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Q & A with author Brooklyn Knight.


Hi Diverse Romance readers.
This week we caught up with author Brooklyn Knight to ask her a few questions about her latest release, Loveless.


Interview question #1: Describe what your hero and heroine would consider the perfect date night. 

Shenique likes to cuddle with Vince’s wolf in front of the fireplace.

Interview question #2: What does your hero love about your heroine and what does your heroine love about your hero? 

Vince loves Shenique’s bravado. Shenique loves how tender and unconditional Vince is.

Interview question #3: For your hero and heroine, was it love at first sight or lust at first sight? 

Both, but neither of them understood the love part of the equation at first.

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What does a girl do when love hurts? She becomes ‘Loveless’.
My sister, Sasha, says she’s in love with Remi Moretti, but there is no way it can be true. I’ve protected her since we were kids in foster care, so nothing will stop me from rescuing her…
Except, maybe, the man who answers the door when I arrive at the mansion.
Vince Moretti is long, and lean, and impossibly sexy; and he is… doing something to me. I’m supposed to be loveless, yet when this man touches me, my body and soul erupt. I used to think that Loveless was the answer, but suddenly, I’m not so sure.

What does a wolf do when he finds the girl of his dreams? He makes her fall in love.
There is a woman standing at the front door of the mansion, and immediately, I know she belongs to me. In fact, Shenique Wilcox is the woman I have been waiting for my entire life. But there is something about her aura. It is angry and closed.
It is just like mine.
When Shenique reveals a plot to separate my brother from his mate, it does not take much for me to get onboard. Love has hurt us and retribution is in order. But as our undeniable passion waxes stronger, suddenly our objectives become blurred. Now, it is not my brother I wish to defeat. It is Loveless itself.



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