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Character interview with the cast from Her Mistletoe Minotaur!


Good morning Diverse Romance Readers!
As you know, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. So, for the next week, we’re spotlighting the alphas we fell in love with during the holidays. First up, Her Mistletoe Minotaur by Erin St. Charles. Enjoy this interview with the characters from that amazing paranormal romance.

erin vday

How did you two meet?

Tu: Mitch saved me when my car went off the road in the middle of a snowstorm. He dragged my car and trailer out of a ditch.

Mitch: She shouldn’t have been driving in that weather.
Was it love at first sight or lust at first sight?

Tu: (Drums fingers on tabletop, and the sparkly ring on her left hand ring finger catches the light, and sparkles). Not exactly, but I must say he was quite impressive shifted into his beast.

Mitch: (Crosses arms over his chest and scoffs). You kept looking at me.

Tu: Yes, of course. Because you were shifted and you were grumpy. And you were also seven feet tall. Kind of hard to miss.

Mitch: It was more of a checking out kind of looking at me. I know when a woman is checking me out. You were checking me out. You kept looking at my–

Tu: (Side eyes Mitch) Don’t say it.

Mitch: Why not? Fine time for you to employ your brain to mouth filter, sweetheart. (Cocks an eyebrow at Tu). You were looking at my–

Tu: (Lunges and clamps hands over Mitch’s mouth). Never mind that.

Between the two of you, which one is more romantic?

Tu: That’s easy (smiles broadly). I am.

Mitch: I suppose you’ve forgotten what happened at the tree farm.

Tu: (Smiles wistfully at Mitch, fingers her sparkly ring). No, I haven’t.

What do you love most about your partner?

Tu: Mitch is grumpy. But his gruff exterior protects a soft heart. I’m one of the lucky few he lets in.

Mitch: Everything. She is perfect.

Where do you both see yourself in five years?

Mitch: Barefoot and pregnant. Not me. Her.

Tu: Um…what did you just say?

Mitch: (Stifling a grin). And it won’t be the first time. I fully expect to see her barefoot and pregnant, with a babe in arms and a small child pulling on her skirts.

Tu: (Narrows eyes at Mitch). Let’s discuss this later.
If you could change one thing about your partner, what would it be?

Mitch: Again, she’s perfect.

Tu: So is he.

Do you believe love is forever?

Mitch: Absolutely.

Tu: Completely agree.

In the bedroom, are you a giver or a taker?

Tu: You have no idea (Tu smiles like a loon and rolls her eyes suggestively). Let me tell you something–

Mitch: (Mitch interrupts) None of your business.

What’s your wildest fantasy?

Tu: (Eyes Mitch). This is not a topic for mixed company.

Mitch: (Looks impatient). Are we about done with this interview?

Thank you both for this interview. It was great having you with us! Readers, keep scrolling for a peek into this awesome book!

erin mistletoe minotaur

The adorable little shifter town of Perdition, Texas, turns into a winter wonderland every December.

Which is why minotaur shifter Mitch Wayne has carefully cultivated a Grinchy, grumpy persona for years, keeping carolers, charity solicitations, and holiday invitations at bay. He hated Christmas, and he hated how the town residents lost their ever loving minds this time of year. Every year, he hid in his log cabin mansion outside of town, safe from the merry making, and avoided going into town until after the New Year.

The only thing Mitch hated more than Christmas was having strange people in his space.

So why did he bring a woman stranded on the side of the road during a snowstorm back to his cabin? A woman with the absurd name of Petunia, who was too young, too cheerful, too Christmassy to be endured? A woman who interrupted his solitude with holiday cheer, set off his smoke detectors with her cooking, and fascinated his beast *and* his libido?

And why did he have just one thought when he looked at this annoying little woman:


“All the words,” she said. “I need them. Please, baby.”
In the next moment, he fell on her, using his forearms to avoid crushing her, making her legs go even wider apart. She stifled a cry. His head found a spot in the crook of her neck that allowed him to say all the filthy, possessive words she needed to hear.
“This is my fucking pu**y,” he panted, still pumping hard into her. “I own it. I take care of it. I protect it.”
“Yes!” she cried, because she knew, she knew, no matter what else happened between the two of them, even after she left, even if she somehow found her way to another man’s bed, it would always, always be true.
“It will never, ever belong to any other man,” he whispered. There was a dangerous edge to his quiet voice that thrilled her.
“Tell me!”
“Sh*t! This pu**y, this pu**y will never belong to any other man. I’ll never stop wanting to f*ck you,” he said. His mouth found her earlobe, and he sucked. One arm went under her body as he cradled her to him. His strokes became erratic.
Tears of joy, of fulfillment, built in her just as her orgasm crested and went over the edge. Mitch panted heavily in her ear, still sucking on her lobe, until she could feel him go impossible hard and large, and he bit her savagely as he came.

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Twitter: @erinwritesbwwm

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