March’s Featured Authors

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Happy March Madness.
I hope you’re ready to fall madly in love with the heroes from this month’s featured authors.


Mardi Gras Magic…

A single day means the start of something new. . .
Stood Up – What do you do when you’re jilted by your fiancé?
Stand Up – How supportive are you of your best friend’s treachery?
Step Up – When is it time to move forward?
Sienna Gaudet’s determined not to let her ex ruin a good time.
Kirk Ratcliff secretly yearns for a chance with his best friend’s ex.
Why would either succeed?
Mardi Gras Magic – Note: Sweet romance from beginning to end.
A single day means the start of something new. . .

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Nine Floors Up…

“I’ll see you amongst the stars, where the air is lighter and heaviest thing for gravity to hold is our curiosity,” –D. Sears

Never requiring gold to feel glitter, hands-on maintenance woman, Daphne Sears has always been easy to please. Most times allowing her conscious to blurt ill but her mouth to utter pleasantries. But after her routine is interrupted and warped into a pool of uncertainties, the unaware beauty is forced to step away from her contentment and leap into a scoop with minimal filters, bigger windows and a lack of privacy. Funny thing is, Daphne forgets one thing during her oblivious act of Voyeurism, if you can see him, he can see you watching.

Tennessee native, Grimace Lexer has been gliding through life for nearly three years handing out toothpick samples of his man parts as a coping mechanism heartache. Refusing to place himself on the line again after initial ramifications of his compromises backfired, the chauvinistic bounty hunter harps on the notion, all relationships should be earned. Until the wandering eyes of his cinnamon colored neighbor becomes a beckoning for the lonely man and her naivety becomes his mission to break.

But what happens when the need for time challenges the worth of the gamble?
Can these abandoned souls find a balance so high up in the stars or will the sunrise before they’re able to meet in the middle?

Coming Soon:


Soulful Alliance…

Hounded by a childhood tragedy most of her adult life, Marcy Rayburn tucks tail and hides out in Bayou Country, forsaking a high-profile singing career and all chances of any meaningful relationships. No matter how long she’s been out of the limelight, the reclusive entertainer finds that she’s still fodder for the gossip news. Will the appearance of Jack, an unannounced interloper, cast her back into the spotlight and her heart into a tailspin?

Unceremoniously dumped by his fiancée, Jack Connolly has spent the last few years living in an alternate reality. Going down South to repair and retrieve the company’s helicopter is a pain in his rear. That pain soon has a name, and ultimately, a grip on his walled-off heart. Is he willing to revisit his old world and sacrifice his freedom to give Marcy what she needs?

Two hearts ache. But, will a soulful alliance remedy the pain or only mask the hurt?

Soulful Alliance is a sweetly sensual, behind closed doors, relationship-based love story.


The Taming Of LaRue…

LaRue “Church Mouse” Simmons is a feisty pain in my ass. I knew I loved her when we met in that biker bar two years ago. She blew me off then, but now she’s back and needs my help. I will do anything to show her she belongs with me. Even help her avenge her father’s death. If I can only get her to curb that attitude and listen, we’ll get along just fine. But, who said love was easy? She’s stubborn, independent and thinks she knows everything. I’m a surly bastard who enjoys the game more than she knows. It’s going to be fun taming LaRue.

Preorder today!
Taming Larue will be available on 3/13:


Love Levels 2…

Rebel needed a new start. Her vintage Mustang, Eleanor, chose West Virginia… to break down in for good. Two losses too many was about to put Rebel down for the count, but she was a scrapper with skills to overhaul Eleanor under the hood.

After a career-crushing injury, Logan Rourke ran his mechanic shop in Laramie with iron fists gained as a famous MMA fighter. He’d have to resurrect all of his fighting skills to survive Rebel when a cherished car puts them in the same ring with love.

Does love stand a chance when its opponents are born fighters? How fast will that chance dwindle down to nothing when an ex rears their ugly head?


Mate of Fire…

The Beast inside of him had chosen. It wanted her. And he’d destroy anyone who got in the way of him claiming the female who belonged to him.

Drax is an ancient dragon who’s been searching for his mate for what feels like an eternity.

Kya is a vampire, a cold one, who doesn’t believe in love or intimacy.
When these two finally cross paths, will sparks fly or will daggers?

Books 1 & 2 are available on Amazon and FREE with KU. Book 3 Coming 3/9/19.

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