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Q & A With Author C.D. Samuda.

Good morning Diverse Romance Readers!
Today, we have an interview for you from author C.D. Samuda. She has a hot new release out! Be sure to check it out after you read this interview!
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Interview question #1: Describe what your hero and heroine would consider the perfect date night. 

Any quality time spent together is perfect when one is in love.

Interview question #2: What does your hero love about your heroine and what does your heroine love about your hero?
He loves her temerity, the only woman who would ever dare question his actions. She loves his strength and fortitude.

Interview question #3: For your hero and heroine, was it love at first sight or lust at first sight? 

It’s a second chance romance. But the first time around was love at first sight.


Framed for murder, Gage Wilder spent the last five years plotting his revenge on the one who put him behind bars. Not only did his own brother frame him for murder, he stole his company as well as his fiancé. Five years in prison is a long time to plot their demise.

With the intention of killing his brother the first chance he gets, Gage sets out to accomplish just that. However, making his brother watch while he strips him of everything he ever stole and more, is even more satisfying.

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