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Book Spotlight: The Hockey Gods series by Xavier Neal.


Series: The Hockey Gods Series.
Books: Can’t Block My Love & My Fair Puck Bunny.
Genre: IR contemporary sports romance.
Series link:

Can't Block My Love eBook

Once upon a time, the Vlasta Vipers hockey team was so incredible — on and off the ice — they were almost mythical.

Every other university wanted their team to be them.

Every chick who crossed their paths wanted to bang them.


Their clout on the ice is questionable.

Their competition cutthroat.

Their beds…

Well, there will always be puck bunnies ready to keep them warm. After all, no matter how well they do or don’t do, they are the university’s most important athletes.

However, when Remington Ronald Rutledge the 3rd, lands himself on the new head coach’s bad side, which threatens his chances of playing for the season, he finds himself striking an unusual deal with a blast from his past he can barely remember.

Did she always wear these glasses?

Was her hair always this curly?

Has she always had a smile that makes him wanna smile?

What happens when the bad boy who makes all the rules is forced to play by someone else’s?

Can this good-looking goalie let love score, or will blocking it be the biggest mistake of his life?

CBML Post Release EOM Teaser 3

Series link:

My Fair Puck Bunny eBook

Once upon a time, the Vlasta Vipers hockey team was so incredible — on and off the ice — they were almost mythical.

Unfortunately, seasons passed and things changed for the worst, like a curse the team didn’t know how to break.

The champions became chumps.

The envied became envious.

And the playboys…well, they continued to play, because puck bunnies are always willing to hop into the bed of a guy who knows how to handle his stick.

Several years and one new head coach later, the legendary reputation that was previously lost has finally been restored.

Every other university wants to beat them.

Every chick who crosses their paths wants to claim them.

Adrian Stratton, the team’s left winger, is ready to enjoy another flawless year on campus, when his ex-girlfriend unexpectedly transfers to his beloved school, threatening to ruin his highly respected reputation.

Easiest way to prove he’s moved on is to show off his new girlfriend.

The fake one he immediately pretends to have.

The fake one he convinces his sister’s best friend to become.

The fake one he accidentally starts to fall head over blades for.

Will this left wing Casanova score one for true love, or will he hesitate to make the most important shot of his life?

Portrait of an attractive young man outside

“Is there a better word for fake girlfriend?” He politely ponders. “Like I’m actually legit asking.”

“As a whole, not that I can think of. If you’re looking for a better way to phrase, ‘Hey be my fake bitch’, I would go with something a little more romantic, like ‘Hey, be my fictitious bae.’. Has more heart.” I tap his solid chest to reiterate the word and immediately regret it.

What is that shit made of?


“Alright.” Stratton smiles again, this one reaching his ears. He takes my hand slyly into his, lets his thumb start brushing the back of it, and asks, “Tatum ‘I Think Your Ass Looks Amazing In Those Jeans’ Rojas, will you do me the honor of being my fictitious bae?”

Was that a real compliment or one cleverly placed to get me right where he wants?

And where exactly is it he wants me?

And can I hate myself any more for being willing to be there?

“I will teach you the perfect shit to say, the perfect shit to wear, and the perfect way to present yourself as the Puck Bunny who hopped her way from the sheets deep into my soul.”

“You sound like a John Hughes movie for Gen Z.”

“Gonna be honest here, Tatum. I don’t know who that is or what that means.”

“Shocking,” my sarcasm is attached to an even more sardonic smirk.

“What I do know is you’re exactly what I’m looking for.”

Words that I wish were spoken in a more authentic situation.

I bury the whimper that wants to slip out from enjoying the feeling of his callous thumb still stroking the skin underneath my sleeve and sigh, “Let go of my hand, Stratton.”

To my surprise, there’s reluctance, yet he inevitably does as requested.

Putting my defenses back up in their usual spot, I bitterly ask, “Why am I, Tatum ‘The Innocent Accounting Student’, ‘exactly’ what you’re looking for? Have you been talking to Angel about the shit she learned in her religious studies class over the summer? Do you like need a virgin to sacrifice for some bizarre hockey ritual?”

He lets his light eyebrows soar into the air. “Are you a virgin?”

“No, so you can set your cult ritual gaze elsewhere.”

Series link:


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