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Book Spotlight: A Billionaire’s Infatuation.


A Billionaire’s Infatuation by Tamika Brown.

After having her heart broken twice by a man she thought was her forever, Remi McMillian packed her things, kissed her father goodbye, and moved to New York. Landing the job at St. Clair Technologies was a godsend. Working for the wealthy, yet obstinate Tony St. Clair was not. An unexpected business trip to Chicago, however, has her seeing her employer in a completely different light. One taste of the good life in the vibrant city accompanied by one of the most powerful men in the world had Remi falling in love with her boss.

Tony St. Clair was a man who kept women at his beck and call, selecting his weekly eye candy on a whim. As of late, there was one who eluded him: Remi McMillian. In the office, his personal assistant was prim, proper, and prompt, but outside the office she oozed confidence, glowed with radiance, and possessed a smile that left him breathless. Tony’s infatuation for Remi was something that had to be satiated…quickly. Determined to have her all to himself, Tony’s meticulously laid plans come to a screeching halt when ghosts from his past return to threaten his very existence.

Will their past mistakes allow this unlikely couple to embrace love? Or will the presumptions she has of this billionaire ruin their happily ever after?

tamika nr red

She relaxed against the back of the couch before I’d finished the story. The tension was finally leaving her shoulders. I wanted her to make this trip a vacation. She deserved it. I recognized the work she did for me, so showering her was the least I could do.
“We have dinner reservations at seven,” I informed her as I headed back to the bar for a refill. “In the meantime, take in some sights or rest. There is time for shopping on the Magnificent Mile, if you want. It’s up to you.” I stated as I poured a drink to occupy myself because if I didn’t, I was going to jump the gun on my plans. I offered her a drink. The two I had were helping me relax, maybe it would do the same for her.
“Please. Thank you.” Another Mimosa, she seemed to enjoy the one she’d had in the car. “But I don’t have anything to wear to dinner. I just stuffed work clothes in my suitcase,” the panic’s starting to take over. Rushing over, I handed her the drink. She had not moved from the couch, but she was sitting right on the edge about to protest going to dinner with me.
“Remi, I said I’d take care of you. So, let me.” I caressed her cheek. She leaned into my hand, then jerked away as if her skin was on fire. I gestured towards the closed door of the bedroom, “In the closet.”
“You bought me clothes!” she yelled.
I was amused by her outburst but knew if I laughed right then, she’d be defensive; so, I tried my best to calm her down.
“Yes, I bought you clothes. It’s not a big deal,” I tried to convince her. “I just wanted to show you how much I appreciate you coming with me last minute,” I rushed out. My explanation seemed to appease her and I released a breath. This might be harder than I thought. I watched anxiously as she cautiously made her way to the bedroom door. Years of being a jerk to her, I didn’t blame her for her skepticism. I sat at the counter, sipping my whiskey wondering what I was going to do about the woman I’d been obsessing over for the past few months.
My mind wondered back to yesterday in my office. I remembered how she reacted to my touch when I revealed she would have to come here with me. I fucking scared her that day. I was only trying to help. I could see me laying the last-minute trip on her caused a frazzle. She was having a full-on anxiety attack. But when I touched her, it’s all I could do not to bring her closer to me and kiss her. She felt so fucking good. Her skin was soft and smooth. It’s rare Remi wore her arms and shoulders out. And if she did, they’re encased in a blazer. She always looked professional and put together; even though, I would like to see them more form fitting for my own selfish reasons.
But I couldn’t help myself. As soon as we were skin to skin, my dick woke up. Every caress made it twitch. And when she let out that soft moan, it was all I could do not to cum in pants like an eager teenager. Thing was, she kept surprising me the more I watched her. I didn’t expect her to open her eyes and caress my di*k with her gaze. Her licking her lips was my undoing. I imagined them wrapping around my di*k; her tongue licking the length of it and taking it into her mouth again. I wanted that with every fiber of my being, but me pushing my dick inside of Remi in my office wasn’t the right time. I had to get her to trust me first, then make Remi McMillian mine. The only woman for months, who’s been a constant in my head. Since that night at the bar, she was the only woman I wanted in my bed. I’d made plans to make this trip to Chicago the best she’s ever had in her life. I would do whatever it took to make it happen. I’m infatuated with her and I won’t rest until I have her. There’s no doubt this trip would make that happen.

Buy link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08DHQ89QK/


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