Lust or love at first sight?


We caught up with author Reana Malori to ask her a quick question about her latest release, Renewal (Second Chances Bk 2.) We wanted to know if it was love or lust at first sight for Todd and Erica.

I’d say it was definitely lust at first sight, even though they both tried to fight it. Because Erica’s son was with her when they first met, Todd had to play it slow and easy. Was he instantly attracted to her? Absolutely. Erica felt the same way. These two were very stubborn at first. They became friends first before they moved to the next stage but when they did — it was FIRE!


After five years of marriage, Todd and Erica Atkins have lost their way.

Sometimes, the ones we love the most are the very people we take for granted. They experienced a tragedy, which resulted in a fraying of the bonds that held them together. Both Todd and Erica began to question their love and commitment to each other. Everything seems to be falling apart right in front of their eyes. They must decide if what they have is worth fighting for.

Todd isn’t willing to give up. His family is his life. No matter what Erica may think, he’ll never stop fighting for his family.

Not so long ago, their love for each other, and their son Miles, was the only thing that mattered. Can Todd and Erica find the strength to get back to the place they were before? Are they able to put aside the hurt and misunderstandings that can lead to more heartache and pain?

Find out what happens when the fairytale ends, and real life begins.

*BWWM Contemporary Romance | Holiday Romance | HEA | Novella*


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