March’s Featured Romances

Happy March!

A new month means new book boyfriends to fall in love with! I hope you’re ready for sexy alphas, dominant shifters, & handsome cowboys. Prepare to swoon for this month’s featured romances. Oh, and this is the month the SAVAGES will be released. The Savage Bloodline Boxset is coming on 3/15.


Unlike his family, the handsome and practical Trevor LaSalle, Jr., has lived a life away from the political world. While satisfied professionally, Trevor longs for a forever love like he once thought he had with his ex-wife, Sabria Dubois.

Since their divorce seven years ago, Trevor has not contacted the headstrong and beautiful Sabria. Now in a twist of fate, she’s back in the city and accuses the former Mayor and friend to the LaSalle family of a crime. And despite her role in the upcoming trial that could ultimately destroy the friendship of the LaSalles and the other powerful family in the city, the Toussaints, Sabria is determined to get her ex-husband back.

Still bitter from the divorce and unsure he can trust her motives for returning to the city, Trevor initially ignores Sabria’s pleas for a reconciliation. Caught up in passionate reminiscences of what could’ve been, he can no longer deny a taste of Sabria again. And as the trial nears and more secrets are revealed, Trevor questions whether their time together is about closing chapters or beginning anew.

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True Love Match?

Mustafa DuBois-Arazi doesn’t give second chances. But Zaina Bakari needs one to redeem herself.

The legacy of his family’s luxury resort, Grand Amour is on the line, and he’ll stop at nothing to preserve it. Even if it means working with the woman, he vowed never to set eyes on again.
For Zaina, life is great, well almost. The way she handled Mustafa years ago, constantly weighs on her conscience. Now, she finds herself in his presence again as his environmental consultant. She wants a chance to explain but quickly finds out, he’s not the same man she once knew.

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Abandoned by her father at a young age, beauty therapist, Patricia Owusu, has learned the hard way that men can’t be relied on. She’s determined to make it on her own without falling into the cultural trappings of marriage. However, when she finds herself pregnant after a torrid love affair with African-American financial consultant, Ty Webber, she discovers one man’s resolve to stick around.

When Ty discovers Patricia is carrying his baby, he offers marriage, because real men take responsibility for their actions. He isn’t prepared for Patricia’s stubborn determination to make it on her own. But nothing will prevent him from claiming his child or the woman he considers his.

Can Ty convince Patricia to take a chance on him to help provide a loving home for their baby, or will Patricia’s mistrust lead her to miss out on true love and rob her child of the type of father she never had?

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Four book collection of bwwm interracial romance books.


She’s a new grad about to take flight. He’s been ordered to bring the boss’s daughter home. Will their rekindled forbidden romance triumph over some new ridiculous heights?

He’s an ex-Russian gangster. She’s, his queen. Entwined in a passionate and volatile marriage, their world explodes when she opens an unknown sender email.

She has embedded trust issues. He is an honorable Navy SEAL. When their steamy encounters become too intense, and she attempts to flee to her comfort zone, he turns up the heat to a drastic level.

He has one mission tonight. Get her from the safety within his arms, through the rebels who overtook the embassy, to the rendezvous helicopter on the other side of town… but when the time comes can he let her go?

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As the main rapper of the group Dynasty, Kat Shields has more than enough on her plate. Since debuting in Korea, she has been writing a second album, rehearsing for awards shows, and helping plan for her group’s first tour. All while her mother trying to cash in on her fame. The next milestone in her career comes when she has the opportunity to return to Baltimore and perform at the youth center that saved her.

Lee Seok Ju is an idol and producer that has the reputation of causing trouble. Since his move to Sins Entertainment, he has been trying to find his place in the company. When he’s given the task to write a song for an upcoming Drama, he seeks the assistance of one of the hottest rappers in the current market. Kat.

It just so happens that she’s also the one person that draws him in like a moth to a flame.

With the world stacked against them, and multiple reasons why any sort of fling would be a bad idea, both Kat and Seok Ju will have an uphill battle if they want their relationship and careers to flourish.

********TW: Talk about childhood trauma.

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Can the shy girl tame the bad boy biker?

Molly’s shy, but she knows what she wants. She’s been serving him coffee and wanting to give him so much more for weeks. But she’s not even sure if he notices her.

Rage notices her all right. But will a good girl like Molly be willing to take on an ex MC bad boy? He’s been waiting in the shadows, trying to gain her trust. Until she’s attacked, and he’s forced to step forward and protect what’s his.

This short steamy romance packs enough heat to melt your kindle in a snack sized bite that willfill you with plent of swoons.

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The charming and confirmed bachelor Nicholas Toussaint doesn’t believe in forever. All he’s ever known of relationships is pain, and he’d rather avoid another scar to his already damaged heart. Until one passionate night with Tresa, the one woman he’d always resisted because she’s the sister of his old friend now political foe.

The newly hired Assistant District Attorney, Tresa LaSalle has never been afraid to color outside the lines. She is completely satisfied with sexual trysts and the occasional companion. Until one steamy night with Nicholas Toussaint, in which he confesses his love and subsequently takes it back.

Upset and confused, Tresa is determined to forget about Nicholas. But after a chance encounter rekindles the undeniable burning flame between them, the two finally decide to take a chance on love right before a scandal emerges. As old hurts and mistrust grow again between the two most powerful families in New Orleans, Nicholas and Tresa are forced to choose sides causing them to question if loyalty to their families is more important than their love.

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Dana is the pampered daughter of a wealthy diplomat by day, but she hunts monsters at night. After witnessing a brutal home invasion that resulted in her mother’s death, she takes extreme measures to avenge her. Tracking the men responsible is arduous work but killing them is next to impossible.

Neal thinks his new assignment, protection for the diplomat’s daughter, will be a walk in the park. Trained for combat, the last thing he wants is to babysit some spoiled, rich woman. When he stumbles upon Dana’s secret life of monsters and mayhem, he finds he may be the one that needs protecting.

Note: This book is a Re-Release from the version originally published in 2014. Additional action and romance was added to enhance your reading pleasure.

Warning: This book contains violence, explicit language, and sexual content, and is intended for adults. If you don’t enjoy paranormal, supernatural, or urban fantasy books, this may not be the book for you.

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He didn’t do short term relationships…
American ad exec, Thane Aleksander, doesn’t date co-workers either—until business takes him to Ghana, West Africa, and he meets Naaki. Now he’s at risk of breaking all the rules. Can he stop this headlong fall before it’s too late?

Until he met her!
Naaki Tabika has a burning need to prove, to herself and to others, that she’s more than wife and mother material. To do so, she’s prepared to give up everything for her job. Meeting Thane, however, makes her want to get personal. But falling for her boss could destroy her career. Will she be willing to risk it all for the one thing that can make her truly happy?

Two divergent cultures, two different races, two career-driven professionals, only one chance at true love—will they find the faith to take it, or will their hearts be sacrificed on the altar of financial success?

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Can the Beauty tame The Beast?

Nella only wanted to return Bryson The Beast Dufort’s stolen candelabra. Does he repay her with thanks and eternal gratitude? No, of course not, not when he’s known to the world as The Beast. Now he’s forcing her to choose between a fake engagement and jail. Jail wouldn’t be so bad, really. But she’s got her elderly father to consider. And three months isn’t so long. It’s just long enough for this curvy girl to bring The Beast to his knees.

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Jeo Sanna spent her teenage years training to become an idol. As one of the few black girls training in Korea, she was on a path for greatness. Until an attack by overzealous fans ruined her face, and ended her career. After years out of the public eye, she’s pushed back into the limelight and drama. The only bright spot in this dumpster fire is Daejun, the man that broke her heart.

Yang Daejun is the main singer of the K-pop group Tempo. For years, the group has been his family. The dominos start to fall when a group mate dies. They now must deal with the press, contract negotiations, promoting their next album, all while trying to channel their grief and anger. Then Sanna comes back. The woman he walked away from. With her return, he doesn’t want to let her go again.

The new label, Sins Entertainment wants to sign Sanna and bring her in as a member of the new girl group Dynasty. Tempo is also offered a deal with Sins, but they would need to start from scratch. With a chance to rekindle a teenage love affair, Sanna and Daejun will have to deal with rumors, scandals and new roles with the label. Will they be able to come together in harmony, or will too many sour notes strike the wrong chord?

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When Ishmael Wright knocks on Dr. Miracle William’s door, he isn’t there to spread holiday cheer. His grandmother needs a doctor, and she only trusts Miracle. At first sight, Miracle knows he holds the power to rearrange her life. One look at her, and Ishmael wants her to save more than his grandmother. He wants to be saved too. Two lonely hearts meet amid tragedy. Will they fall in love, build a snowman, and dance to Christmas oldies? Or will their fling freeze up before the New Year?

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New episodes of Kidnapping The Vampire and Fangs, Fae & Fury are available! Are you caught up on these Kindle Vella Paranormal Romances.



Villains need love too! Take a chance on a villain today!

Once Upon A Villain series:

Darkness lurks behind their gazes.
There’s something sinister about their smiles.
Their name incites fear in their enemies.
Their touch arouses passion in the women they love.
They are the DeLucas. In the streets and in the sheets, there’s one word that describes them best.

The men of the DeLuca family are proof that the bigger the alpha, the harder they fall… in love. Download this exclusive anthology featuring 20+ BRAND NEW mafia romances to find out which DeLuca you will fall in love with. But first, you must ask yourself one question: Are you ready to give your heart and body to a savage?

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Download the prequel, Brutal Bloodline, for FREE:

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