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Book Spotlight: Personal by Xavier Neal.


Book: Personal
Author: Xavier Neal
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Billionaire Romance, Romantic Suspense

jan Personal ebook Cover

White Knight or Dark Tyrant?

Billionaire, Weston Wilcox, is shining brighter than he ever thought possible. His business is expanding. His family is growing. His wife is just as fiery as she’s always been. Everything is seemingly perfect — until the unthinkable happens. Suddenly, a war begins to rage within him. Are his actions conducted out of fear or bravery? If he reels in the reigns too tightly is he being wise or overly cautious? Is he protecting those he loves or holding them hostage? Will Weston Wilcox be able to settle his increasing public problems, or will he destroy his life trying to solve the one that is most Personal?

*Each book in the trilogy needs to be read in order.

jan Personal Pre Teaser Dec 8th(Teaser 4)

Our waters may occasionally get choppy or too deep, however, we can and will swim through anything together. God…I don’t know what’s worse. Making Finding Nemo references or missing the Batman ones instead. Guess I should be a little more grateful that hating my analogy choices really is the biggest personal problem I have… After all, once upon a time, things weren’t this simple. This seemingly serene.

Part of me can’t help but wonder what detrimental complications are waiting just around the corner, and the other part of me loathes the over cautiousness. It’s one of the other reasons I need Bryn. To force my guard to fall so I can truly enjoy all the aspects of my life. Mogul. Philanthropist. Father. And, of course, sated husband who can’t go into his next meeting with his wife’s lipstick caked onto his complexion.

jan Private Trilogy is complete

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