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Book Spotlight: Autumn Falls by Tiye Love.

Autumn Falls by Tiye Love.

Determined not to follow her mother’s footsteps and give up her dreams for a man, Autumn Locke has no time or desire for a serious relationship. She simply wants to enjoy her last year of college and study hard, while playing even harder. Falling in love was never a part of the plan. Until she unexpectedly has to live with Quincy Jackson, the sexy head drum major, who is just as resolute to tempt Autumn to act on their undeniable attraction.

Buy link: https://amzn.to/2EIq4hy

“Breathe. He’s just a man,” I whispered while searching through my wardrobe.  Then I thought about it. He was trying to get under my skin, fully aware of his effect on women. Quincy purposely came out of the bathroom, with that towel wrapped low on his waist, knowing exactly what he was doing.  He’s going to come out of that bathroom with the towel still wrapped around him because he didn’t have a robe or change of clothes when he went in there. “Okay, Mr. Jackson, two can play this game.”

I only had two classes today and wasn’t working so I didn’t have to wear my scrubs.  I pulled a long-sleeved, casual brown dress that fit me like a glove, emphasizing my hips, small waist, and B cups.  It stopped right above my knee and zipped up the back and most importantly I’d always needed help when I wore it.  I removed my t-shirt and shorts and waited until I heard him turn off the shower.  I made sure to stand by my closet with my back to him, pulling my dress slowly over my body as he opened the door. 

Quincy spoke from behind me surprisingly, sounding contrite. “Uh, sorry. I didn’t…”

I finished pulling the dress down and turned around to see he only wore the towel as I expected. “It’s fine. I wear bikinis all the time. You seeing me in my bra and panties is no different.” I walked toward him, smiling, and his eyes slightly widened. “I can use your help.  I never wear this dress because I can’t zip it.”

He cleared his throat. “You wearing this to class?”

“Yeah. I don’t have to work today, and I have special plans after class.”  I turned so that my ass practically touched his maleness and he moved slightly away from me. “Zip me please.”

Quincy complied moving the zipper slowly up my back before he gently ran his finger against the nape of my neck.  I had to fight hard not to visibly shiver at his sensuous touch.  He complimented softly, “You look good.”

“Thanks.” I moved away from him and saw his reflection in the mirror in front of me, he seemed mesmerized by my hips and the clothes he carried in his hand now covered his groin area. I smiled. Checkmate. I picked up my rose gold glitter Apple Watch and looked back at him. “You need anything else?”

He slightly nodded his head before straightening his shoulders, meeting my gaze. “Naw…I’m good. Thanks for letting me use your shower.” 

“No problem.” I put the watch on my arm as he moved to the door. “Don’t forget to call maintenance. I have a long day and won’t be home until late tonight. If you’re going to be out too, just leave the alarm on.”

Quincy quipped, “Don’t come home too late.” 

I folded my arms. “What?”

He turned to look at me. “If you can ask me, you heard me,” he remarked sounding like my mother and he closed my door behind him.

“Just for that I may not come home at all tonight,” I said to the now empty room. How dare he tell me what to do.  I flounced to my chair to put on my heels, wondering how long this attraction that just became clear was going to last before one of us gave in?  I swear to God, it wasn’t going to be me.

Buy link: https://amzn.to/2EIq4hy

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