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#NaughtyAlphas: Santerian’s Christmas Wish

Enjoy this peek into, Santerian’s Christmas Wish by Shani Greene-Dowdell.

Tangela is a chaotic storm.
Santerian is the peace in the storm.

I gave him five of my best years,
And I’m still his girlfriend with no forecast of getting a ring.
I’ve mastered playing games since he enjoys playing with my heart.
But all things come to an end.
If I don’t have a ring by Christmas, I’m out.

She’s the one for me.
But she thinks I don’t love her.
I couldn’t imagine my life without her.
But an ultimatum to propose before Christmas makes me want to run.
I want to take that leap with her, but I have a Christmas wish of my own —Peace on Earth.

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As I move toward the bedroom, it feels good to know she trusts her body in my care, and I’m going to take good care of it. Other women have granted me access to their most prized possessions, but she’s different. I don’t simply want to pluck her flower; I want to nurture it and water it with my love. Most importantly, I want something to grow from this.

I wish I had the strength to wait so that our first time can be after many dates and conversations, but I’ve craved being inside of her for far too long. This is our first time, so it’s been a lifetime already.

I guide her down the hallway to my room and turn on the light. She wraps her arms around my neck, pulls me down for a kiss and lets out a soul-stirring moan. This is the moan that takes down my resistance. It’s the beautifully angelic sound that ruins me for any other woman. I give up the thoughts of waiting completely.

Grabbing her a$$, I crash her soft body into my hard one. Our ragged breaths are in a battle for the oxygen that depletes from the room with each passing second. Her heated mouth tastes like heaven. The warmth from her center scorches my manhood. A battle between my d*ck and the clothing that separates it from what it wants ensues. Her body is hot and on fire. I’m an eternal blaze. We’re both losers in this battle for passionate dominion over the other.

“Your skin is on fire. You feel so good,” I groan.

She steps back and lifts her dress over her head, then steps out of her panties. “I want you inside of me. Now. I can’t wait.”

So, she can wait to call me, but this is something she can’t wait for.

I smile at that thought.

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