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Book Spotlight: The Desert Flower By Mahogany SilverRain.

SORCERY. REVENGE. An all powerful genie, a tiny living space.
Jabaar is the son of the royal midwife and royal advisor, but he is not of royal blood. Aliyah, one of the sultan’s many daughters who is of African descent, captures his heart in their youth.
Practicing the magical arts, the Sultan becomes impressed with him, but not enough to let him marry Aliyah. When one of the Sultan’s wives gives birth to a stillborn son, the only male heir, the grieving Sultan orders the death of the midwife. Jabaar swears he will make the Sultan pay for his mother’s death and denying him his love. Using the skills his mother taught him, he brings the kingdom to its knees.
Doing so has cost him his beloved Aliyah, and his heart turns to stone. If she won’t love him willingly, then he will force his way into her heart.
Tricked into becoming a genie, Jabaar is forced to abide by the laws of being the genie of the lamp. Revenge and ambition was his undoing. Given a second chance, will he make the same mistakes?

Villain link: https://amzn.to/2Hh6FFq

Today was no different as he awaited the soft knock of Aaliyah on his chamber door. He rushed to it, opening the door and finding Aaliyah standing there looking heartrendingly beautiful in her turquoise gown and veil. He pulls her in for a kiss as he shuts the door behind them. The kiss grew deeper as Jabaar parted her lips, tasting her sweetness, not wanting to stop. Aaliyah, locked in his embrace, pushed away from him to catch her breath and lovingly gazed into his dark brown eyes.

“Jabaar… please,” she whispered.

“I’m sorry, my love, did I hurt you?” He hugs her more gently.

“No, it’s just… when you kiss me that way…” she trailed off and blushed. She wanted more of him, to touch every part of him, her body aching for his. However, she wanted to keep her virtue. She would only give herself to him as his wife, but each day, it grew harder to stop herself from giving in.

“Do you not want to kiss me?” Jabaar asked sullenly. “Oh yes, I do! I adore kissing you!” she exclaimed.

“Have you asked my father yet?”

“Why don’t you sit down? I’ve had the servants prepare your favorite dish!” Jabaar nervously changing the subject, moved toward the table spread with delicious fruit and roasted lamb.

“Jabaar, answer my question, please.”

Jabaar motioned for her to sit at the table. She sat down in a huff, imploring him with her lovely eyes. “I have not, but I will. It’s just, what if he says, no?”

“Then I will keep refusing any other proposals and tell my father that if he truly wants me to be happy, he will let me marry you.” she said with conviction. She pounded her open hand on the table.

Jabaar laughed, he wanted nothing more than to make her his, claim her in every way, yet seeing her like this, he could hardly take her seriously. “You don’t have to play the brat. I will speak to him and convince him. He is like a father to me, perhaps he will say yes.”

Aaliyah jumped up and ran to him, almost knocking him over as she assaults him with kisses. “You will ask him tonight! He is always in a good mood at dinner! Besides, you are very persuasive, I have watched you with the royal advisors.”

Villain link: https://amzn.to/2Hh6FFq

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