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Conversations With A Villain: Pied by Brooklyn Knight.


Hi readers!

This week, I was able to sit down and chat with a few villains. Some of them were pleasant. Some of them… not so much. Enjoy this interview with the villain from Pied by Brooklyn Knight.


What’s your name?
My name is Patrick Piper, but apparently, the peasants in that parallel universe called Earth, they call me The Pied Piper.

Where are you from?
Interesting question…. (strokes beard). Originally, I’m from Hamelin, Lower Saxony, Germany; but since luring those brats, I’ve taken up residence in my spectacular Paradise, in Koppelberg, behind the Secret Gate.

What crime did you commit that got you labeled as a villain?
If you’d asked me this before I met the object of my desire, Melodie Harper or that witch, Celeste Dubois, I’d tell you I’d committed no crime; however, upon… reflection, (sighs) I lured approximately 130 children away from their parents, after their parents refused to pay me for ridding their town of vermin.

Do you think you’re a villain or are you just misunderstood? Explain.
Like I said earlier, if you’d asked me before, I would have said I was misunderstood, but I’ve had a change of heart. I still believe the peasants of Hamelin were deceitful liars, but perhaps I could have gone about retribution in another way.

If you’re not the villain, who is?
The ficken villagers and that ficken mayor! And my ficken parents! If it wasn’t for them… (trails off…)

Do you think you have an anger problem?
My anger is… was justified. Those peasants and the children deserved what happened to them!

Do you believe in love and happy endings?
I do now. Melodie Harper has caused me to believe in these things.

What’s your goal in life? What’s one thing you’d like to accomplish before you die?
A family. Before I die, I want to have children. It has become my goal. Before my Schatz, never would I have admitted to any such thing; but having her and her son in my life has given me a desire to father a child of my very own. Yes, this has become my goal.

Do you want to have children one day?
Believe it or not, I do (smiles to himself). With Melodie Harper, there’s nothing I want more.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
Melodie Harper is going to be my wife. She doesn’t yet know it, but it is true.

Let’s get personal. When it comes to sex, are you dominant or submissive?
I am a supreme ruler, which means that dominance is part of my DNA. I know no other way, and when I see my Schatz, the desire to rule her, to take and do with her as I will, is so strong, it consumes me. But I have a feeling that when we finally do make love, I will be rendered powerless. We will definitely see…

Describe your perfect life partner?
She has brown skin and bright, vibrant eyes. Her hair is like strands of the finest silk. Her body is sculpted with sensual dips and curves. My perfect life partner is my Schatz, Melodie Harper.

I heard you were given a second chance. Do you think you deserved it?
I deserve everything that is good and pleasurable. That said, when Celeste Dubois approached me with the offer, I did not want it; but when she showed me Melodie Harper, I wanted nothing more.

Did you use your second chance wisely?
I used it the best way I knew how.

Thank you Patrick, for chatting with me. I wish you and Melodie the best. Readers, I hope you enjoyed my conversation with Patrick Piper from Pied by Brooklyn Knight. If you haven’t already, be sure to get her book today.

Pied by Brooklyn Knight.

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