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September’s Featured Authors


Happy September Diverse Romance Readers!

If you’re like us, you sometimes need a break from everything that’s going on in the world around you. We may not be able to change the world, at the moment, but we can help you escape it for a few hours. Escape reality by climbing between the pages of these amazing books! Allow this month’s featured authors to transport you into their different romance worlds. Take a paranormal leap into a fairy tale or step out onto the hot sands of a private beach. These books will definitely sweep you off your feet. Are you ready to escape into a romance?

beautifulchao keta

Desiree: Family. Being a member of the Evans family had never been easy. By the time I was sixteen, I’d been snatched twice, shot at, and knifed in the back. Yet, I’d turned out to be the tame one, the one that had been smart enough to stay away from my family business…until my father dragged me back in.
Animals were what the Vallin family were known to be, and my father had offered me up like a juicy steak, not only to save his own skin but also to bridge a gap between two groups set to engage in a merger that would only end in bloodshed.

Khane: ‘The Kannibal.’ That’s the name they had chosen for me. I’d been groomed to take on the role of executioner. Strike down those who stood against us, punish those who threatened us, destroy those who needed killing. I did my job well. I did it with no mercy. I did it because I loved feeding my animalistic urges.

There was one thing that quieted the animal inside, but Desiree Evans had no idea I existed. My secret obsession with her had been my only source of therapy. Her lure had the ability to quiet my beast even at a distance…until she became my brother’s fiancée.

Buy link: https://amzn.to/2QJcPiV


Evie Janelle

Seven years ago, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong man. I was lost and didn’t know it, until destiny led me to “the one.”
From the moment I met Ethan Cross, I turned over my heart and never thought to claim it back, even when I had no choice but to walk away.
And even after years of trying to move on, I couldn’t because letting go is never easy when your soul lies in the past. So I kept dreaming and imaging my way to a fake happiness with someone else.

Ethan Cross

I couldn’t let Evie go. She was in my system. Like a drug, she kept me craving, needing wanting her with all of me. Even as her physical body was nowhere near, her spurt and soul took up residence in my day to day. And when I slept, she made it a point to occupy my dreams.
And now, years later, destiny has brought us back together. The love is still there and stronger than ever. With a million regrets between the two of us, neither one of us can imagine letting go ever again.

Buy link: https://amzn.to/2EJgnPV

Diablo Inside Ebook Cover

New Release!
A monster grips the city in his iron fist.
The media calls him El Santo.
I prefer El Diablo—the devil.
My obsession with the gorgeous Dominic Alvarez will be his demise. I crave the look in his captivating dark eyes while I crush his even darker soul.
I refuse to become like the others; the women whose hearts stop at the sight of him.
Those women lost themselves in the allure and temptation of El Santo before they could feel the danger of El Diablo.
The time for redemption is now.

Seduce them all and make their souls mine.
It’s what I was born to do.
But here comes a cunning little mouse, playing in a snake den.
Aria Jones lives inside the walls of her pretty head. That’s where I need to be—in her head.
Once I glean the secrets behind Aria’s jaded gaze and discover her greatest fears, I’ll collect the little mouse like the others.
Collect, crush, and make her mine forever.

Buy links:
Audio: https://www.audible.com/pd/Diablo-Inside-Audiobook/B08G319DP6


Mecca: Family. Being a member of the Evans family was a blessing and a curse. By the time I was sixteen, I had committed four murders and had been beaten to within an inch of my life. Yet, I had turned out to be the fighter, the one that had been strong enough to survive in a world of chaos.
Set to marry into the Vallin family, the arrangement would strengthen an alliance that could benefit our empires…until our worlds collided and sent death chasing my spirit.

Arjen: ‘Loud.’ It was the call sign I used when it was time to handle business, and it wasn’t because I had a big mouth. As a key member of one of the most notorious crime syndicates in the world, I had more than enough power to have people fall at my feet…until Mecca Evans.

Mecca was the kind of trouble that flirted with death and made it blush. Was this going to be a marriage of convenience, or had I set myself up with a woman that would rip me to shreds and use the pieces as filler for my casket lining?

Buy link: https://amzn.to/34QCYos


Villain Alert!

Ceren Getty believes villains are a necessary evil to balance the natural order of the world. That’s why she has vowed to destroy The Eternal Witch’s plan to grant second chances to villains. Determined to return the villains to their natural state, she embarks on a quest to reverse Celeste Dubois’ magical spell and put an end to villain shaming once and for all.

Buy link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08CBNF22R

courtney southie

Liam “Southie” Daugherty grew up in the Irish working-class neighborhood of South Boston, Massachusetts, also known as Southie. The son of a policeman with a drinking and gambling problem and a pill addicted schoolteacher mother who was nothing more than a punching bag for his Pops, Liam never had the best outlook on life or love. But he was always good at one thing. Fighting. His love for fighting brings him face to face with the underworld of South Boston, and his natural skills in the ring catch the eye of the notorious Southie mob boss, Paddy O’Connor. Paddy offers Liam the deal of a lifetime for a young man living in Southie; in return for becoming the notorious mobster’s Enforcer, Paddy would spare his father’s life and cancel the gambling debt his father owes to the mob. With no other choice, Liam agrees to the deal to save his father’s life. Liam’s job as Enforcer brings him to a crossroads when he meets his childhood idol, boxing legend Roland Jennings…and Roland Jennings’ daughter, Camilla, an up-and-coming Boston photographer. Roland tells Liam to stay far away from his daughter. Their relationship wouldn’t be welcomed in the insular, working-class Irish neighborhood and them being together could put Camilla on Paddy’s radar. She’s the one woman he needs to resist. Should resist. She’s also the one woman he can’t.

Buy link coming 9/7 – https://www.amazon.com/Courtney-Dean/e/B07R92J622/


Determined not to follow her mother’s footsteps and give up her dreams for a man, Autumn Locke has no time or desire for a serious relationship. She simply wants to enjoy her last year of college and study hard, while playing even harder. Falling in love was never a part of the plan. Until she unexpectedly has to live with Quincy Jackson, the sexy head drum major, who is just as resolute to tempt Autumn to act on their undeniable attraction.

Buy link: https://amzn.to/2EIq4hy

loren whiskey

Grad student, Patricia Woods finds herself on the brink of homelessness. Needing a job that pays immediately, she reluctantly sets her sights on the local redneck bar where the bikers are notorious, and the tips are flowing.

All she wants is to make a little cash to pay her way through school, but what she finds is so much more. Her dream of finally having a family to call her own is just beyond her reach.

Single father, Weston Daniels, has built a nice life for him and his five-year old son. After escaping the “family business” all he wants is the peace and quiet of the south, and an occasional romp with a nameless woman.

He has a change of heart, when a beautiful African American woman dressed in orange bombards his bar. When his past catches up with him, he is faced with choosing between her life and the happiness he desires.

Buy link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08D3D2H2M/

april courtney dean

Dr. Amani Giles is content with her quiet but hectic life even after she calls off her engagement with her college sweetheart. Helping others consumes her days, but she spends lonely nights in her condo nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Canton, GA. Raised by a single mom and her grandmother, everyone knows the Giles family, but Amani knows nothing of her family history. However, when she meets one of her charity’s biggest donors at her gala, the supernatural world collides with her otherwise routine life.

Aleksandr Morozov is the CEO of the Kamenev Corporation, the owner of Tantric, a renowned BDSM club, and the country’s most eligible bachelor. Aleksandr also has a secret—while he is a successful businessman to most, he is also the Vampire King . . . although he stops following the traditions of his kind after his mother’s unsolved murder. He no longer believes in the lore surrounding the Prophecy of Old, but all that changes when he sees Amani and discovers the stories about True Mates are real.

Buy link: https://amzn.to/3bf6jtZ

51RiJWCDQgL lyndell

From award-winning, bestselling author, Lyndell Williams, a story of bridled desire unleashed.

Tarika is happy living single. She loves her home—her castle—and is not looking for some man to try and take over everything she has built. When her best friend, Hafsah throws Aqil her way, Tarika makes it clear that she is not interested in the shy man, who barely speaks to her. When she needs his help after an accident, she allows Aqil and his daughter into her life, making it difficult to resist his sexy gray eyes and sultry smile. The more time she spends with him, the harder it is to keep her distance.

Aqil planned to stay focused on rebuilding his life with his daughter after a messy divorce until he saw Tarika. He tries to maintain a respectful amount of space, but her confidence and beauty draw him in. He knows he has everything Tarika needs and gets closer to her, bringing them into a passionate abandon that can break down the walls of her inhibitions but may also shatter their lives.

Buy link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B088P8WR33/

delaney aa love me

Hard-working corporate attorney Axel Becker has tried settling down in the past, but when the relationship didn’t work out, he focused on his career to the exclusion of everything else. Enter, Naphressa St. James. The sexy project manager is a former lover and reminds him of what his life could be—fun, exciting. She’s just the woman he might need to shake him out of a rut, but convincing her they belong together will be a lot harder than he expected.

Naphressa admits she and Axel have chemistry, but she’s not interested in getting married again. Been there, done that. Except the more time she spends with Axel, the more she finds the idea of settling down with him to be downright…irresistible.

Buy links:
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08FGJ5P7K
Nook: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/love-me-delaney-diamond/1137453656?ean=2940162813804
Apple: https://books.apple.com/us/book/love-me/id1527119399?mt=11&app=itunes&at=1000ldsT

Baewatch eBook

Budget cuts.

Beach candy.

Baby stingrays being called baby sharks resulting in momentary mass panic.

All part of the gig for lifeguard section chief, Brooklyn Headley.

Between uncomfortably long work shifts and pineapple infused family meals, life is almost painfully predictable.

That is until Scott “Ax” Maxwell throws her a lifesaver.

Now she’s slow dancing to ukulele covers, trying not to fall off surfboards, and engaging in some not so conventional activities between the sheets.

Their fun times, however, meet new waves of trouble when her younger sister unexpectedly needs a specific type of help that Ax is capable of providing.

Can their relationship survive the uncharted, choppy waters ahead, or will Brooklyn be forced back to the boring shore she knows all too well?

Buy link: https://amzn.to/2GdazOZ

sweet love lyndell

From award-winning, bestselling author Lyndell Williams.

Steamy is the best word to describe the Kents. After work, lawyer Marcus wants nothing more than to hold wife, Toni–his “Sweetness”–into his arms. He knows exactly how to make every inch of her hot body shiver under his touch. He is willing to do everything in his power to make her happy, except one.

Leaving her downtown practice, psychologist Toni heads uptown to curl up with Marcus, her sexy, younger husband. Their fiery passion is usually fully ablaze until she makes a demand that threatens to snuff it out.

Toni’s risks wrecking her loving marriage to Marcus to get her way. Marcus will do anything to keep her from destroying everything and keep the passion between them burning.

Buy link: https://amzn.to/3bmbIzq

ouav s2 carolee

A scarred pig. A dangerous wolf.
It has always been this way; two families at war.
His father destroyed her family. She burned his father to death.
Now centuries later, the tradition of hate and malice continues. He is out for vengeance, seeking to terminate every porker of the ‘Pigly Wigly’ tribe that killed his father.
She has vowed to destroy every wolf she comes across. They ruined her family, took away her protection. Pigs are vulnerable, but she has found a way to protect herself.
But fate is twisted.
As the two enemies face off in a deadly battle, his huffing and puffing is tearing her walls down. And it’s not the walls it was intended to rip apart, but the walls of protection she built around her heart.
Facing his enemy has never been this difficult. Not only is she proving to be a formidable opponent, she is also intent to warming his stone old heart.

Villain Link: https://amzn.to/2D1gqW0


Preorder Alert!
Kyra Grace-Riley

In all of two weeks, my life has been turned up side down. One minute, I was happily married to the man of my dreams and living my best life. The next minute, hidden lies shattered everything I’ve done to build a happily ever after.
My secret past, which had catapulted me into an executive role at work, came to light.
But as pandora’s box opens, I’m forced to reveal everything to my husband Marcus.
Now I can’t help wondering if we’ll survive the “for better or worse” part of our vows…

Marcus Riley

Every man knows when he’s found “the one.” From the minute I’d set eyes on Ky, life made sense, and I thought it would be till death do us part.
Filled with beauty, brains and the fiercest love for me, I never imagined things would ever turn south. Suddenly, she starts becoming distant by the second only to reveal our foundation is a lie.
So, I’m ready to walk away. But I can’t help but wonder if this love is truly worth fighting for.

Buy links:

Unforgettable_Kiss_2000X3000 (1)

The beautiful and free-spirited Raini Blue is a struggling artist with aspirations to have her own gallery. Believing she is content, she’s comfortable with her job at a local bookstore and selling her wares in the New Orleans French Market. But her world is about to shift when Tre LaSalle, the man with whom she shared her first kiss as a teenager, comes back into her life.

Between his new role as mayor of a world-renowned city and being a single father to his eight-year-old daughter, Tre has little time for relationships. Until Raini Blue. Intrigued by her beauty and her resistance to his charms, he is determined to win her over.

Tre ignites her passions and awakens desires long dormant, but Raini wonders if he can truly accept her bohemian lifestyle, whether or not her family’s checkered past will hurt his political aspirations, and ultimately, can she trust him with her heart?

Buy links:

hero shani green dowdell

☆ Cherise ☆
He found me again.
I moved to another state, and the bastard found me.
Worst part is, I tried really hard to help him get his life on track.
Now, he was making me a nervous wreck.
I couldn’t date, even if I wanted to.
I couldn’t go out with friends.
I couldn’t stay home and feel safe.
Then, one day, I got a call from an ex-military guy looking for a therapist.
He needed clearance to join the FBI.
He could be my stalker, or he could be a hero.
Determined not to live in fear any longer, I decided to help him.

☆Tobin ☆
After my brother’s death, I realized in serving my country, I’d done a disservice to my family.
So, I snapped and broke some shit.
They quickly gave me my exit papers from the military.
As an ex-Marine, if I ever wanted to get into the FBI, I’d need to prove I wasn’t a safety concern.
Apparently, people with anger management issues shouldn’t carry weapons.
So I found a therapist—a female therapist.
We were all of fifteen minutes into our session when I realized all was not right in her world.
She was on edge because she had a stalker.
Lucky for me, I wasn’t currently employed.
Lucky for her, I was highly trained and intensely motivated to save her.
I’d always been a sucker for a damsel in distress.
And this woman needed a hero.

Buy link: https://amzn.to/3jBSUPh

His Wicked Witch Cover

Some call her evil. Others call her an abomination. Most call her wicked.
In the end, they will all call her queen.

Princess Ivy Pendragon refuses to be denied what’s rightfully hers. The crown belongs on her head. And if she can’t wear it, no one will. But the path to the throne is paved with lust, lies and betrayal. It’s hard to tell who’s for her and who’s against her. There’s only one person she can be vulnerable in front of. But even he has secrets he refuses to share with her. Unwilling to give up on her dream, Ivy vows to destroy anyone who stands in her way.
Even the man she loves.

His secrets could prevent her from becoming queen.

Driven by his need for revenge, Lance Thorne only has one thought on his mind, stop the poison princess, Ivy Pendragon. He’s the only one strong enough, ruthless enough, to do what must be done to bring peace to the kingdom. And he has every intention of doing that, until he meets the princess he’s supposed to kill. Her smiles chase away his inner demons. Her eyes peer into his soul and make him feel more like a man and less like a beast. Her touch leaves him longing for a future with the one woman who could destroy him.

With time running out, Lance must choose between the princess he loves and the kingdom he was sent to protect. He knows what must be done. But does he have the heart to do it?

Villain Link: https://amzn.to/2RmUsAG

cabin fever cabin available now image

Once you step into these cabins, your life will never be the same.
The Cabin Fever boxset features sexy encounters that will have you turning on your air conditioner during the cold winter months and burning with desire all summer long. That’s just how scorching HOT each story is.
Get ready to fall in love with domineering alpha males and the sassy alpha females who bring them to their knees. This exclusive set is available for a limited time. Grab your copy today and prepare to be enticed by an alpha.
Be careful! You will be begging for more.

Buy Link: https://amzn.to/3aivFp6


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