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Character interview with the cast from Up To Snow Good by Sydney Aaliyah Michelle.

Good morning Diverse Romance Readers!
As you know, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. So, for the next week, we’re spotlighting the alphas we fell in love with during the holidays. Next up, Up To Snow Good by Sydney Aaliyah Michelle. Enjoy this interview with the characters from that amazing romance.

syd vday

1. Was it love at first sight or lust at first sight?

Caden: Lust.
Amari: Lust.
(They answer in unison and laugh.)
Amari: I believe in love at first sight. I think our process went from lust to love to a blind sexual attraction to hate to like to love. Don’t you agree?
Caden: Lust to love.

2. Between the two of you, which one is more romantic?

Caden: Amari is the romantic one. I have my moments, but I’m just trying to keep up with her.
Amari: He shows his romantic side in not so traditionally romantic ways. I’ll take it. I’m more the cook dinner, give presents, sending little notes. Stuff like that.

3. What do you love most about your partner?

Caden: Amari is stubborn.
Amari: Stubborn?
Caden: It’s not a bad thing. Persistent, then. Is that better? You put your mind to something and don’t let anyone talk you out of it.
Amari: Caden is bullheaded and difficult.
Caden: She asked what you love most about me.
Amari: I do love those tings about you. You fight for the things you love.

4. Do you believe love is forever?

Caden: Yep. Might be my bullheadedness, but I think if love doesn’t last forever then what’s the point. Why do we put so much effort into it if it doesn’t last?
Amari: Absolutely! Even when I hated him, I loved him.

5. In the bedroom, are you a giver or a taker?

Caden: Giver.
(Amari gives him the side eye.}
Caden: What? You always get off don’t you?
(Amari blushes)
Amari: It’s not deliberate. It’s a consequence of your selfishness in bed.
Caden: Ok next time, I take and you tell what you like better.
Amari: Never mind. You’re right. I’m a taker.

alpha sydney

I don’t need his protection, I want his heart.
Amari is a gift I don’t deserve.
My mission was to look out for her long before it became my job.
I had to keep her safe, even if it meant breaking her heart.
What she didn’t realize, my heart was breaking too.

Caden is an enigma, sent to torture me.
The way he looks at me made me feel safe, even when he keeps me at a distance.
He kissed me, then betrayed me and hurt us both.
But, I don’t need his protection. I want his heart.

Up to Snow Good by Sydney Aaliyah Michelle is a suspenseful, steamy, enemies to lovers Christmas novella just in time to heat up your holidays!

sydney available now

Six months ago, she had me trapped in her father’s study on her twenty-first birthday, and I gave in for twelve minutes.
That’s all it was, twelve minutes of hope for both of us. Twelve minutes of giving in to what we both wanted. Twelve minutes to confirm what we felt for each other was real, and magical, passionate, raw, and right.
I relived those twelve minutes at least once per day. I could conjure up the feel of her lips against mine. The give in the fleshy part of her hips. The grip of her nails as she clung to my sides. I caressed her face. Skin never felt so soft. I gripped her face and tilted it to the perfect angle. She resisted at first.
I deepened the kiss, and she relented. A moan escaped her lips and vibrated against my tongue. It made me smile and made my dick hard.
Twelve minutes of pouring myself into her. For twelve minutes, she opened up to me.
I studied her face. The satisfied glint in her eye and the knowing smirk. I read her emotions on her face and the thoughts running through her head.
We concocted a plan. The future looked bright.
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