New Release: Breathless 7 by Shani Greene-Dowdell

When he said he would do anything for her, he meant it.

CEO billionaire, Jacob Turner, is in desperate need of the safe return of his wife.

Destiny Turner is caught in a battle of money, power, and status that goes horribly wrong.

When she’s dragged to the back of a minivan, tossed in and handcuffed to the seat, she doesn’t know what’s happening or how to break free. She has children to live for and couldn’t imagine dying surrounded by big, evil-looking men she doesn’t know.

Going mad without her, Jacob’s heart is ripped out of his chest when he finds the one clue of who might have taken her. He has to decode this clue and get to her before it’s too late. A wrapped gift in her drawer makes finding her all the more urgent.

Two problems: One of the suspects to bring chaos to their life is in prison. The other is happily married and growing a family of his own.
The billion-dollar question is, who would want to hurt one of Atlanta’s most prominent couples…and why? Jacob has to dig deep to find answers, so get ready to travel down the road of the dark side of greed, money, power, and status.

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