June’s Featured Romances

Happy June!

A new month means new book boyfriends to fall in love with! I hope you’re ready for sexy alphas, dominant shifters, & handsome businessmen. Prepare to swoon for this month’s featured romances.

Cover Reveal: Pandora’s Kiss by T.B. Bond.

Loving her means becoming more than he is.

War is coming, and no one knows it but Quyen. He has one mission, to stop his former coven from attacking the mundanes, then he can return to his quiet life. Until he met a beautiful time traveler with bad news about the future, that was the goal. Her presence complicates everything as matters with the mundanes go from bad to worse. He can’t turn a blind eye to their attraction, nor can he go back to normal without a price.

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Dark Vows by M’Renee Allen.

Though she was sent to kill him, she ended up becoming his wife.

Usually, when someone tries to kill Andrei Kuzmin, he lets them live long enough to regret the day they were born. Yet, when a beautiful assassin crashes his wedding, he sees it as a good omen. He needs a wife more than he needs revenge. His contract bride has run off, ruining all of his carefully laid plans. Now, he’s left with a hitwoman in his bedroom. His little assassin has two choices, a wedding or a funeral.

She chooses a wedding and changes both of their lives forever.

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Marriage of Inconvenience by Alexandra Isobel

Marcus and Max are teammates and best friends. They prefer casual hook ups after an operation, so coming face to face with that one special woman has stopped them in their tracks.

Marcus and Samara

Samara is desperate to impress Marcus, but he’s exasperated by her endless antics. Now that she’s tangled herself into more trouble than she can handle, will he help her settle her debts, or remain the cold sniper determined to keep her at arm’s length?

He loves having her close, but can’t afford to let her in.

Max and Hannah

Max has been hit by love at first sight, which is crazy, because he doesn’t believe in love. He’s been a seasoned player since twelve years old, but Hannah has him like a nervous schoolboy while he waits for her to make the first move.

Can this bad boy reign it in for the love of a good girl?

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Campus Seal by Alexandra Isobel 

She’s an academic. He’s a SEAL beast.

Martha has finally landed her dream job, only to be disillusioned by academic snobbery. Zeke showing up is the last thing she needs. She’s determined to forget their first meet. He’s Hell bent on getting a second chance.

“Promise me next time you let loose in my arms we’ll be naked in my bed.”  Zeke

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The Sunset Before Dawn by Theresa Hodge

One Night.

A stranger.

Sweeps in like a hero.

The past and the future collide.

My heart remembers him the moment we meet. My head does not. He’s tall, charismatic, seductively attractive, and before I know it, I’m falling fast.

The harder I feel the more entranced I became.

What is it about this stranger that makes my body ache as well as my heart?

The truth shatters me like a sudden storm…

Nothing in my life will ever be the same, after the sunset before dawn.

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Tyrin’s Prayer by Riley Baxter 

Like most young women, Kiyana Hamilton has a plan for her life…married by twenty-five, two point five kids, a golden retriever, and the white picket fence. Approaching 30 years old, she realizes her life is much different from the one she’s imagined. Three things come to mind when describing Kiyana …Beautiful. Single. Independent. Yet, a trip to one of her favorite bookstores sends her on a course that changes the trajectory of her life.

At 25 years old, Tyrin Black is living his best life. Handsome. Business-Savvy. Entrepreneur. However, what’s portrayed on the outside isn’t always what he experiences on the inside. He has the love and support of his family, but what happens when their love causes the most pain? Unbeknownst to Tyrin, trying to surprise his grandma lands him on a road to his final destination.

Was their meeting a coincidence or was it fate? Will it be forever and always, or will they crash and burn? Tyrin’s Prayer is a riveting African American Romance about when two lonely souls connect, their love has the power to transform their weaknesses into strengths, answering prayers that they long ago prayed.

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Plucking Tulip by C.D. Samuda


When I lost my fiancé, I felt like my world had come to an end. I could not understand how I was still breathing. Life became monotonous and I was just going with the flow. If anyone had told me that I’d end up falling for someone new, I’d have knocked them upside the head. But when my division got a new partner, who needed my guidance, I found myself falling – hard.


My one rule has always been no office romance. But I quickly learned that rules were made to be broken and there is no resisting with Tulipia. I know she is still grieving the loss of her fiancé, but plucking her grief away is my greatest desire.

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Aries by L. Loren

Clay “Aries” Holland is a walking open wound. As Vice President of the Sin City MC, he uses his position to exercise his demons. That skill will come in handy as his club forces him to celebrate the most dreaded day of the year, his birthday. With plans to party until he can’t remember his own name, Aries is treated to a gift he will never forget. Her name is Raven, and she is everything his wounded soul needs in order to heal. One thing is for sure, the members of the Sin City MC never leave before all the cards are played.

Raven Byrd is overwhelmed with responsibility to her elitist family. Tasked with raising her drug addict sister’s seven-year-old daughter, she is living a life she never asked for. Her best friend’s spur of the moment Vegas wedding is just what she needs to refresh her life. She has one week to live footloose, wild, and free under the guise of what happens in Vegas stays there. Little does she know, she is about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

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Almost Perfect by Delaney Diamond

A cat burglar and an assassin run for their lives across Paris—and try not to get distracted by the sizzling attraction between them.

Assistant antique dealer by day, cat burglar by night, Sable Devereaux has lived in the shadows for years. With one final heist, she can walk away from a life of crime and open her own antique store, retiring to the quiet existence she has always dreamed of. But during her last theft, she witnesses a murder and goes on the run to escape the cross-hairs of some very powerful people.

Agent and master-of-disguise, Hunter Mitchell is intrigued when he has to subdue the sexy thief after she breaks into his Parisian apartment. Then he quickly learns he must protect her—and himself—from an organization hiding much more than a murder.

The couple races across Paris in a fight to stay alive and stop one of the most powerful organizations in the world—and discover what they’ve been looking for all along… is each other.

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The Governor’s Wife by Amaka Azie 

Newly separated Ogonna Moneke has come to Abuja to open a safe house for abused women. Luck is on her side when the perfect site falls into her lap…until she learns who owns it. The chances of Philip Adamu renting to her are slim to none. Why would he when she dropped her financially struggling college sweetheart like a hot potato to marry someone else?

Real estate tycoon Philip Adamu can’t believe his eyes when Ogonna struts into his office. Seven years earlier, the gold digger had kicked him to the curb to marry a wealthy politician. Now she needs him, more like needs his property. Vowing not to rent her so much as a dog house, Philip shows Ogonna the door. But can he resist the feelings he’s denied for so long when he sees her flirting with a rival developer? Sparks fly the moment they meet again. But he’s engaged and she’s still hiding the dangerous secret to her marriage.Can love and forgiveness overcome the lies and deceptions? Can they trust each other and the future they’d once dreamt of?

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Secrets of a Kept Woman by Shani Greene-Dowdell

After creating a whirlwind of turmoil, Rhonda Jackson is set to be a free woman. Before she’s cleared to leave the mental health facility, an assault in her room leaves blood literally on her hands. She can’t bear the thought of being a burden on the few people who still love her, so she sees no other option than to disappear.

Jameson Brown’s spotless record and law career take a hit when his childhood crush comes back into his life like a tropical storm. She creates drama, turmoil and mayhem, but he only sees the best in her. Prepared to risk it all, he will do anything to protect her—including going to war with the person threatening her life.

Will Rhonda finally walk into the light with Jameson, or will darkness consume both of them? Binge read the entire series for FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

T-Rex by L. Loren

They say age ain’t nothing but a number. I wish someone would tell that to my heart. Usually the life of the never-ending party, I’m now ready to make some changes in my life. After years of chasing tail, I finally found the elusive unicorn who will make me turn in my player card. But wouldn’t you know it, she is just not that into me. Little does Drucilla know, the Sexual Tyrannosaurus, always gets his prey.


The empty nest syndrome is real! As a single mother, I was dependent on my son to occupy my days and sadly, my nights, too. Now that he’s moved out of the house, I have no idea what to do with my free time. My life coach has convinced me to start living for myself. So I wrote a bucket list. Item number one, find a sexy biker to knock some dust off my bed. What’s not on the list is to fall in love. There seems to be a miscommunication between my brain and my heart because T-Rex is all the man I need. Somebody, help me.

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Billion Dollar Wager by C.D. Samuda

The moment Devin set eyes in Cassandra Melody, he knew he had to have her. He also knew that winning the heart of such an impressive woman was no easy feat. Being the carefree gambler that he was, he staked his claim with a careless wager. His three childhood friends believed he was setting himself up for failure, but being the determined winner he’d always been, he was not about to lose this bet.

Cassandra “Cassie” Melody is an independent pathologist working diligently to find the cause of the Covid-2-21, a virus not unlike its predecessor, but with different attributes. Not looking for a relationship, she initially brushes off Devin’s early advances. But as he makes his presence known, she finds herself falling hard.

Things would come to a head when she discovers that their relationship was all based on a wager with his friends.

Devin must now answer the question: How much is Cassie worth?

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Before The Storm by Amaka Azie 

Just back from a delightful date, Nkem Edun gets a phone call. Her ex-husband is in hospital in critical condition. After four years apart, why hasn’t he changed his next of kin? Regardless, Nkem rushes to his bedside. After all, he is the father of her son. But is that the only reason? As memories of their life together come flooding back, so do Nkem’s doubts. Would forgiving him be so terrible? And more importantly, could she ever trust him again?

Shots. After waking up in hospital, Tunde has plenty of time to ponder the word. Like the shot fired at him point blank, lodging a bullet in his chest that almost killed him. A bullet that also makes him think. Then, there’s Nkem. The first person he sees when he regains consciousness. Another shot. This one in the foot and self-inflicted. How on earth he was ever stupid enough to betray his beautiful Nkem and lose his family, he still doesn’t know. But one thing Tunde does know— he wants his family back. Will Nkem give him another shot?

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Devilish Night by Jasper Crone 

In the first season of the red-hot and darkly humorous Purgatory Island series, Lucifer meets The Lost City: When romance coauthor Sherry rejects a tempting deal from Lucifer–her obsessive, possessive villain (who’s real)–she doesn’t expect him to kidnap her from her spring vacation on Padre Island, magicking her away to the bad side of the afterlife. Or herself to have a change of heart about the sarcastic, sadistic King of Hell. Can they share more than one guest bed–and one devilish night? 

Read the first episode for FREE on Kindle Vella:

DANGEROUS AS SIN: An Anti-Hero Romance Anthology

When you love a villain, do you become one too?

In a world of black and white, the gray in between just got more inviting.

Laws are easily broken when you know how to bend them to your will, and so are we at the hands of these dangerous as sin men.

Would you rather sacrifice yourself to save the world, or watch as the man before you destroys everything in his path to claim what is his… you?

No one prepared us for this. No one could have predicted it.

Monsters are determined by the eyes of the beholder, and in our case, all we see is desire.

Dangerous as Sin is a box set of twenty brand-new and exclusive novellas, taking us on an adventure of falling for the anti-hero, one stuttering breath at a time.

Grab this limited-edition collection before it’s gone forever!


Get these SAVAGES before the boxset is gone for good!

Darkness lurks behind their gazes.

There’s something sinister about their smiles.

Their name incites fear in their enemies.

Their touch arouses passion in the women they love.

They are the DeLucas. In the streets and in the sheets, there’s one word that describes them best.


Amazon US:

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