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Cover Reveal: Friends with Benes by T.B. Bond.

Hi, I’m Wednesday Family. I’m a witch, and I love my best friend—Scratch that. I am addicted to my best friend—a panda shifter.

Ryker is the sweetest, most adorkable guy I know. Also, his body is a “weapon of Wednesday” destruction. I made the stupid mistake of enjoying the fringe benefits of our friendship, and he ruined me.

Dating is a chore. No other guy satisfies that itch like Ryker does. I know our benes can’t last since he has a mate somewhere, though I wish a house would fall on her and save me the trouble. I need to cut him off. The problem is I don’t want to stop.

Goddess. I’m a horrible friend.

Preorder Friends with Benes today!

Coming 7/25:

Read the rest of the series before Friends with Benes releases:

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