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Book Spotlight: Sweet Love, Bitter Fruit by Lyndell Williams.

Sweet Love, Bitter Fruit by Lyndell Williams

Steamy is the best word to describe the Kents. After work, lawyer Marcus wants nothing more than to hold wife, Toni–his “Sweetness”–into his arms. He knows exactly how to make every inch of her hot body shiver under his touch. He is willing to do everything in his power to make her happy, except one.

Leaving her downtown practice, psychologist Toni heads uptown to curl up with Marcus, her sexy, younger husband. Their fiery passion is usually fully ablaze until she makes a demand that threatens to snuff it out.

Toni’s risks wrecking her loving marriage to Marcus to get her way. Marcus will do anything to keep her from destroying everything and keep the passion between them burning.

Buy link: https://amzn.to/3bmbIzq

Toni flicked on the light and kicked off her stilettos. The small of her back peeked through the laces crisscrossing down her dress, ending at a bow right above her plump bottom. He took off his suit jacket and reached for the string.

“So,” she turned, robbing him of the spectacular view and foiling his plans to see the cream fabric puddled on the floor, “you wanna watch TV?” she asked, walking backward.

Marcus slowly blinked. Was she for real? She was the only thing that was about to be turned on. “Umm, no,” he sauntered toward her, “I want to untie that dress.” He stopped from the pressure of her hands pushing against his shoulders.

“I was hoping we could talk. It’s important.”

He wrapped an arm around her waist and poised his lips over hers. “If you don’t mind, Dr. Kent,” he planted a hungry kiss then lifted his head, “I think that can wait until later.”

Soft moans escaped her lips as he brushed his lips down her jaw and neck. There would be no talking. Her body had beckoned him with a sensual siren call during dinner and the cab ride home. Now, to answer it. He lifted the dress hem and wrapped her trembling legs around his waist, loosening the laces as he carried her into the bedroom.

Buy link: https://amzn.to/3bmbIzq

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