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Book Spotlight: Paradise – A BWWM Thriller.


Paradise by Stacy-Deanne.

His dream became her nightmare.

Stacy and her boyfriend Dawson join a community of travelers on a Caribbean island to start a new life, but Stacy soon realizes their paradise isn’t what it seems. Immediately something seems off with Vea, the community’s sexy leader, and Stacy begins hearing rumors about a Swiss man named Kilian who Vea’s banned from the group. Stacy shares her distrust of Vea with Dawson, but already under Vea’s spell, he brushes off Stacy’s concerns.

Feeling alone, Stacy befriends Kilian and they fall in love while trying to find out what Vea is hiding.

After finding out Vea’s secret, Stacy vows to make Vea pay for the horrible things she’s done, but Vea has plans for Stacy too and none of them involve keeping her alive.


“Dawson, she freaked out from just me mentioning him.” Stacy stood in the one-story, contemporary-styled beach cottage that mirrored the rest of the community’s dwellings.
Dawson kneeled on the wooden floor, staring at the male and female parts of the fishing pole as if they were aliens from out of space. “What’s the problem?” “You don’t find it strange how she acted when I asked about Kilian? She didn’t want to talk about him.”
“So?” Dawson watched the YouTube video of the man putting a fishing pole together and tried to mimic him.
“Hey?” Stacy stood in front of his laptop.
“Get out the way.” He swatted at her. “Roger and the guys are teaching me how to fish. I gotta put this pole together.”
“Since when do you want to fish? You don’t even like eating fish.”
“I want to do my part.” He hooked the female part onto the male part. “The men get the food.”
“And women cook it?” She rolled her eyes. “This is an island, not the Stone Age.”
“You wanna fish?” He held the pole out to her. “Be my guest.”
“Why are you acting like this?”
“Because you’ve been griping since we got here.” He attached the reel to the pole. “Kilian is none of your business and you shouldn’t have been snooping around and listening to other people’s conversations.”
“I wasn’t snooping around. I heard them last night at the party.”
“I gotta go.” Shirtless in striped shorts, Dawson lunged from his spot with the pole. “Fishing can take all day. We gotta do things by daylight so I’ll see you later—”
“No.” She jumped in front of the door. “Wait, a minute. You don’t care?” “Why can’t you just relax and chill? We moved here so we wouldn’t worry about the same crap and you’re still doing that.”
“You didn’t see how Vea was acting today. She is strange as hell. She threatened me when she told me not to go to the other side of the island.”
“You had no business over there anyway and you should be lucky she showed up. Do you have any idea how dangerous it is in the jungle? You got to be sensible.” “All right maybe I shouldn’t have wandered off, but that doesn’t explain that something is weird about these people, Dawson.”

Buy link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08BDP9LKR/


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