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New Release: Just In Time For Love

Get ready to fall in love with a steamy friends to lovers romance.

She was his best friend. And he was her confidant. Every time she called, he came running. With every breakup she experienced, his shoulder was the one she cried on. Whenever she got into trouble, he was the person she turned to. And he showed up for her, every time, never asking for anything in return. Because that’s what friends do.

But those days are over. He’s tired of being her friend. From now on, if she wants his help, she has to pay for it. And billionaire CEO, Justin Whitmore, doesn’t need Tahlia’s money. There’s another M-word he’s been craving from her for years. Her moans.

And this Valentine’s Day, he plans to get them.

All night long!

Buy Link: https://amzn.to/3aB2GP1

Justin was done hiding in the shadows. He was done being in the friendzone. He was done being the person she could turn to when someone broke her heart. He would make sure her heart never got broken again. He would make it so she never had to worry about breakups or crying over guys who hadn’t truly cared for her in the first place.

He knew he could guard her heart better than any of them ever could. It was time for him to show her that. It was time for her to see that he could be more than a friend. He could be her everything, just like she was his everything. It was time for her to see that the reason she hadn’t been able to cum for anyone else was because her body belonged to him.

It just hadn’t gotten the memo yet. He was going to hand-deliver that memo to her. No ink needed. He would use his tongue to write the word mine on her flesh. He would use his tongue to sign his name on her beautiful brown skin. Then he’d seal it with a kiss.

Buy Link: https://amzn.to/3aB2GP1

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