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#KinkyVillains Enjoy this steamy peek into, Blind Spot, by L. Loren.

The Blind Spot by L. Loren.

Ceren Getty believes villains are a necessary evil to balance the natural order of the world. That’s why she has vowed to destroy The Eternal Witch’s plan to grant second chances to villains. Determined to return the villains to their natural state, she embarks on a quest to reverse Celeste Dubois’ magical spell and put an end to villain shaming once and for all.

Ryver Nile believes he is the last of the cyclops. He longs for the love of a good woman and the restoration of his species. When he meets Ceren, he knows immediately she is the one who can fulfill his dreams. However, she is too consumed with hatred and revenge to see what is right in front of her eye. Will love be able to conquer hate in this tale of good vs evil? Find out in Blind Spot.

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The next thing I knew, I was lifted in his arms and floating across the room, heading to my bedroom. How the fuck did he know where to go? Oh yeah, his stalking ass had been here watching me without my knowledge. Something about that turned me on even more. By the time we reached my bed, he had uncloaked, allowing me to see his gorgeous face. I reached up and removed his ever-present visor so I could look him in the eye.

Ryver tossed me on the bed, and with a playful smirk and began pulling at my dress. In his haste to unclothe me, he forgot to unzip the back, causing my head to get stuck in the material. I felt like a pig in a blanket rolling all over the bed, trying to get my head out of the dress. Of course, this amused his trifling ass.

“Will you please stop laughing and help me?”

“I got you, baby.”

Laughing like a damn fool, Ryver finally helped me remove the offending item. I couldn’t help myself, as I burst out laughing uncontrollably. What the hell were we doing? We both needed more experience with this sex thing.

Just as things settled down, Ryver snatched off his shirt. He looked up at me as his fingers lingered on his belt buckle. His eye gleamed, and it was evident he was having an internal conversation. Ryver’s hand slid into the front left pocket of his jeans and returned with his cell phone. A couple of taps later and the room filled with the loud cackle of LMFAO singing about being sexy and knowing it. Then that silly man started gyrating his hips and doing a half erotic, half ridiculous dance of seduction.

“What the hell are you doing? I know you don’t think that is sexy.”

“You know you want this. Wiggle with me, baby.”

I laughed my ass off at his antics. But then, my eyes dropped to his crotch, and my breath hitched. I had to admit, he looked damn fine, even if he was insane. His body was of the gods! The abs alone were worth all the trouble I had with the dress.

His delicious woodsy scent wafted up my nostrils as he lowered his underwear. Now, this is what I was waiting for.

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