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This holiday season, fall in love with an alpha!


When did she become so bold?

Regina Perkins played by the rules. She did what was expected of her and lived life between the lines. No one would ever accuse her of taking chances. Being a risk-taker was not in her DNA. But, the first time she saw Gavin Carpenter, all those things went out the window. Dating the father of a student wasn’t strictly forbidden and in Regina’s mind, that meant she had permission.

When did he decide to believe in love again?

Gavin Carpenter spent years shielding his heart from women who weren’t any good for him, or his son Riley. After a betrayal at the hands of his son’s mother, he swore off women, and relationships, which suited him just fine. Until she strolled into his life with her soft smile and beguiling eyes. Regina Perkins was the one woman who made him willing to risk it all for one chance of holding her in his arms.


decAugust - Revised2

My training? Professional.
My job? Hitman for a government organization.
And my next assignment? Infiltrate Marchand’s crew.
Vague information, but a solid job. Why do I care?
Because this family “business” of crooks I’m investigating includes a Bajan little sister….
And she’s the definition of sex on legs.
She’s trouble, and I don’t know if I can stay away.

I lead a dangerous life, and so do my brothers.
But when my kid sibling is saved by sexy, muscular August Reiss wearing that signature cocky smile, my gut tells me not to trust him.
He’s good to my brothers… but should I believe everything he says?
One thing’s for sure. If my intuition is right, I’m going to put a bullet right between those gorgeous murky green eyes.


DECCNMT 1500 x2400

Mika and Robert have an intense rivalry whenever they’re in the same room. Yet they heat up the sheets in the bedroom! Can a desire they can’t deny lead to a lasting romance?

Who’s playing to win in this game of love!

Their best friends may be married, but no law said they have to like each other.

Mika lives the saying “carefree black girl” to the fullest. She has a solid interesting career, good friends, and money to do whatever she wants! What she doesn’t have is a man of her own. Even so, she’s not so desperate that she’ll fall for Robert Lorde. While he may be tall, dark, and handsome, he’s way too arrogant and boring to be her type.

Robert likes his life to be predictable. While others see that as boring, he counts his blessings for the stability. As a financial investor, the last thing he needs is whirlwind Mika Harrison tearing through his life. Yet even his practical mind can’t deny the chemistry they have. Will a little fun with her leave him with a headache…or heartache?



Atheena wants nothing more than to follow in the footsteps of her father, becoming a soldier in their new kingdom’s army. Stopping at nothing to prove she is more than capable of being a soldier as any man. After much training and fighting, Atheena earns a position in the army, and a friend in fellow soldier Luke. Over time friendship grows into love and they seemed destined to be together until she catches the eye of the new king. King Aidan has set his sights on Atheena and his queen, Lavinia has set her intentions to kill her. Atheena now finds herself caught in a love triangle she never asked for between Luke and Aidan. She is at a crossroads: follow the love of her friend Luke, or succumb to the love of the king with a queen eager to ruin her. Her choice will alter the Kingdom of Messia and her destiny forever.



Looking for your next billionaire book boyfriend? Meet Grayson Davis.

He’s a brilliant, bullied computer nerd turned handsome playboy, with a penchant for blondes. She’s the assistant to the assistant, who works on the third floor and is… not blonde. And secretly obsessed with him. Complete with all the classic “plain Jane” tropes you thought were hopelessly overdone, read the smart, sexy, bingeworthy debut exceeding “billionaire romance” expectations!

Amara’s Calling is the first book in the Billionaire’s Club series of sinfully sexy romances. If you like unexpected love, lucrative deals, and billionaires with as much prowess in the bedroom as the boardroom, then you’ll love C.L. Donley’s steamy office affair.



Chad Dream is a super playboy with a steaming sex appeal. Ladies love him and men envy him. A wealthy rock star, he is known for his magical fingers on his guitar strings and his melodious voice. Linked to several sex scandals, Chad has sworn several times on TV never to settle down even ‘til his last breath. He has said it so many times, his life as a single man is as much as one of his trademarks as his guitar.

Tiana Hendricks, Chad’s best friend, is the only woman he ever loved. She walked away with his heart after graduation. She, however, had a reason, a secret. Her father is one of the most hated men in the USA. Getting involved with Chad would only bring her past back into the tabloids, and she dreads the exposure. But when Chad walks into their class reunion, just one look and she knows she can’t resist their connection.

Chad and Tiana secretly want to be together. However, Tiana is not willing to let all he has worked for go down the drain. They can be together, but no one can know. Once a nosy journalist exposes their new love affair, and Chad reverts to his old media tactics, their world is turned upside down, once again. Will Tiana walk out of his life for good this time? Or will their love prove stronger than any obstacle they may face?



Jordan Hunt’s need for Leticia James is coming to a boiling point. The beautiful, curvy, and oh so feisty woman grabbed his attention from the first moment he noticed her. Taking a chance, he introduced himself, not giving her a chance to walk out of his life. Two years, and a lifetime of memories later, he’s determined to make her his. Even as she continues to push him away. She doubts he’s ready to settle down with just one woman. Namely her.

Desire clawing at him to claim his woman, Jordan’s done all the right things. He’s bided his time and proven to Leticia that he’s not going anywhere. Shown her that he’d changed his ways. Still, the stubborn woman refuses to see they’re perfect for each other. Her lush curves would fit perfectly against his hard muscles. Those soft lips would kiss away the memories of anyone who came before her. If only she’d given them a chance.

When visiting her home one day, he finds a piece of paper hidden away from public view. Three words catch his eye. My Three Wishes.

Now Jordan has a mission. He’s determined to make Leticia his in every sense of the word, even if he must use a little Christmas luck to make it happen.


warning slippery when wet finished 12

He’s a dangerous criminal.
She’s dangerously curvy.
Will she bring light into his cold dark world? Or will his darkness consume her?

Some say Garrett Chambers was born evil. Since, the day he took his first breath, he’s caused nothing but chaos, destruction and death. Some call him the Grim Reaper, because when you see him, death soon follows. Others call him a Butcher, because of his skills with the blade. One thing he’s never been called is a lying hypocrite from hell.

Until he meets her. Oni Evans. The beautiful, curvy, smart mouth writer he kidnapped as a means of retaliation against someone he used to call a friend. It isn’t long before she turns his entire world upside down and has him rethinking all of his decisions.

He doesn’t believe in nonsense like love and forgiveness. Yet, the more time he spends with her, the more he’s realizing that maybe those things aren’t so useless. Maybe he should believe in love. Maybe he should believe in forgiveness. Maybe he should believe in her.

However, after all he’s done to her, can he convince her to believe in him?



Once upon a time there was a beautiful young woman named Egypt, and she loved sex. Cursed by her mother’s dying declaration, she thinks she is unworthy of love. Locking her feelings inside an impenetrable ice block, she hides behind casual sex. Aided by her Naughty Fairy Godmother, she creates a playlist of rules to live by to avoid a broken heart.

When the ruggedly, sexy businessman, Harper Beckmann enters the restaurant where she is the executive chef, she feels drawn to him in ways she never felt before. When he denies her offer for a casual hook-up and offers to take her on a date instead, she is intrigued. Unable to resist his charms, she allows him to break all of her rules, including kissing on the mouth.

Harper has been playing the field since his fiancée left him for his best friend. A romantic at heart, he longs for the love of a good woman. When he meets Egypt, he knows instantly she is just what he needs to cure his aching heart. If he can break down her walls and get her to admit she loves him too, Beckmann may just be the one to break the curse.



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