Character Interview: Get to know the characters from A Phat Ash Christmas by L. Loren.


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December is almost over. 2019 is almost over. This decade is almost over. But you know we couldn’t leave December behind without sharing some of our favorite books with you. And as a bonus, we’re allowing the characters to chat and tell us what’s going on with them. Today, we had the pleasure of chatting with Indya and Vincenzo from author L. Loren’s HOT Christmas romance, A Phat Ash Christmas. Enjoy this interview!


*How did you two meet?

Vincenzo: We met in a cigar bar. I saw this beautiful enchanting woman and I wanted to get to know her better, so I decided to see if she was up for a little challenge. She was contemplating which cigar would be good for her. Since I am knowledgeable in this area, I whispered in her ear which stick she should choose and walked away. My hope was to spark a little conversation. My plan worked better than I could ever have hoped.

Indya: I was in a cigar bar covering it for the magazine I write for. I was trolling the room but didn’t see anyone I was interested in spending any time with, so I decided to have a smoke. I went into the humidor to make my selection and a sexy seductive voice whispered in my ear, “The Bellicosa”. My panties melted at the smooth deep voiced man with the Italian accent. I was a goner.

*Was it love at first sight or lust at first sight?

Both speaking at the same time: LUST!

Vincenzo adds: I have to admit I fell in love as the night continued. She was everything I have been looking for in a woman.

*Between the two of you, which one is more romantic?

Vincenzo: I am definitely more romantic. I am old school and believe romancing a woman is the key to a successful relationship. Luckily, Indya enjoys it.

Indya: Vincenzo is more romantic. He is always doing sweet things for me. I am just not built that way. Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the way my man spoils me. In fact I love it but my first thought is not one of romance. I am more practical.

*Do you believe love is forever?

Vincenzo: Yes, I have only been in love once and I plan on making it last forever.

Indya: I believe love can be fleeting. People fall in and out of love all the time. The important thing is to work at it so that it thrives and never wains. I intend to work on our love until the day one of us dies and if I should go first, I will die knowing he will always be wrapped in my love.

*In the bedroom, are you a giver or a taker?

Vincenzo: I am definitely a giver. I want my woman to know I care for her. Giving her pleasure is the most important thing while she is in my arms. She should want for nothing. Anything she asks, I will give. I try to anticipate what she needs from me so she will always be well satisfied when she leaves my bed.

Indya: I am both. I love how Vincenzo worships my body and satisfies me almost to the point of pain. However, I also want to make sure his needs are exceeded. I enjoy going down on my man because of the pleasure it provides. The look on his face as he receives my offering is enough to make me explode.

*What’s your wildest fantasy?

Vincenzo: Making love to my woman in a villa with floor to ceiling windows that overlooks the coast of Amalfi, Italy as the sun rises over the distant mountains.

Indya: Having my man tie me to a St. Andrews cross and fucking me until my legs don’t work from the multiple orgasms he provided.

Thank you both for chatting with us.

Readers, if you haven’t already read their love story, you need to remedy that ASAP. A Phat Ash Christmas by L. Loren is a must read!

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A Phat Ash Christmas by L. Loren
Indya Priestley hasn’t been to her hometown since her mother’s passing on Christmas Eve five years ago. As a writer for Herfland Magazine, it’s her job to introduce readers to the world of cigars. After receiving an invitation to attend her high school crush’s launch party for his new cigar themed t-shirt line, she realizes this may be the opportunity to advance her career as she secures an exclusive interview.

Her personal life also takes a turn for the better when Indya meets a younger man named Vincenzo at a local cigar bar. What should have been a one-night stand leaves them both wanting more. When she returns to her hometown for the holidays, she gets the surprise of a lifetime.

An older woman, younger man LoveRotica Tale.

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A Phat Ash Christmas
Who the hell did this man think he was? I was not the yes sir type of chick. I was a grown ass independent woman who did what I wanted. And right now, I wanted to take my ass over to him and let him worship it. Just like he demanded. I stood from my chair and made my way over to him, never once breaking eye contact.
Vincenzo wrapped me in his arms while he was still seated. Grabbing my ass with those big strong hands, he made me feel desired and beautiful. Why did everything this man did make me want to be with him, when I knew I shouldn’t? Oh fuck it. He could be mine! I wanted it more than breathing.
“Yes, Bellissima.”
“Make me yours.”
The next thing I knew Vincenzo had lifted me and was carrying me down the hall. I had to redirect him to my bedroom which was upstairs. I couldn’t believe his strength as he carried me up the short flight of stairs and deposited me onto the bed. My body ached for him. I needed him to work his magic and make me feel like it was alright to like what we were doing. The guilt of sleeping with this young man was real, but there was no force on earth that would stop me at this point. He was right. It was more than just sex. After spending the weekend with this man, I found he was funny, intelligent, mature for his age and a good businessman. His charm was unmatched and his sex appeal through the roof. He was everything I wanted in a man minus a couple of decades.
I snapped back to reality when he sat on the bed and placed me over his lap, bottoms up. He peeled off my boy shorts and rubbed his palm over my booty. The first smack was loud and sudden and shocked the shit out of me. I screamed out as the sting of pain shot through my body. I didn’t know if I should fight him or let it happen.
Copyright © 2019 L. Loren All Rights Reserved

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