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Conversations with a villain: Wolf’s Bane by Donna R. Mercer.


This week, I was able to sit down and chat with a few villains. Some of them were pleasant. Some of them… not so much. Enjoy this interview with the villain from Wolf’s Bane by Donna R. Mercer.

Villains nlt donna

What’s your name?
Lucius Trent

Where are you from?
I am from a small country that no longer exist. Currently I call the town of Happily Ever After home.

What crime did you commit that got you labeled as a villain?
Ungrateful humans. I saved them from those damn witches and all they did was bitch about it. They live in ignorance about the things that exist that could kill them, but complain about the people who risk their lives to save them.

Do you think you’re a villain or are you just misunderstood? Explain.
Misunderstood. What they call a crime I call work. I save lives as I risk mine.

If you’re not the villain, who is?
Those damn witches with their chanting and secret ceremonies. Always trying to become more and more powerful no matter the cost. They will sacrifice anything and anybody to get more power.

Do you think you have an anger problem?
Nope. Its not my fault that you are a new level of stupid. You practice witch craft and think that the witch-hunter won’t eventually get you, that is on you.

Do you believe in love and happy endings?
No, I don’t believe in love or happy endings. Love is a weakness that can be exploited and happy endings are Fairy Tales for children to believe in.

What’s your deepest, darkest desire?
That I want to be loved and have a family again.

What’s your goal in life? What’s one thing you’d like to accomplish before you die?
The death of all witches.

Wow. Uh, okay. Do you want to have children one day?
I hate children. They are nothing but little crotch goblins. The little parasites will run around touching all my shit. The devil spawns. They are on the same continuum of evil things as witches.

Crotch goblins? I’ve never heard that one before. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
Probably dead at the end of the Woodman’s ax. If I have somehow survived that then I will be in the kitchen of My What Big Eyes You Have bakery making cupcakes and trying to disinfect it after those damn miniature menace come through and spread their germs all over my shit.

Let’s get personal. When it comes to sex, are you dominant or submissive?
Dominant, I own that pussy!! Your lips will be on my cock sucking until you choke on my cum.

Okay. That was very… detailed. Um, Describe your perfect life partner?
I don’t have a perfect life partner. Long term relationships do nothing, but land you in a jail cell looking at death by the Woodman’s ax.

I heard you was given a second chance. Do you think you deserved it?
Yes. I’m going to track down the bitch who framed me for murder and nail his ass to a wall. And if it is my mate like I think it is she will regret betraying me.

Did you use your second chance wisely?
Maybe. Maybe not.

If you could choose another villain to be your side-kick, who would it be?
Fuck that! I work solo. Do I look like I want to be stabbed in the back?

Um, no. No you do not. Thanks for the interview.

Readers, I hope you enjoyed getting to know our villain better. He’s a little rough around the edges, but he means well. I think. I hope. Um, until next time, be safe and always read past your bedtime!


What secrets lie beneath the hood?

Villains aren’t bad people; they are just victims of circumstances. Granted, they are usually the ones to create that circumstance, but that is not the point.

Lucius was living the good life. Spending time with his mate as she pranced around in her sexy red hood. Mmmm, he couldn’t wait to get a bite of that luscious little cupcake. Nothing was better than tasting her cream filling.

Then his mate betrayed him.

Next, a dead body turned up, and all fingers were pointing at Lucius for making it that way.

A shiny example of life sticking it to him once again. Waking up in jail, accused of killing his biggest rival, Lucius thought his day couldn’t get much worse until help was offered from his most hated enemy. Before he knew it, he was accepting help from a witch, the last creature on the planet that he trusted. His whole situation just screams shady.

Second chances are a thing of Fairy Tales. Two things Lucius doesn’t believe in, Second Chances and Happily Ever Afters. Now he is being offered both.

And all he has to do was avoid screwing up his second chance, and find a murderer all while convincing his mate to fall in love with him again and not keeping his date with the Woodman’s ax.

Wolf’s Bane by Donna R. Mercer.

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