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New Release: Pandora’s Kiss by T.B. Bond

He has to find away to save the world and have her too.

War is coming, and no one knows it but Quyen. He has one mission, to stop his former coven from attacking the mundanes, then he can return to his quiet life. Until he met a beautiful time traveler with bad news about the future, that was the goal. Her presence complicates everything as matters with the mundanes go from bad to worse. He can’t turn a blind eye to their attraction, nor can he go back to normal without a price.

Download your copy today and prepare to travel through time to find your next book boyfriend.

Buy link: books2read.com/u/3kP6kO

Enter the A Timeless Love: Pandora’s Kiss giveaway for a chance to win some amazing swag.

Giveaway: bit.ly/TBtimeless

Read chapter 1 of Pandora’s Kiss and sign up for author T.B. Bond’s newsletter today: https://bit.ly/PandorasKissCh1

More from the A Timeless Love series coming later this year!

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