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Book Spotlight: Elias The Wicked by K. Alex Walker

Elias The Wicked by K. Alex Walker.

Kerah Moss was on the fast track to becoming the first veterinarian in her family. She had the intelligence, the love for animals, and the drive necessary to become one of the foremost veterinary experts in the nation. Unfortunately, she didn’t count on the naivete that led her from the office hours to the bed of her most trusted professor. Her trusted married professor.

Their forbidden passion explodes and erupts, eventually leading to the near-fatal car accident that leaves her broken, alone, and no longer able to finish vet school.

Five years later, her life is back on track. She’s healed, mostly, and ready to return to the career path she’d lost, this time with an experienced head on her twenty-nine-year-old shoulders. Everything is perfect…except for the hot-tempered former SOAR Army pilot turned Firefighter-Paramedic who comes barging into the animal rescue she runs at least once a week.

Elias the Wicked.

He’s rude, coarse, and bullish, but whatever he throws at her, she gives it back just as good. He’s also gorgeous as sin…and she wants him.

He’s more trouble than what she’s already put herself through, but She. Wants. Him.

Everything is fine as long as she doesn’t find out the secret Elias has been harboring ever since a chance encounter with a girl he met in a chat room forum:

He’s in love with her. He’s been in love with her for months.

And as long as neither of them finds out the other’s true feelings, they’ll avoid the collision of their bodies coming together, the erotic explosion of sexual self-discovery, a quirky yet wholesome love that escapes definition, and the dark secret Elias harbors in which the woman he loves is also the woman whose life he’s been ordered to end.

Buy Link: https://amzn.to/3mEoJZs

“You didn’t answer my question.” I should have dropped the subject, but I couldn’t. My brake line had been cut, and I was on a straightaway down the slope of Elias Mountain. “Why not have her mother drop her off if it’s easier?”

I blinked. In the split second that I’d blinked, his eyes were lifting, almost as if he’d been looking down at my mouth. Without a word, he pivoted, storming out the way he’d blown in. Nipples harder than ice, I flipped a bird at his broad, leather-covered back. Somehow, he must have seen it—evil did have a tendency to be omniscient—and he spun around in the doorway, pinning me with a hard glare.

“You know what?” I stepped from behind the desk and marched toward him. “I’m not going to do this with you anymore.”

If I’d had a chisel, I probably could have carved a new Mount Rushmore in the bone and muscle of his jaw which I noticed, as I drew closer, was pulsing.

I stopped in front of him. “Have Elena’s mother drop her off.”

His brows lowered, the skin between them wrinkling. “Did you just demand I do something?”

“This is my establishment.” I smashed the tip of my index finger into my palm. “And until you’ve learned to respect me and it, I don’t want you back here.”

“It’s a free country, Moss.”

I was seething, a wild animal ready to charge. “This is a private company, Cabral.”

“And if I don’t ‘comply’?”

I grabbed the lapel of one of the open sides of his jacket, dragged him toward me—well, me to him considering the man was like a monument—and used my other hand to grip the back of his neck to pull his mouth down onto mine. In the middle of the entryway. Where at least one of my staffers could see.

Damn it, Kerah. I’d been thinking about it too long, wanting it too long. It was why it was an easy decision to make and why I didn’t let up, pushing my tongue just inside his slightly parted lips. After a brief, stunned moment, his mouth opened.

Buy Link: https://amzn.to/3mEoJZs

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