm filled with wealthy clients, he is now looking for someone with whom he can share his success. It’s not easy.

Hawwah Did everything right in her life, except marrying the wrong man. Now she is constantly on the run, afraid that her abusive ex will catch up to her.

Brandon falls deeply for Hawwah, releasing years of pent-up desire. He must have her, but what price will he pay to be with her? Will he be able to protect her, or will he end up in danger too?

Drowning in Shallow Waters is a steamy Muslim romance between a BBW female and sexy, fluffy alpha.
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In a world of black and white, the gray in between just got more inviting. 

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He’s determined to find out which family member betrayed them. That mission sends Enzo down a dark path of bloodshed and tears. However, there’s a light waiting for him at the end of the tunnel, and her name is Eve. Kidnapping her is the best decision he’s ever made. Having her close calms his inner demons and makes him yearn for a future he never thought possible. Though he promised to release her when the dust settles, he’s changed his mind. What the don wants, the don gets.

And the don wants Eve.

Now and forever.

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