Character Interview with the cast from Bottoms Up by L. Loren.


Good morning Diverse Romance Readers!
This week, we had the pleasure of interviewing the cast from author L. Loren’s Lunch Time Chronicles novella: Bottoms Up. If you haven’t grabbed a copy of this awesome story, be sure to do so today. This is one steamy book that you don’t want to miss reading.


1. My first question for you guys is, how did you two meet?
Mateus: We met on a luxury yacht during Harley’s Birthday Weekend celebration. I was the captain and she was partying with her friends. She was totally off limits, but I couldn’t help myself.

2. How romantic! Was it love at first sight or lust at first sight?
Mateus: It was LOVE at first sight for me. I fell hard and fast just from a picture of my beautiful lady.

Harley: I have lusted after Mateus from afar. He stars in a reality TV show and I swoon each time I see him. When we met in person, the heat level kicked up a notch.

3. Between the two of you, which one is more romantic?
Both at the same time: Mateus!/I am!
Harley: I don’t have any romantic notions in me, but I love that Mateus does.

4. Describe what you would consider the perfect date night.
Mateus: Dinner and dancing with drinks at a five-star restaurant, followed by a long night of feasting on my lady.
Harley: Well, I am definitely down with the feasting part! However, I would rather chill on the beach at sunset with a firepit and snacks!

5. Where do you both see yourself in five years?
Mateus: In five years I see myself married to this beautiful woman. The two of us sailing around the Caribbean meeting new people and discovering new places.
Harley: I would say, married, no kids, making love in the sun on the deck of our yacht. Being free to do whatever we want when we want.

6. Do you believe love is forever?
Mateus: I believe love is timeless. It will always surround you and bring you comfort and peace.
Harley: Yes, love is forever. It may either grow or decrease over time, but that energy is always there.

7. Love your answers! Okay, let’s get personal. In the bedroom, are you a giver or a taker?
Mateus: I am a giver. I could devour my woman for hours if she would let me. It is my favorite thing to do in life. Tasting her is the greatest pleasure I have ever known.
Harley: Mateus is definitely a giver! He loves to please me, and I love to be pleased. I don’t mind returning the favor, but my man doesn’t always need it. Pleasing me, pleases him. I lucked out in that department.

8. Yes, you are one lucky lady! What’s your wildest fantasy?
Mateus: I am living my fantasy every day. Each time I open my eyes and see this beautiful creature next to me is another day of bliss. We explore new things all the time so there isn’t one big fantasy out there floating around. Whatever I want to try, she allows at least once and vise versa.
Harley: Mateus is my wildest fantasy. He is sexy and strong and pleases me to no end. I can’t think of anything I want that he hasn’t tried so… I got nothing.

Thank you both for a great interview!

bottoms up l loren
I may be attracted to older men, but I don’t make it my business to sleep with them for trinkets. That’s why I was mortified when my best friend coerced me into spending my birthday weekend on a luxury yacht full of sugar daddies.

When a lecherous old man mistakes me for his next sugar baby, my hero, clad in a pristine white captain’s uniform saved the day.
Now all I want is for the silver fox named Mateus to take me to his cabin and make me his.
Harley’s a charter guest on the yacht that I captain, which means she’s off limits. Though it was love at first sight, well, maybe it was lust, I couldn’t cross that line.

When that bastard put his hands on her in front of me, it changed the game. All bets were out the window and I went into protective mode. I played a game of Mr. Steal Your Girl and won. Now she’s mine and I’m never letting go. I have an insatiable thirst that only she can quench.
BOTTOMS UP is an interracial erotic romance (BWWM) with a HEA. It is a part of the Lunchtime Chronicles series which can be read as standalone novels.

WARNING: This book contains explicit sex and graphic language.

“Shoot your shot, Harley. I can tell whatever it is you want to ask is killing you. You never know. I may say yes. And for God’s sake, please don’t call me Captain G. I hate it. Call me Mateus.”
Here goes. “Listen, Mateus, I don’t know you from Adam, but from the moment I laid eyes on you, I’ve felt this pull toward you. I can’t really explain it, but I feel it. I lose my train of thought and I can’t speak. It feels like my blood is boiling in my veins. All I want to do is climb Mt. Everest and reach my summit. Mateus, I know it’s forbidden, but I need you to f*ck me until my throat is sore from screaming your name.”
There, I said it. I couldn’t believe I just told this man everything I had been feeling about him. What if he shoots me down? What if he is disgusted by me? Well, it’s too late now. I should have thought about that before baring my soul to him. I looked up, raising my eyes from my feet that had somehow become more interesting that the man in the room. The heat coming from his eyes was breathtaking. Somewhere between my confession and my inner thoughts, Mateus had moved into my space. He was so close I could almost taste him. That was a good sign, right?
“Young lady, it would be my greatest pleasure to bend you over my helm and put these ten inches so hard and deep inside you that you could feel it next week.”
© 2020 L. Loren


Available on Amazon and FREE with Kindle Unlimited. Grab your copy today!!



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