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#KinkyVillains Enjoy this steamy peek into, Stolen Moments, by Dawn Ibanez.

Stolen Moments by Dawn Ibanez.

Dorian Gray

Dorian Gray is bored with his immortality when he runs into the pretty little distraction wearing a little red dress. He finds himself caught between Cristal’s charms and an old rival trying to steal his prized portrait. Now he needs to find a way to keep his painting safe and her in his arms.

Cristal Perry

An ink witch indentured to a life of crime. Her latest job is to study and recreate the spell that made Dorian immortal. The one time she was to pose as a distraction, she ended up in his bed. She has to choose between saving her family and the man that could become her destiny.

A Night to Remember

One night of desire leads to a whirlwind romance. To be together, Dorian and Cristal will have to find a way to free her from the rival’s clutches. Otherwise they could both end up losing more than just their lives.

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Cristal turned and pressed her body against his. Dorian’s hand settled at the base of her spine as she moved against him. He noted how she fit against him perfectly. She looked at him and that teasing smirk crossed her face again. “Decided to join the festivities, Mr. Gray?”

“Call me ‘Dorian.’”

They continued to move together as the tempo of the music sped up. Dorian turned his face into Cristal’s neck and inhaled her scent. She smelled of sugar and sin, and Dorian couldn’t hide the fact that he wanted to devour her.

Cristal straddled one of his legs and pressed her body even closer to his. She turned her face towards him, and Dorian saw the playful glint in her eyes. “Now that you have me, what do you plan on doing with me, Dorian?” One hand played with the hair at the nape of his neck while the other rubbed against his hard length.

He chuckled before covering her mouth with his. Her hand tightened around him, and he groaned. Dorian parted her lips with his tongue and tasted her. As expected, she tasted as good as she smelled. He would need a way to find her again. Cristal wasn’t the kind of witch he could just bed and forget. He needed to taste and savor, as any fine connoisseur would.

He broke the kiss and inhaled as she licked at his lips. “At the moment, nothing.”

It killed him to step back from her. The magic in the air chilled his heated body. He cupped her cheek in one hand and gently rubbed his thumb along her bottom lip. Dorian leaned to her ear. “I need to play the role of host. But eventually, I am going to do my best to ruin your lipstick.”

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