Q&A with author Lyndell Williams.

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This week, we were able to catch up with author Lyndell Williams. We got a chance to ask her a few questions about her latest AMBW release, My Way To You.


Interview question #1: Describe what your hero and heroine would consider the perfect date night.

Simon and Regina spend so much time trying to coordinate their conflicting schedules that a night on the sofa with some take out and a good flick suits them just fine.

The world is a constant drag on their love for each other, which makes shutting it out extremely important. Their apartments are the ultimate refuge from all of the stress and drama.

Interview question #2: What does your hero love about your heroine and what does your heroine love about your hero?

Simon admires Regina’s keen intellect and the way she keeps him on his toes with her playful banter. He loves both her strong and vulnerable sides.

Regina is drawn to Simon’s easy going personality. He’s confident without being arrogant, and he is good at making her feel appreciated and safe.

Interview question #3: For your hero and heroine, was it love at first sight or lust at first sight?

I don’t think that Simon and Regina’s original attraction to each other was a matter of love or lust but mutual fascination. Each are intrigued and see the other as not only hot but intellectual equals with common commitments to the greater good. The physical attraction enhances that and when they decide to give into their desires (it doesn’t take long), they then must tackle with how deeply to fall.


“Passion and interpersonal politics collide. This interracial romance handles tough topics unflinchingly.” – Talia Hibbert, author of Mating the Huntress

Lawyer Simon Young is smart, confident, and adept at keeping things with women casual—until he meets his best friend Marcus’s sister, Regina. Immediately intrigued by Regina’s beauty, Simon becomes increasingly enthralled and ultimately risks his friendship to have her for himself.

Social justice writer and activist Regina Kent is usually cautious and savvy. Yet, unable to resist her attraction to the handsome Simon, she plunges into a torrid affair, knowing that she chances angering big brother and her less tolerant followers, many of whom will not accept that one of their most popular pro-Black bloggers is dating an Asian man.

As their clandestine romance evolves, Simon and Regina fall deeper in love. Making sure that things stay between them becomes progressively impossible, and neither knows how much longer they can keep Marcus in the dark and the world at bay.

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