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Q & A with author Alexis D. Craig


Good morning Diverse Romance Readers!

This week, we caught up with author Alexis D. Craig to ask her a few questions about her new release, A Killing Moon. Enjoy this quick interview with the author!


Interview question #1: Describe what your hero and heroine would consider the perfect date night. 

Cora and Finn both have very! circumscribed lives. Any time he leaves the palace grounds, it’s potentially newsworthy and her whole life has been living in the shadows. I think they’d like something that’s just the two of them. Something fun, secluded, like a yacht in the Maldives, or a private tour of St. Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace in Venice. Things that are for them alone. They have enough things they do that are for public consumption.

Interview question #2: What does your hero love about your heroine and what does your heroine love about your hero? 

He loves that she is so smart, her strategic brain is hot for him. She’s smart, cunning, and resolved to do what it takes to achieve her goals even if the methods are unconventional. She loves that he’s kind. In his soul, he is sweet and empathetic and she appreciates how diligently that softness must be defended against the ongoing onslaught of ugliness from the outside world. She loves his desire to use what he has in his life for the good of others. That he’s rich isn’t the thing, but that he’s so devoted to raising up others is.

Interview question #3: For your hero and heroine, was it love at first sight or lust at first sight? 

For him, lust, absolutely. Followed closely by fear, terror, and then appreciation for her skill set, then affection, then love. For her, lust at first sight definitely. Inconveniently. He was a job and she chose to use unconventional means to get it done. It becomes love when he trusts her and defends her. His willingness to see her as she is and not how he feels she should be is a revelation for her.

nov killingmoon 51Kc-Eq4oLL

She’s a wily Raven, former spy and though she’s a bird, she’s smart, cunning, and has yet to confront a problem she can’t run over or shoot her way out of. Skills that as corporate fixer hired to do all manner of things has served Cora Westgate well until she is asked to protect a man from her past, His Royal Highness Finnegan O’Casey, second in line to shifter throne. No problem, except she has to do it without his knowledge. The assignment goes from hard to difficult to impossible.

At least until she becomes reacquainted with Finn. He’s charming, sweet, royalty and worse yet, into her in a way that sings of future promises. He’s exactly what she doesn’t have room for in this assignment or her life.

Finn is a werewolf prince with a problem. Several of them, actually, his brother’s impending coronation being the largest at the moment, followed closely by his father dying and this random sexy Corvid woman dropping into his life and blowing it all to hell. All his problems seem to melt away though when he’s holding the sexy Cora in his arms.

From lovers to allies to unwilling allies and back, this promises to be a wild ride through the palace full of hijinks, familial obstacles, and treason and for this prince and his knight with a shiny Glock.

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