Q & A with author Shai August.



Good morning Diverse Romance Readers! This week, we caught up with author Shai August to ask her a few questions about her latest release, Camp Pounce. Enjoy this short interview and peek into her book.


Interview question #1: Describe what your hero and heroine would consider the perfect date night. 

A quiet night curled up by the fire with only the crackle of the fire and pages turning.

Interview question #2: What does your hero love about your heroine and what does your heroine love about your hero? 

This is a reverse harem novella. (Multiple heroes for one female.)

Interview question #3: For your hero and heroine, was it love at first sight or lust at first sight? 


November shae august camp pounce 41zxS9yaUjL

Sally Ann Washington’s life has gone through major upheaval and she just spent a nail biting, cringe worthy Thanksgiving with her littermate’s new extended pride.
What she wants for the rest of her holidays is to find a little peace and quiet and maybe a little love between the pages of her favorite romance writer’s new book.
But her pushy mother has already purchased her a speed dating package at Camp Pounce. Can she speed date her books and ignore the hot guys trying to distract her out of the pages?

nov Comp Graphic

“Baby girl, can I join you.” It wasn’t a statement and it wasn’t a question; her father wasn’t asking permission because asking was a way to get turned down. He was flatly stating his intent with a one-minute delay for you to get used to the idea.
“Yes, Daddy. You know I’m not angry with you, but she knows just how to push my buttons.”
Abelardo sat two wine glasses down on the table. She chuckled; she’d been planning to drink straight from the bottle hoping to scandalize her mother just a little bit. “I know baby girl; your buttons are too close to your heart. She’s not saying anything you don’t think yourself, and then she pokes you in a tender spot. Over forty years together and you would think I’d have trained it out of her but she’s stubborn. Just like someone else who sat by herself through Thanksgiving dinner rather than return to the family table.”
She snorted as she poured the wine, “Are you sure she doesn’t say those things to make me feel like a useless failure? Because that’s exactly what it feels like.” Pushing her father’s glass across the linen covered table to him, before she tipped hers back draining the whole thing.
“Don’t let her fool you. She’s so proud of you and all your accomplishments. I know, she brags about the two of you constantly.”
“You mean three of us?” Her brothers were far more accomplished than she was, no way was Hurricane Thelma leaving out how Stanley had followed in their father’s footsteps and was the Head of Security for the Rare and Unknown or his beautiful new lion wife. Her hands down favorite of the litter was Chester, she’d bragged about him from the day they were born.
“Chester plays with computers and writes code all day; she doesn’t understand code. It’s like asking how a phone works, to her it just does. So, her bragging of him has tapered off.”
“Well I’ll be damned.” She couldn’t have been more shocked if her father chose that moment to spontaneously combust. Her mother bragged about her? The world had to be ending soon.
“Damned enough to go to the big cat speed dating camp?” If he had reared back and punched her with all his might, it wouldn’t have hurt as bad.
Her whole body shrunk as the air left her lungs. She struggled to hold herself upright but just gave up and laid her head on the table like a toddler. “Must I?” she finally strangled out.
“Think of it as an adventure.”

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