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Book Spotlight: Honey Dripper by L. Loren

Honey Dripper by L. Loren.

Serendipity comes with a British accent….

I had my heart set on losing myself in a steamy novel by my favorite author and was determined nothing would stop me. Imagine my disappointment when my boss delays my plans and I arrive at the bookstore only to find they sold the last copy in town five minutes earlier! It was obvious that today wasn’t going to be my day—or was it?
Serendipity must have been listening to my internal meltdown because she presented me with an opportunity to get a signed copy of the book I was willing to commit murder to read. All I have to do is agree to the store owner’s offer—an offer too inviting to turn down.

With my mind imagining all kinds of delicious scenarios, life is beginning to imitate art and I’m ready to see what kind of exciting adventure the tantalizing store owner with the sultry smile and sexy British accent takes me on. Is it possible for me to have my own steamy novel—one that won’t come with the words The End?

Buy Link: https://amzn.to/3edwWRg


I was going over the inventory list when the front door chime went off. I glanced up to see who entered the store. God had answered my long-awaited prayers. The most beautiful angel I could envision strutted her long legs into my bookstore. I imagined wrapping them around my shoulders while I played with her kitten.

Just as I was about to slip into a fantasy staring the two of us, the queen’s foot slid on a flier that someone had dropped. Thank God she was able to catch herself before she ended up on the floor. Though I doubt she would have been injured with all that ass she was carrying. She was slim, but I had no trouble seeing that ripe ass of hers from the front. Damn. I needed to know this woman and make her mine.

My eyes took in her every move. Every little gesture. Every little quirk. Every little breath she took. Her smile was electric. I would do anything to make sure that smile stayed on her face permanently. Well damn. It looked like I had my work cut out for me because the beauty just went from serene to lethal in less than 30 seconds.

What the hell? I turned the volume up on the surveillance equipment and was surprised to hear my angel face spewing explicits from that gorgeous mouth. Was it wrong for me to be even more turned on? I loved a pretty face and great body, but when a woman had a certain fire living within her, I was a sucker. There is no doubt this woman could have me wrapped around her little finger with little to no effort. My brain was hearing all kinds of warning signals, but my heart was not listening.

I wanted her, and I didn’t care how hard I fell. When I heard her screaming at Topaz about my book, I thought I would melt right into the floor. She read my words and loved them enough to be this angry for not getting the latest book. It was true, Honey Dripper was flying off the shelves. I couldn’t be happier, and my agent was going insane. The new publisher I had signed with was over the moon, and I hadn’t even released the book to the entire country yet. Originally the publishers only wanted to release books in the major markets like New York, DC, London, and Chicago, but I insisted that they send books to stores in Jacksonville, FL.

I made my home here, and I wanted my readers in my town to be included. I picked up the copy of Honey Dripper that was laying on my desk and quickly signed it. There was no way I was letting this woman leave my store unhappy. Plus, I needed to introduce myself to her. This was the best way I could think to break the ice. That’s when I got a brilliant idea. Oh, hell yeah. I was about to have some real fun!

I strolled up behind the lovely Miss Meyers as she was huffing and puffing and about to blow my clerk down. I chuckled when I saw just how fiery she was over not getting my book. I hate to admit it, but it made me hard for her. If she was this passionate about my book, just imagine what she would be like in my bed. I suppressed a groan and jumped in to save poor Topaz.

“Good day, Miss.” My slight British accent that I picked up when I studied in England was more pronounced than normal. What the? I waited for her to turn my way. I watched as her breathing became labored, and when our eyes met, she about swooned. Fuck yea! She was feeling me too. Now to resolve her problem and set my trap. I extended my hand to shake hers, but when she placed her dainty paw in mine, my knees went weak. I held it together by bending down and kissing her hand. I smirked as she trembled from my touch.

“Grant Mingo at your service. How may I be of assistance?” She looked me up and down as I stood confidently under her gaze. No doubt she noticed the slight bulge in my pants. Her eyes widened a bit as she surveyed my crotch and then made their way back to my face where I met her with a cocky smirk. All the puns in the world intended.

The longer she stood there, eye-f*cking me, the tighter my pants got. I cleared my throat, reminding her that there was an unanswered question floating in the room. Her hand went to her collarbone, clutching her imaginary pearls. Then it appeared she remembered she was supposed to be angry. I chuckled as her face morphed back into beast mode.

“Yes, Mr. Mingo, are you the manager?”

“No, ma’am, I am the owner. What seems to be the issue?”

She went on to explain what happened. I spent the five minutes that she was talking to me, staring at the beautiful features of her face. I already knew what the problem was and how I was going to resolve it, so there was no need to listen. When she fell silent. I immediately smiled, disarming her. It’s a little difficult to yell at someone who is being kind and smiling at you.

“You are absolutely right, Miss Meyers. We should have taken your payment over the phone to secure your book. I must apologize. Topaz was following my rules. We don’t process payments over the phone because we have had issues with fraudulent accounts, but going forward, I will review the pros and cons of the rules and adjust it accordingly. In the meantime, I think I can help you with the issue you’re having. I have a signed copy from my personal collection that I am willing to gift you for all the trouble you endured today.”

“Gift me? What’s the catch?” She was as smart as I had hoped. The lovely Miss Meyers was not going for my sh*t without questioning me. That endeared her more to me. I couldn’t wait to get to know her better. And now for the slide…

Buy Link: https://amzn.to/3edwWRg

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