February’s Featured Authors

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This month we have some amazing books for you to fall in love with. From IR historical paranormal romances to seductive contemporary romances, we have something for everyone.  Prepare to swoon for the alphas in these diverse romances.

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Feb the-halcyon-project-1

The Halcyon program has only grown in respect and mystique over their now fifteen years of matchmaking. When I went through it six years ago, they were still boasting 100% success of all the participants. Single, usually hopeless, candidates leave the program as part of a couple. The foolproof methods Halcyon uses to guarantee a soulmate comes from a blend of technology, biology, psychology, and, of course, sex. Naturally, with its high price tag, extensive, invasive testing, and painstaking process, only serious participants make it through, and everyone found success. Until us.

Never Again_600X900

When Carlos Hortado left Toronto and the love of his life, it was the hardest decision he’d ever made. Eventually, he learned to live with the regret and build a life for himself as an up-and-coming artist in a new city. Then one day he sees her again—and the memories of what they used to share won’t leave him. He allowed her father to chase him away the first time, but now he’s determined to fight for their love.

Carmen Reeves was heartbroken when Carlos left but threw herself into work and learned to live without him. She never stopped loving him, though, and when they meet again, she’s willing to do whatever it takes to be with him. But Carlos might not be the man she thinks he is. Was her father right all along? If so, her heart will break all over again.

(Quicksand is a series of stand alone stories based on love, sex, and romance. Why Quicksand? Because love pulls you in. The more you fight, the deeper you fall. You can’t fight your way out of quicksand, and you can’t fight your way out of love.)

A Powerful Attraction_600X900

They were only supposed to have dinner…

On a Friday night, dressed to impress, Sherry Westbrook gets stood up. She could go home, but why waste a new outfit and well-done hair? She decides to dine alone, but then her boss shows up, and now she doesn’t have to.

Alex Barraza takes the place of Sherry’s date, and at the end of dinner, they spend the night together—bringing to life a fantasy that has played out in his mind over the past two years. One night together isn’t enough, and before long they embark on a secret affair that takes them both by surprise. But Alex hasn’t been completely honest with Sherry, and when she finds out the truth, he knows he’ll lose her. So instead of the truth, he stays silent. Because now he’s in too deep, and he can’t let her go.

(Quicksand is a series of stand alone stories based on love, sex, and romance. Why Quicksand? Because love pulls you in. The more you fight, the deeper you fall. You can’t fight your way out of quicksand, and you can’t fight your way out of love.)

feb bookks

Sued for wrongful pregnancy!?

Senior Chief Thomas Perkins comes home from his latest mission, expecting to be hailed as his family’s weekend warrior.

Instead, his wife tosses him legal papers as she walks out the door.

She’s suing him for wrongful pregnancy and breach of contract? The last time they were together, he’d promised to pull out. Now she’s pregnant with their six child.

Mary Jane Perkins had been looking forward to entering the ‘me years’ chapter of her life now that all of her children were finally in school full time. The proverbial shop was supposed to be close, giving her time to pursue her own endeavors. Now it was all going down in a hail of renewed baby care.

Beleaguered, she goes home to Oak Bluffs on Martha’s Vineyard to lick her wounds, but immediately finds herself immersed in family history that steeps her true spirit and rejuvenates her soul. Just when she starts to rediscover herself in the one place where she is just Maisey, Thomas arrives begging her to come home.

Can Mary Jane go back to her chaotic family life and Boston elite responsibilities of being Mrs. Thomas Perkins III?

Pregnancy hormones have made things between her and Thomas hotter than ever, but her time away has renewed her perspective on what it means to be herself, and even though Martha’s Vineyard is the place where she and Thomas’s relationship began, does she want to return to the life they once had.

Travel to the beautifully historic and culturally diverse Martha’s Vineyard with Thomas and Mary Jane.

feb light skinned

Sweet sixteen and never been kissed? Try twenty-five and never orgasmed!

EVIE PENNYWORTH has trust issues, so ends up choosing all the wrong men to save herself disappointment when the relationship inevitably goes South. Except when it comes to JASON MADDOX, the hot SEAL that’s always there to save her ass and call bullshit on her latest screw up.

With Maddox, there will be orgasms if she can just let go and trust him.

My Fair Puck Bunny eBook

Once upon a time, the Vlasta Vipers hockey team was so incredible — on and off the ice — they were almost mythical.

Unfortunately, seasons passed and things changed for the worst, like a curse the team didn’t know how to break.

The champions became chumps.

The envied became envious.

And the playboys…well, they continued to play, because puck bunnies are always willing to hop into the bed of a guy who knows how to handle his stick.

Several years and one new head coach later, the legendary reputation that was previously lost has finally been restored.

Every other university wants to beat them.

Every chick who crosses their paths wants to claim them.

Adrian Stratton, the team’s left winger, is ready to enjoy another flawless year on campus, when his ex-girlfriend unexpectedly transfers to his beloved school, threatening to ruin his highly respected reputation.

Easiest way to prove he’s moved on is to show off his new girlfriend.

The fake one he immediately pretends to have.

The fake one he convinces his sister’s best friend to become.

The fake one he accidentally starts to fall head over blades for.

Will this left wing Casanova score one for true love, or will he hesitate to make the most important shot of his life?

Can't Block My Love eBook

Once upon a time, the Vlasta Vipers hockey team was so incredible — on and off the ice — they were almost mythical.

Every other university wanted their team to be them.

Every chick who crossed their paths wanted to bang them.


Their clout on the ice is questionable.

Their competition cutthroat.

Their beds…

Well, there will always be puck bunnies ready to keep them warm. After all, no matter how well they do or don’t do, they are the university’s most important athletes.

However, when Remington Ronald Rutledge the 3rd, lands himself on the new head coach’s bad side, which threatens his chances of playing for the season, he finds himself striking an unusual deal with a blast from his past he can barely remember.

Did she always wear these glasses?

Was her hair always this curly?

Has she always had a smile that makes him wanna smile?

What happens when the bad boy who makes all the rules is forced to play by someone else’s?

Can this good-looking goalie let love score, or will blocking it be the biggest mistake of his life?


He’s the doctor who melts panties. She’s a stickler for rules.

When dreamy Dr. Sebastian Croft sets eyes on his superior, Doctor Alyvia Winter, all gloves come off. They may be trauma doctors, but they are bent on creating their own emergency.

Sebastian has one rule. Never mess with your colleagues. Alyvia is known as the frost queen, always cool under fire.
But when Sebastian decides that these rules are worth breaking, she finds her frosty exterior being chipped away by Dr. McHottie.

When ice starts to melt, things are bound to get a little foggy. Will Alyvia cool the fire that is Sebastian, or will he thaw her panties off?

Find out more in this sexy Trauma Center romance. Fires are meant to be quenched, but sometimes, the burn can be extremely orgasmic.


Online Dating isn’t for the weak.

You must have a take charge attitude. You must be willing to go to the limits to get your man, including wading through a lot of bull to find the one that is right for you.

That is exactly what Ebony Archer did. She climbed into the trenches of online dating and scored big. She took the risk of meeting Demetrius Papadakis in person pretty sure that he was her Mr. Right.

Wrong. Wrong. She was so Very Wrong.

Ebony has been stood up for the first, and last time by a man she thought she had truly connected with. Done with the emotionless, uncaring world of online dating, she decides to confront the hot firefighter who screwed up her date night. Seeing him in person, smiling flirtatiously at her spurred her anger, sparking her temper, making it impossible to control her emotions. Her poor impulse control led to her making a lasting impression on him with a solid right hook.

Demetrius was surprised when a fiery beauty showed up and assaulted him at the firehouse he volunteered at. Never before had a woman flown into his life so violently leaving skid marks on his heart and a burning sensation in his groin from the kick she landed there. He quickly discovered that the fiery beauty had every right to be pissed off, just not at him. It turns out, someone was using his likeness to trick her, for months.

Demetrius will use any excuse to keep this intriguing ball of passion in his life even the one of stopping the catfisher that is using his name to trick unsuspecting women. Working with Ebony, he hopes to track down the catfisher ruining his good name while wooing Ebony into his bed.

Ebony tries to ignore the passion that flares up between her and Demetrius. She needs to focus on reaching her goal. To find the person who has been toying with her and teaching them what happens when you screw with a woman SCORNED.

****Part of the Laws of Life Collection | Contemporary Romance | HEA****

feb llore

Sports Zone producer, Sharon Rave was in a romantic slump. Stood-up by her now former fiancé on Valentine’s Day last year, caused her to shut down. When her boss and good friend gifted her VIP access to all of the hot events at NBA All-Star Weekend, she decided to get back into the game. Using her alter ego, Stormy she headed to LA for a little fun in the sheets.

Sullivan “Sully” Mann was a former professional hockey player on vacay at All-Star Weekend. He was looking for a hot chick to satisfy his cravings, but ended up being assaulted by a clumsy woman named Stormy, who spilled nachos on his head. Little did he know, this same woman would spark a fire I his loins and his heart, giving him the happy ending he desired.

Find out how things heat up between this unlikely pair in Stormy’s All-Star Weekend.
*** This short story originally appeared in the Lovestruck Anthology ****

shani drive me wilde

When Tasha Baker loses her job, her friend hooks her up with a babysitting gig for entertainment lawyer Matt Wilde. Sparks fly between the bachelor and Tasha, but she only needs to pay her bills, good benefits, and to stay out of Matt’s way.

Tasha is feisty, passionate, and everything Matthew Wilde needs. The more he’s around her, the more wildly in love he falls. Before he knows it, he’s ready to offer her the most meaningful job of her life…to be his wife.

When the word gets out in Miami’s entertainment industry that Matt has a new woman, all hell breaks loose. Women come out strong to fight for Tasha’s new position. Will Matt and Tasha be able to handle the firebrands coming to destroy their new love, or will the contents of a leaked video tear them apart?

With This Ring Dragon Cover

He’s living with a curse.
Centuries ago, his ancestors were cursed to ruin the lives of the women they fell in love with. Because of this curse, Shao Tian has always avoided love and relationships. He even went as far as leaving his home country to avoid running into his fated mated. He didn’t realize until it was too late that fate was steering him right into the arms of the woman meant for him. He found her in Atlanta Georgia. She’s everything any man could ever want in a woman. However, he’s forced to push her away. He’d rather have her hate him than love him. Loving a beast like him would only ruin her. Just like not being able to love her was going to ruin him. However, that’s a fate he’s willing to accept in order to protect her. What Shao failed to realize, was that destiny couldn’t be avoided.
Soon, the woman of his dreams is going to teach him a lesson about love, forgiveness and hope.


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